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Paul Ryan to Seniors: "Medicare Should Not Be a Piggybank for Obamacare"

rbartlett Wrote: Aug 18, 2012 12:17 PM
I was told by people on the Left that Obama isn't going to defund medicare, no, he's going to "lower the cost" - ie like cost controls 1970's. When you don't pay a market price for something you get less of it in quality or quantity. Producers in that market may go where that can get justly compensated, or produce they will less. This worked on gasoline so well in the 1970's that you waited in line an hour to get gas. The Obamacare money has to come from somewhere, The Left believes that by fiat, Medicare will be made cheaper, not cut. If they can do this by fiat, why haven't they done it before?

Standing behind a sign that said “Protect and Strengthen Medicare,” Paul Ryan addressed a crowd of enthusiastic seniors this morning in Florida at The Villages, the world’s largest retirement community. And standing by his side when he took the stage was none other than his 80-year-old mother Betty, a Florida resident and Medicare recipient herself:

Ryan sought to reassure seniors that his and Mitt Romney’s plans for Medicare were intended to preserve the program’s benefits for current recipients while shoring it up for future generations as well. He also hit President Obama...