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Your 'To Do' List to Save America

Raymond, (Ret) Wrote: Sep 19, 2014 9:57 AM
Republicans should take to heart their criticism of Obama for underestimating our countries external enemies as regards their own underestimating of our countries internal enemies. It has been the latter that has exasperated the former.
Obama's ISIS strategy is to do as little as he can in opposition to it for no other purpose than to avoid further criticism by the American people.
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Where Have All the Allies Gone?

Raymond, (Ret) Wrote: Sep 18, 2014 9:43 AM
Reversing Ronald Reagan's observation that he "did not desert the Democrat party, the Democrat party deserted him" the world did not desert us, we deserted the world.
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Is DWS Getting Fired?

Raymond, (Ret) Wrote: Sep 18, 2014 9:37 AM
Why would they do that but stick with Pelosi?
Rather like the old 'Wild Kingdom' TYV show where Marlin Perkins would announce something like he "would stay by and guard the little chickadee nest while Jack went upstream to collect a sperm sample from a bull alligator". Or maybe the old 'Carter Country' show where the mayor would exhort others to "handle it, handle it, handle it". Life imitating art?
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Have You Heard About Hillary?

Raymond, (Ret) Wrote: Sep 18, 2014 9:23 AM
The truly wonderful thing about the Democrats emphasize on intentions rather than results is that intentions are much easier to proclaim than are the mans to get there. If you are a Democrat, everyone knows that you are for world peace, income equality and social justice. That is what it means to be a Democrat and that is all it takes for a Democratic to get elected. The means to get there are inconsequential given that the alternative is a Republican because everyone also knows that they are ill intended, mean spirited, uncaring and greedy in which case their means are moot.
Yesterday, I was surprised to learn that the metrics to determine who is 'poor' and therefore qualifies for some aspect of welfare does not include the welfare benefits they then receive. My first reaction was outrage over yet another example of political and bureaucratic speciousness. The I realized that as a practical measure something like that needs to be done or else those who qualify for assistance would then immediately become unqualified. But to avoid the exaggerate of the number of those remaining poor would require two metrics, one for those whose real total income qualifies them as poor and one for those who would otherwise qualify as poor were they not to be getting government assistance. Of course that would be far to sophisticated and complex for the government to do but more importantly it reveals that they have no incentive to do it. Quite the opposite. It is in their best interests for the apparent poverty rate to remain high. That is the problem with all government programs. To the very extent that they are seen to succeed they reduce their value. Infuriatingly, the extent to which they are, therefore not perceived as succeeding does not hurt them at all. Good results cannot be expected from those for whom the perception of good results are not in their best interests.
When the chief law reinforcement officer in the land refuses to enforce the law upon himself we are in real trouble.
To continue a train of thought debated yesterday when the new Benghazi revelations broke, it is not a foregone conclusion that the Democrats will not be able to dodge the bullet from this smoking gun.
Trey Gowdy's value is not that he is a Republican. It is specifically that he is a Conservative.
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Multiculturalism Is a Failure

Raymond, (Ret) Wrote: Sep 17, 2014 9:54 AM
Neither is a culture stagnant. Circumstances and population change and cultures change in response. Some elements of a foreign culture brought in by people of a different culture may well work well within their new culture and that culture may well, then, evolve to exploit them. Thank providence for that least their be no enchiladas, classical music or impressionism. But that depends on the real world consequences of the particulars, driven by whether or not they improve the functionality of the culture as a whole, not on some vague tolerance for diversity and multiculturalism for its own sake.
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