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Ed Schultz: "We've Never Had a Civilian Stop a Shooting"

Raymond, (Ret) Wrote: Jan 12, 2013 9:05 AM
annfan_777; allow me to splain it ti you. Republicans say absurd things because they are stupid. Republicans are stupid because they say absurd things. Get it? It is as Chris Matthews explained a few weeks ago. It is legitimate for liberals to presume everything the Right does or says as racist. All you need do is look at the history, he said. What history. Why the history of Liberals having presumed everything the Right has said or done in the past as racist. Happy to be of help.

Yeah, he really said this:

Where did he get this idea? Jack Coleman over at NewsBusters thinks the claim originated from a Mother Jones article written in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, but Schultz doesn’t source the statement. The Mother Jones report states: “In the wake of the slaughters this summer at a Colorado movie theater and a Sikh temple in Wisconsin, we set out to track mass shootings in the United States over the last 30 years. We identified and analyzed...

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