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Only in this day and age could the President sit down with criminals and those encouraging criminal activity for a photo shoot.
Raising the minimum wage only encourages the employment of illegals, while also harming tax revenue (illegals paid cash) and discouraging proper education. If everyone was guaranteed a $100,000 salary, no one would even go to grade school.
You aren't even American.
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New Hit Country Song: Obamacare by Morning

Raytus Wrote: Nov 07, 2013 9:51 AM
Didn't Brad campaign for Obama? Lost a lot of respect for him that day.
We already have two many laws, but we need one more: no more human props behind the president.
The poor already have insurance - it's called Medicaid.
You forgot the 'w' in your screen name.
And this guy is promoting a nationalized healthcare system.
The real crime here is that Obama is charge of our military.
Reggie Love has rocks for brains - what school is he attending for his MBA - the University of Phoenix? While it's hard not to attribute Obama's behavior as cowardice, it's really more sinister. If he wasn't in the room, an the raid was botched - he could use the photos of everyone in the situation room (besides himself) to deny direct involvement. Then once it went off successfully, he went down and had the picture taken.
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