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I guess you don't depend on and use that evil product of the energy companies. Turn off your computer, light a candle and boohoo about the evil energy companies to yourself. --Razor Texas Proud!
Sure, you were actually putting in 14 hours of real work per day although you were being paid for 8 hours. Either you are not being honest or you are the ONLY government worker who is that industrious. Heck, you should have gotten a job in the private sector where all that hard work might have produced something of value.
Some say it means "peace", some say it means "submission". It doesn't really matter what the derivation of the word is. The true meaning (as with any religion or ideology) is this: Islam is as Islam does. 'Nuf said.
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Part One: The Problem With The Right

razor Wrote: Aug 14, 2014 10:57 AM
Unintended? I don't think so.
Then why are you here NOT ignoring what she says. But you think you need to tell others to ignore it.
No one says they don't have the right to express any stupidity they want. But we have the right to express what we think about it also. The fact that we reserve the right to call them wackos or "shame them" does not impinge on their Freedom of Speech. Freedom of Speech is not Freedom from Criticism or Ridicule.
The leftist wackjobs who are 9/11 truthers are the same people who believe in bigger and bigger and more powerful government. Lefties are full of cognitive dissonance.
Huh? Does anyone have any idea what 45caliber is trying to say?
He's right. Religious Jews are Conservative. Liberalism (Leftism) is a reiligion. The same can be said for Leftist Christians.
I agree about the blinders. As others have said, it is the religious Right that is the most supportive and loving towards Israel and Jews. But I cringe when I hear a remark that can be interpreted as antisemitic coming from a supposed conservative. The left is rife with antisemites - let them be that way all to themselves. Don't give Jews an excuse to say "See, the Right is antisemitic." By the way, not all Jews are leftists. (I for one is never polled about it.) Here in Texas, most of my fellow Jews that I know vote Republican. Also, don't disregard that some of the best Conservative Radio Talk Show hosts are Jews, such as Michael Medved, Mark Levin and Dennis Prager. So don't think all Jews are Leftists - that's what the MSM want you to believe.
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