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Three Brilliant Black Leaders Tuning Out Obama

Raymond, (Ret) Wrote: Mar 11, 2013 11:13 AM
"the Bill of Rights… are an insurance policy for the individual and the individual sovereign states against [a] potentially too centralized, too powerful, potentially tyrannical federal government.” It is worth remembering, or hearing for the first time for those who graduated ignorant of history and civics, that The Bill Of Rights' was a very controversial issue. Not because anyone disagreed with them. The controversy was between those who wanted those particular rights to be specified in the Constitution least to insure they not be violated and those who were concerned that specifying some particular rights might someday mean they were the only rights recognized.
Raymond, (Ret) Wrote: Mar 11, 2013 11:13 AM
The Constitution was supposed to enumerate the powers the government had and that notion would be violated by enumerating the rights the people had. The people had all rights except for those over which the Constitution enumerated a government power. They never figured that even those rights specified in the Constitution might someday be challenged. But then again, they didn’t think that the government would ever be allowed to exert powers that were not enumerated. Those are oeo sides of the same coin.

Three brilliant black leaders are tuning out Obama and the black community needs to tune into these leaders.

I’m surfing between the major news networks on a recent evening and I catch FOX News Channel’s Sean Hannity in the middle of an amazing interview with a guest named Harry Alford, the CEO and co-founder of the Black Chamber of Commerce.

My jaw drops as Alford essentially calls Obama an anti-business tyrant who is hurting the African American community; he says he voted for Obama in 2008 but now has buyer’s remorse.

I get to thinking: Given the choice between Alford and...