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"A state does have the right to sanction single gender marriage." Nope. Read the 10th Amendment.
If you have such strong fiscal concerns then I would hope that you would support getting rid of tax breaks for straight married couples and churches. No? Didn't think so.
Conservative Republicans are terrified of them. You guys think that if same sex marriage is legalized then the country, nay western society, will collapse. If that's not an irrational fear then I don't know what is.
What tax dollars are going to be used for gay marriage?
It's not a phobia because you're against it, it's a phobia because you have an irrational fear of it.
Except that children cannot legally enter into contracts, which is what marriage is. Try a new argument because this one is insipid.
Should all depraved people be banned from getting married?
And for thousands of years it was an institution between one man and several women. Let's decriminalize polygamy since it was the flaming liberals who changed the definition of marriage to being between one man and one woman.
Should people with Tay Sachs be banned from marrying?
If marriage were about rearing children then post-menopausal women couldn't get married or would have their marriages annulled. Infertile people would be banned from getting married. Polygamy would be legal. Your attempted secular argument is incoherent.
Indeed, that really is the libertarian position. However, if the state does recognize marriage as a legal institution then it must recognize same sex marriage by the 14th Amendment. Furthermore DOMA violates the 10th Amendment to the Constitution.
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