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CNN Refuses Anti-Hamas ad

RAY USA Wrote: 13 hours ago (6:41 PM)
scrow, They have no need for ads condemning Israel because their programming does that 24/7.
If I had a son, he would look like Michael Brown.
Zak: Obama did admire Reagan for being a transformative president. Unfortunately, Ozero's plan for the nation's transformation was to destroy everything that Reagan valued in America.
will: There is only one word that describes you and that word is hubris. Few people are so pompous as to claim to know what comes after our earthly death.
There is no reason not to dismiss the low information voter whose news source is Comedy Central and Saturday Night live. Approximately half of Americans vote for president without having a clue about the candidates policies and how it will affect the country.
eric: So you don't know the difference.
eric: Your comment is proof that you have read neither book.
eric: You are such a clever boy! But, you are ignorant of history. WJF is exactly right. For over 1000 years Muslim pirates terrorized Christians in the Mediterranean Sea. Their home bases were in Muslim countries. They only killed, kidnapped and stole from Christians claiming that the Koran prohibited them from harming other Muslims, but the Christian infidels had no such protection. With the fall of the Soviet bloc, this behavior came out of the closet. Muslims can only prove that they oppose the terrorists if they join the fight. George W. Bush was correct back in 2001. You are either with us or against us!
Pol: The Koran specifically gives Muslims dispensation for lying when they are among the infidels. Some Muslims may love the US, but just because they say it does not make it so.
Are we in a battle with Islam? Consider what British Prime Minister Cameron just pointed out. There are 1500 British Muslims fighting with ISIS, but there are only 600 British Muslims who are part of the British armed forces. Clearly, many more Muslims would rather fight with ISIS than would fight for freedom!
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