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Japan's been searching for the Lost Decade for 20 years using a bloodhound named Keynes and all they've found is more debt.
Keynes' theory of economics predicted the non-existence of stagflation. When that was discovered in the 70's it put the final nail into the coffin. Keynesianism has never worked.
During WWII there were shortages of food, clothing, and metal. Only a Liberal would suggest that was a healthy economy.
We're supposed to be happy that he saves $400 million, when he supports budgets that increase the debt by trillions?
The military's own interrogation manual says that torture is not reliable.
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RayTheAnarchoCapitalist Wrote: Apr 22, 2013 6:35 PM
Exactly Doc. It's disgusting how many Americans want our justice system to be like that in North Korea or Cuba.
How can this be? Progressives tell me that all profits go straight to the CEO's mattress.
Tax is its revenue. Government hasn't turned a profit in decades.
Maybe Republicans should nominate someone who can explain profit and loss to the American people.
You misunderstand libertarianism. You can fix this by learning about what libertarianism is. Start with the Non-Aggression Principle.
What happens when the government decides that your religion is depraved?
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