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Prickly Narcissist

Raymond, (Ret) Wrote: Sep 16, 2014 3:52 PM
Obama knows as well as anyone that he has not actually done anything to account for his success at getting people to adore him. But he does not feel inadequate as one might expect. To the contrary he assumes that success is simply a consequence of his being Barrack Hussein Obama. That being all he has ever done and having achieved success at it, he being he must be the cause of that success. He fully expected that he would not have to do anything more upon becoming President beyond becoming president for everything to get better.
Yes and my hopes are high. But given how much they have been able to cover up and get away with that should have already destroyed them I will withhold high expectations.
Well, we will just have to elect them to see what they will do.
It is infuriating the way the left applauds Obama for making slow incremental concessions to the kind of tougher foreign policy that they claim to abhor in order to do as little as necessary to appease his critics towards that end. If things get better they will help him spike the ball without acknowledging it is contrary to their ideology and if it fails they will blame the right for placing Obama in a position where he was unfortunately forced to employ it.
Moral relativity is the notion whereby the left presumes to occupy the moral high ground by declaring that there is no such thing. The left holds us individually responsible for nothing but collective to blame for everything. Tolerance is not the lack of disapproval. That is ambivalence. Tolerance is accepting the presence of that of which we do disapprove. The value of diversity applies to process, not results.
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Paul Krugman Is Wrong Today

Raymond, (Ret) Wrote: Sep 16, 2014 10:12 AM
In which case Paul, you are an idiot.
I take your point Henry, but the blue dress did not hurt Willy in the least. I will not get too excited until this story appears on the MSM.
Dog bites man. Let me know if ISIS has any enemies at George Mason.
Could be a smoking gun of a coverup? Could be? Of course it is! The only question is who, other than FOX, will tell. I expect no one else will cover it even after this testimony is supplied to and publicized by Trey Gowdy sand his committee.
Have we, at last, a Democrat John Dean?
Yes, I know. We Obama 'haters' only talk about the bad things we see in him. Never the good, And there are some of the latter but they are so trivial and inconsequential to his impact on our country that it would be an act of civic irresponsibility to include them in the conversation.
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