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Houziwang is right. Harry Reid sold all of his assets to invest in healthcare in 2008. No wonder he is pushing this so hard. It's not for us. He prepared to make a killing off of us. Wanna guess how Pillosi will make a killing too? At our expense as usual. It's time to take out the trash! Who else is busy stealing from us just like these swine.
You can go to http://www.jobsgrowth.org/stories/ to post your story about these costs and this fiasco on Ted Cruz's website. This will continue to get worse and just shows libtard math has no basis in fact. News Flash! We're all better off when government leaves us the hell alone and stays out of our lives.
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Another Abysmal Jobs Report

RB86em Wrote: Sep 10, 2013 9:09 AM
The headline should read "Another Obysmal Jobs Report". This mess is all his. The Founders wanted the government to set the conditions for growth and prosperity. Period. By their standard this admin is a total failure, since they are too busy playing at what THEY want, and not on what WE need. A healthy economy. It's shameful that they don't even understand that they need the same thing we do for all of their give-away programs. A healthy economy with jobs. Yeah BO, there's that 4 letter word again. JOBS. Where's the recovery? Did I miss it???
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Obama’s New World Disorder

RB86em Wrote: Sep 07, 2013 11:35 AM
Do you think OBozo knows there are Russians in Syria? He acts like it's an open game with no consequences. Oh, yeah, just like he does on new taxes for businesses, OBozoCare, Gun Control, and Job Killing which he is really good at. Egypt showed us how to protect our country. And he wants his "Brotherhood" included. Fools should stay out of it.
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Liberals Hate Job Creation

RB86em Wrote: Sep 07, 2013 11:25 AM
Unfortunately, we are witnessing a full scope, total assault on businesses. Strikers, new and higher taxes, ObozoCare! The banks see new taxes as risks so businesses won't get loans to startup. The environment is hostile for businesses. Plus, the gov doesn't even know what a small business is... How many people do you think the average small business has? 5, 10? The gov says up to 500! That's NOT small. Check it out in this WSJ article: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702303768104577460040429463650.html?KEYWORDS=AARON+CHATTERJI&goback=%2Egde_4030160_member_185041141 They even mention Obysmal's Startup America Job Creation effort. He said he was setting aside $2 Bil for SA members to startup and "to create jobs." With another $1 Bil at SBA for startups". The money disappeared... The SBA doesn't even look at startups. It was all lies. The fact is, under this dictatorship and dem leadership, we're cooked, done finished. Time to Serve Man. Anyone with half a brain would know there is no future in this. Of course, that would be too much to understand from this group of fools.
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How to Break Up With Obama

RB86em Wrote: Sep 07, 2013 11:03 AM
Did you see the video of McD's strikers walking past the McD's in Detroit? The McD's closed. Now they can scrape up road kill for their burgers. Good Work Strikers! How's that working out for you now? These people are fools and no one in their right mind would ever hire them. It isn't just their job at stake, it's their future when they prove they aren't worth having anything to do with. Ever! Would you ever hire one of these fools? This is what the dems are bringing us for X-Mas! Detroit is their greatest success. All hail Obysmal!
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Raising the Minimum Wage Is Not the Answer

RB86em Wrote: Sep 04, 2013 9:22 AM
When there are too many workers, wages go DOWN. So let's bring in lots of low skilled workers (immigrants). Who does that help? Hint Mickey D's workers... It's NOT YOU! That's the brilliance at the top in DC. When there are too many jobs, wages go UP to get workers. What is so hard to understand about this? A funny point if that these Mickey D's strikers can't get the order right 75% of the time. Also, love the strikers in front of the Mickey D's in Detroit. Right before the location closed. That's perfect timing. Wave good bye to the jobs. And, since when should these people make more than the people above them with some skills? Does everybody get pushed up ahead of them, or do they just pass those with some skills? Do you want fries with that too? Mickey D's is not a life long occupation unless you're brain dead.
I'm all for higher wages , but with union participation down to 11.3%, America has spoken about these thugs. The old line about forcing businesses to pay higher wages is not the whole story. Why should 88.7% of us pay higher prices to these fools. Businesses pay more but WE pay for it with higher prices on goods and services. We are forced to pay for some to be an elite group. This infestation has taken over our government too. The founders never said "of the people, for the people, and unions". It IS a lie they've forced on us. Here's their model: Detroit.
And the "Architect" Baucus is in full retreat and running away before he has to take any blowback for his part in this fiasco. Good OOOld Harry Reid sold all of his assets to invest in Health Care Companies in 2008. That's looking ahead, Harry! You old slime ball! It's hard to listen to him standing there in his diaper telling us he's doing it for us. Harry needs to be changed. So does P-P-P-Pass it P-P-Pelosi.
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