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Kansas Senate Race is a National Election

RAY USA Wrote: 7 hours ago (8:40 PM)
This election is an IQ test for Kansans. If they elect Orman, they flunk the test!
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DSCC Pulls Money and Ads from Kentucky

RAY USA Wrote: Oct 14, 2014 3:49 PM
ray: The electorate is not to the right. 40% of the electorate currently approves of Obama after 6 disastrous years for our country! Between Obama's 40% and the brain dead low information voters who vote the way the Hollywood and the media tell them to vote, a conservative candidate will always have an uphill fight. We need to elect Republicans across the board from Dogcatcher to President and then we can gradually weed out the Rinos. The Progressives have been at this for 100 years. They support conservative Dems when they need to if it wins them the election. They are patient. Obama, the most liberal member of the Senate was the pinnacle of their 100 year war on America. We need to be just as patient and just as committed as the progressives to take our country back. Do you have the stomach for it?
Nixon was never a conservative and W abandoned his conservative principles while in office. We will not blindly follow a Republican President again (as the Demoncrats are doing with Obama)!
James, You are right on! Please turn Ohio red again.
x: I agree with you 100%. The size of government is the core of all our problems. But, I will be voting for the entire Republican slate. Yes, some are Rinos and some are big government people, but all are better than their Demoncrat opponents. Demoncrats campaign on conservative values and once in office, from Dogcatcher to Senator, they will vote like San Francisco radicals. If we want smaller government we should elect Republicans and weed out the big government Republicans one at a time. This has happened over the last several years as we have seen more and more conservatives elected. Staying home and electing Demoncrats just gives us a bigger government than even the worst of the Republicans would want. This results in making the task of shrinking government harder as time goes on. Yes, electing the Senate will not reverse Obamacare or Dodd-Frank or the EPA because Obama will veto any Republican bills over the next 2 years. We need the presidency and both houses of Congress and we will still have to fight the media to get our message out. We have grown government for 82 consecutive years.This will be a long fight. There are no quick solutions. Do you have the stomach for it?
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Grimes Ad Hits McConnell for Amnesty Vote

RAY USA Wrote: Oct 13, 2014 7:42 PM
GW: You are correct. Those who trash Republican candidates 3 weeks before the election are trolls for Obama.
traitorbill: That's exactly what I was told. Everyone in the Army has an MOS of 11Bush: infantry.
I am also an Orthodox Christian and those who seek my vote should have values that reflect the values of Orthodoxy. That means I don't support pro choice candidates, nor those who celebrate homosexual behavior. Christianity's values are not a cafeteria plan.
Curmudgeon: Low information is the problem. These voters base their vote on a single piece of information. That is why they are dangerous and are easily mislead. That is why the Demoncrats are sticking to a single message: "war on women". It sounds horrible to the low information folks when the Demoncrats say the Republicans have a "war on women". No sane person could be in favor of a "war on women" and the low information voters do not investigate that slogan to see if it is true. The slogan sticks in their minds and they show up at the polls and vote like zombies. The low information voter is our number one national problem!
This senate election is an IQ test for Kansan voters. If they elect Orman, they fail the test and they will have failed their country.
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