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Government Can’t Require Churches to Abandon Constitutional Freedoms

rbarrett Wrote: Nov 02, 2012 11:30 AM
The simplest solution would seem to be to end tax exemption for any group that exists to propagate *any* particular religious or political ideology. It would keep the government out of the church and effect everyone equally - every religion, every political organization. As far as "freedom of religion" goes - there are limits to what kinds of activity are protected as "religious expression." Some groups have claimed that using drugs is part of their religion; others have claimed that animal sacrifice is part of their religion. The First Amendment does not mean that you can do anything you want and claim that it is okay because it's part of your religion.

In the wake of the most successful Pulpit Freedom Sunday to date, a look at opponents who have commented publicly about the event in recent days shows that they are still attacking it for something it’s clearly not. In other words, the arguments against Pulpit Freedom Sunday fail because the premise for those arguments is all wrong.

This year, as part of the event, nearly 1,600 pastors nationwide preached sermons that analyzed the positions of various political candidates—an exercise in free speech that violates a flawed Internal Revenue Service rule known as the Johnson Amendment. The goal is to...