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Funny...if a Christian does something bad, you blame Christianity, but if an Atheist, such as Mao or Stalin kill tens of millions, Atheism is not to blame. No consistency in you thinking process!
Dr.: Well done! Like you, I am among the relatively few that has read both the Koran and the Bible and my conclusions are exactly the same as yours.
Actually, you are the ignorant dupe. America has freed more people and sacrificed more blood and treasure to help other people than any nation in the history of the world. Neither you nor Obama understand that fact! Those of us who truly love America do understand that fact!
Let's get straight with some of the numbers of human beings murdered by atheists. Atheist Mao murdered 50 to 60 million people while Atheist Stalin murdered perhaps 20 to 30 million human beings. When you get into Mao and Stalin murder records, the numbers are so great that only estimates are available. By contrast, Christians are merely pikers. During the centuries of the Inquisition, most scholarly reports say that fewer than 5000 people were harmed. A big number....yes, but nothing compared to the murders by modern day Atheists.
Carl: Wow! Great piece! Prepare for the vicious attacks that are coming your way.
Birdman: Thank you for that very crucial correction!
Star: Just keep speaking the truth. America needs your voice.
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Obama's Failed Presidency

RAY USA Wrote: Feb 08, 2015 4:16 PM
Have another glass of Ozero Kool-Aid!
No one with any intelligence could "mistakenly" say that he was in a military helicopter that was forced down by enemy fire. Williams should resign. He is a disgrace!
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