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Are we in a battle with Islam? Consider what British Prime Minister Cameron just pointed out. There are 1500 British Muslims fighting with ISIS, but there are only 600 British Muslims who are part of the British armed forces. Clearly, many more Muslims would rather fight with ISIS than would fight for freedom!
WJF: Well done. And let's not forget that the Muslims profess that there is a world of peace where all are Muslims and the world of war, where the infidels still exist. Islam will be a religion of peace when all the world has submitted to Islam.
Right on Steve! If the real "Muslims" want to demonstrate that they oppose ISIS, why aren't those Muslim nations such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia and others, putting boots on the ground to kill ISIS?
Ahhh. thomas never mentioned race, but I guess the race card is the only card that you Obamabots can play.
David: I have not called Obama a Muslim. I find his claim to be a Christian to be specious, and I suspect that in his heart he is an Atheist or Agnostic. I have a Koran and have read it cover to cover with the many key passages about killing infidels highlighted by me in yellow. I suspect that I have studied more of the Koran than you have.
“ISIL speaks for no religion,” Hmmm....Funny thing. Surveys show that about 10% of Muslims cheer the exploits of these fanatics. This means there are over 100 million people who think beheading infidels is appropriate. And Obama wants us to believe that ISIS is not about Islam!
anon: Yes, at least 41% of our population is that stupid. I prefer to refer to them as brain dead. This 41% is the greatest danger that our country faces.
Eff: You must hate our Constitution. You, sir, are a joke.
Austin: I hope and pray that you are correct, but I realistically believe that ISIS downfall will not be as smooth as you suggest.
BK, Your strategy is right, but your tactics are wrong. We can bankrupt the Middle East warlords including Iran, simply by accessing all the oil and nat gas we have. Drill baby drill and crack baby crack will lowew the price of oil to a level that will impoverish the exporters of Islam extremism like the Saudi's and Qatar. And it will topple the mullahs in Iran!
Doug, Well done!
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