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You have to strip out the 13% African American from any poll numbers because African Americans will support anything Obama pushes.
That restaurant was so bad, let's go again to make sure.
Last time Hillary got sacked, Chelsea was born.
When it comes time for Obama's kids to get jobs, think he's going to pick up the phone?
Only in this day and age could the President sit down with criminals and those encouraging criminal activity for a photo shoot.
Raising the minimum wage only encourages the employment of illegals, while also harming tax revenue (illegals paid cash) and discouraging proper education. If everyone was guaranteed a $100,000 salary, no one would even go to grade school.
You aren't even American.
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New Hit Country Song: Obamacare by Morning

Raytus Wrote: Nov 07, 2013 9:51 AM
Didn't Brad campaign for Obama? Lost a lot of respect for him that day.
We already have two many laws, but we need one more: no more human props behind the president.
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