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"Forward" to the Obama Layoffs

rbonifitucci Wrote: Nov 11, 2012 5:06 PM
The Layoff notices are already going out. Whether you are Union Strong or Non-Union, No Jobs is True Misery. Obama is a Mistake on so many levels. Maybe we can get him to shut up his Big Marxist Mouth for a minute or two in order to NOT raise any taxes during this Fiscal Emergency. More so, maybe he will make his promises of Energy Independence come true. Maybe he will see the error in the EPA declaring EVERYTHING a freaking Hazard and get off the Class Warfare Manure? Nope. That's the Hope of a President interested in the BENEFIT of the American People, not one who is trying to get everyone Stoned, Laid and Mixed up with their Sexual Identities. Obama will be known as the president who gave Abortions to everyone!

 Aggregated at Twitchy are a selection of tweets from small business owners who have been forced, unwillingly, to fire employees in order to survive a second Obama term. Perhaps one of the most poignant was this: "This morning dad was sad because he knew he'd have to lay off people due to ObamaCare costs. #ThanksObama."

There are larger businesses already announcing layoffs, as well. Among those doing so just in the 48 hours since President Obama was reelected are:

Westinghouse, Research in Motion Ltd.,