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Obama defends moves on immigration

Raytus Wrote: Nov 24, 2014 10:52 AM
The solution to this is easy: all Republicans have to say is "after establishing this precedent, the next President make act unilaterally to undo this policy - so please come out of the shadows and sign up." No one will.
The first thing they should do is ask Democrats to reconcile amnesty with a higher minimum wage. The two 'policies' are contradictory.
I wouldn't count on that.
Obama's blackberry needs to be admitted into evidence, that;'s where they will find some of the missing email.
They had to destroy letters to the Oval Office - it's obvious.
Who's arguing?
And the IRS most importantly
You have to strip out the 13% African American from any poll numbers because African Americans will support anything Obama pushes.
That restaurant was so bad, let's go again to make sure.
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