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Great, but there are many, perhaps too many, for whom Hillary is the embodiment of all that they hold dear. To abandon her would be to abandon themselves. They are a lost cause. Self declared 'independents' are problematic at best. Many are not so much independent as they are disinterested and/or fearful of commitment. While they realize the importance of participating in the political process they do not put much effort into it excerpt during actual elections. They have not done their homework and therefore tend to pay more attention to what candidates say during elections than what they say and do otherwise which often are at odds with each other. They congratulate themselves for 'voting for the candidate and not the party' ignoring that a candidate belongs to that party because that candidate agrees with that party's positions or that candidate is being disingenuous as to his true positions.
I do not believe legal immigrants have expanded the welfare state and illegal immigrants have been the occasion but not the cause of the left expanding the welfare state.
Oops. Saying that will, of course, solicit all kinds of outrage at such cold hearted and greedy 'I've got mine' selfishness but money is not happiness and the value of how much one has is not a function of how much another might have.
Perhaps the worst thing about the lefts obsession with income inequality is the inherent assumption that it means inequality of happiness. Gone are the days when people will remember that they were poor but did not know it and were happy none-the-less. Saying that will, of course, solicit all kinds of outrage at such coldhazreated znd greedy 'I've got mine selfishness.
Republicans should refocus the immigration issue from illegal immigration, to legal immigration. Opposing amnesty is too easily spun as anti-immigrant. It plays into the lefts hand of demonizing its opposition. If, as we all agree, immigrants have been and will continue to be a positive influence on our country and if there is dissatisfaction with the manner in which it is currently being handled, then improving and streamlining the legal immigration process is clearly what is needed. Opposing it can only be done by admitting to support for open borders. While that is what the left really wants at least they must then acknowledge it and it is much more difficult to self-righteously defend than is pretending the debate is over the value of and concern for immigrants themselves. This will not, of course, resolve the debate. The issues of border security and amnesty would still be in play. But it will more accurately define the debate to the advantage of reason over emotion and discussion over demonization.
And the other 40% know he lies but support and make excuses got him anyway.
Because we constitutionally guarantee a free press we cannot constitutionally guarantee an unbiased press. For that we must rely on the medias professional integrity and honor. They have the privilege and the responsibility to be the free press to which we have a right. While they are quick to bask and preen in the former, they all too often have abdicated the latter. They are like overprotective parents who so want their child to succeed that they intervene to whatever extent is necessary ignoring that any success is then meaningless as regards the child while displaying their lack of confidence in the very attribute they wish to take pride in
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Equality in Discipline

Raymond, (Ret) Wrote: Apr 16, 2014 10:57 AM
How about if we treat people according to the content of their character rather than the color of their skin?
It has been observed before that one of the benefits of telling the truth is that you do not need to remember untruths.
In his mind, Putin is not testing Obama's resolve at all. He is proceeding in the certain knowledge that Obama has no resolve. He is doing what one does after already having tested another's resolve and found it lacking.
Dyadd, no it is not. It is equally ineffective as Obama posturing for the approval o0f our enemies isn't it?
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