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Obama Policies Killed 59,757 …and Counting

rbonifitucci Wrote: Aug 10, 2012 11:36 AM
Most Americans have nothing but Contempt and Loathing for the Fraud Liar Obama. His lapdog Joe Soptic is also a Liar, Fraud and now Thief. He should be sued for Slander. His is a Pig. Mitt Romney was gone from Bain for 7 years BEFORE his wife died. She had her OWN Insurance from ANOTHER company and has NOTHING to do with her husbands company. What a CROCK of Dung. The Question is, will the Main Stream Media Wake up to the Lie that IS Obama and his Socialist Cadre in the White House? Where is the Vaunted Press on this issue? FOX is way out in Front when it comes to the TRUTH!

In what will almost surely be the nastiest campaign ad of the political season, a pro-Obama super PAC basically accuses Mitt Romney and Bain Capital of causing a woman’s death.

Viewers are supposed to hold Romney responsible because the woman’s husband lost his job, and the resulting lack of insurance prevented her from getting health care in time to stop her cancer.

The ad has been debunked for several reasons, including the fact that the woman apparently had her own job with her own insurance for two years after her husband lost his job and...