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Even a bipartisan deal cannot fix stupid. The VA is a stupid idea. It requires more of government than government is inherently capable of doing. In fact, government cannot do anything well. The only reason for it to exist is to do some things necessary to a civilized people that cannot be done by any other agency; to maintain the rule of law, (insure domestic tranquility), to defend against enemies foreign and domestic, (to provide for the common defense), insure against practices that reduce the ability and efficiency to produce the necessities of life, (promote the general welfare) all of which provide a situation in which the people can live free and fruitful lives, (secure the blessing of liberty to ourselves and our posterity. These are the things government should do, not because government can do them well but because only government can do them at all. Government cannot provide healthcare very well either, but for this there are alternatives. Why should the government pay some additional doctors and nurses, maintenance people, administrators, and hospitals just for veterans when all of that is also available for others within the private sector? For government to help our well deserving veterans with the care of there health does not require that they provide that health care. They have ample access to the same health care professionals and facilities as do all of us. Access is not the problem they face and providing it is not the help they need. They need and deserve help paying for it! The best way they can be helped by the government is for the government to help pay for the same health care we all enjoy. Should they not have available to them the same choices as to who, where, how and when they receive medical services as do the rest of the people. Should they not, like us, be able to decide for themselves where they might get the best care for whatever health issue they face rather than the nearest or even the best' VA facility? The specialized care for those ailments that might be more common among veterans and for which VA facilities may be more experienced. Even the VA facilities that might be better for certain specialized care for those ailments that might be more common among veterans are so only because of experience and that same experience in private facilities would serve just as well. There are many rare heath concerns that private facilities do and therefore can treat well.
I don't know of anything that disheartens me quite as much as the support Islamic extremists get for starting these conflicts and the condemnation Israel gets for defending itself against them. In complete awareness that the extremists deliberately place their weapons and attack platforms in public places so that their own civilians, especially children, will get harmed if Israel tries to stop them from indiscriminately killing its civilians, our own self-righteous liberals sit astride their moral high horse and condemn Israel for doing what the extremist calculatingly force them to either do or die themselves. If pressed enough, (hard to do, it takes determined persistence), they will admit those we dare not call extremists are not the nicest people in the world, (they reserve that for themselves), but in their minds the true antagonist remains Israel. What is so dismaying is that being able to cling to that position despite the realities of what is happening demonstrates we are dealing with insurmountable intransigence.
Since voting Democrat requires that you be too stupid to ever change your mind, they all were or are now are life long Democrat voters. Doncha just love it when a plan comes together?
Now you're just being silly; 1) How do you prove that slavery is responsible for problems black Americans are having today? It is common knowledge on the left. 2) Who would pay reparations? Non-blackss, of course. We just have to come up with some way to reimburse blacks for whatever extent their tax dollars would otherwise be used for this purpose because that would not be fair. 3) Who would receive reparations? Blacks, partial blacks and those who qualify through an extension of the Elizabeth Warren principle of self-proclaimed minority heritage. 4) It focuses on the wrong solution So does affirmative action in college admissions but the precedent is set. 5) The government has already paid out an enormous amount of “reparations:” So? It hasn't worked has it and everyone knows that when leftist ideas do not produce the desired result it is because the government hasn't committed enough money to it. And don't go thinking that this will at all diminish the extent to which liberals will continue to hold whites responsible for the victimization of blacks. After all, if you actually solve the problem for which you solicited certain votes then you can no longer solicit votes by promising to solve that problem.
"But seriously, how exactly will this decrease the number of Central Americans coming into the U.S.?" Whatever made you think that is their goal? Precisely the opposite. Creating this opportunity to do it is what generating this crisis that must not be allowed to go to waste was all about. Don't look deeper for the lefts intentions than superficiality.
Words, words. Clearly the intent of Obamacare was to nationalize health care and advance the lefts socialist agenda. Since intent is more important than text, this authorizes the left to do anything it deems in accordance with that intent. So their entire agenda is now the law of the land. Capice?
Gee, It is almost as if this was the plan all along. Never let a crisis go to waste. Especially when it is one of your own making intended to create an opportunity for precisely your plan to exploit it.
I guess Israel thought it gave Hamas the better part of the deal. Imagine that.
It says something about Kerry and the Obama administration that all of the other truce proposals that have been made were accepted by Israel and rejected by Hamas yet this one was rejected by Israel, our only ally in the region.
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The entire premise of the U.N., like that of The League of Nations before it, is specious. It is not an organization of wise, learned and fair minded diplomats that can implement resolutions to conflicts independent of their native countries desires. It is just a microcosm of the world at large within which the representatives home countries seek precisely the same self-serving ends regarding the same issues as they do outside the U.N. It does not bring any clarity to these issues nor does it bolster any otherwise available communication, understanding, compassion or tolerance. Countries that wish to communicate, understand and cooperate with each other have ample means with which to do so without the U.N. The only operative difference is that within the U.N. the power of individual countries is determined by organizational dictate while in the world at large it is their natural power determined by their success. What the U.N. does, to the minor extent that it does anything that would not have occurred otherwise, is to remove results and consequences from consideration regarding solutions. rather like liberalism in general. If the U.N. would work, we won't need it
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