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Isn't it ironic that the left considers it to be a good thing to whatever extent Obama's determination to reduce U.S. influence in world affairs encourages those we would otherwise help to help themselves but do not see that the same reasoning means that helping those of our own they insist we help similarly discourages them from helping themselves? Of course that would assume that reason is the operative influence in leftist ideology. The apparent inconsistency is testimony to the fact that it is not.
There, the Palestinians case has been presented Of course they and the left make it sound much more sympathetic to the clear aggressors.
"It’s Only a Matter of Time Before Islamic Fundamentalism “Infects the Entire World” " That is what the Islamic fundamentalist have been telling us for years. It is time we listened. They are precisely what the left fears Christians might become if Christians are allowed to freely exercise their religion the way the left accepts the Islamic fundamentalists from doing. That, despite the way Christians seek to freely exercise their religion harms no one while the Islamic fundamentalists feel free to saw off peoples heads with short knifes. Ah but what about the Palestinians case with which the left constantly berates us because, they say, it is never presented? That case boils down to this. The lefts beloved U.N. established the State of Israel to which the Palestinians objected and attacked over and over again with the admitted intent of wiping it off of the face of the earth and establish a State of Palestine in its place. The Israelis beat them every time and in the process gained control over lands adjacent to the State of Israel from which the Palestinians were more easily able to conduct their attacks. Then the Palestinians claimed that their real beef was those occupied territories which, of course, would not be occupied had they not attacked Israel from them in the first place. All the while continuing to say the solution was to wipe Israel off the face of the earth and attempting to do it by lobbing missiles into Israel to kill Israeli citizens and doing it from areas with highly concentrated Palestinian populations so that in order to fight back, the Israelis risked killing Palestinian civilian for which the terrorists sought world sympathy and condemnation of Israel. Oh yes, and that was then added to the Palestinians beef with Israel. Much of that territory was then relinquished by Israel complete with the improvements and productive facilities the Israelis had made to it, along with money for its continued maintenance and use for the Palestinian's benefit. The Palestinians tore down and destroyed them, the proceeds from which along with the money no longer needed for them were used to build tunnels into Israel with which to conduct their future attacks. The Israelis imposed an embargo on these territories to prevent the import of weapons and supplies to use in these future attacks. That embargo then became the Palestinians main beef, their solution to which was still to wipe Israel off of the face of the earth.
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Killing Us by Mosquito Bite

Raymond, (Ret) Wrote: Aug 16, 2014 10:12 AM
Our founding principles were based on the cumulative knowledge our Founding Fathers took from hundreds, even thousands, of years of the history of mankind's attempts to govern its affairs. Even a cursory review of Federalist and Anti-federalist papers cannot but impress as to the extraordinary depth and breath with which they knew of such matters, thought about the lessons thereby provided and reflected them in the system of government they bequeathed us. That in contrast to today's leftists who believe it is all surpassed by the naive idealism, self-indulgences and arrogant self-righteousness bestowed on them by the 1960's. The former served us well for nearly 250 years. The latter will not last anywhere near as long. It will either be rejected and reversed or it will bring about the fall of the United States and be of value only to the extent that its failure will reinforce and may influence some future generation in respect of the lessons our Founders learned.
Gee wiz! Darn good thing the standards for presidential conduct are not as strict as those for mere governors.
The hard drive failure excuse is absolutely false. Emails are stored on the servers hard drive/s, not the users hard drive. Some email systems allow the user to request that some emails be stored on the users hard drive but even that is only in addition to their still being stored on the servers hard drive/s. You could beat a users hard drive up with a hammer and none of the emails would be lost. For crying out loud most users know they can access their emails through other computers, like at the library or some PC cafe which has no knowledge of or access to their 'home' computer. The hard drives on the servers are almost surely RAID configurations, (Redundant Array of Independent Disks), wherein the data is written over multiple hard drives in such a manner that even if one of those hard drives should fail, the data could still be read from those remaining hard drives. In that event, the failing hard drive would also be quickly replaced and reconstructed from the same remaining drives all while the data could still be read and used by the user. Disk failures are rare. To have two specific disks fail at the same time is impossibly unlikely. (It is only slightly more likely that a second disk could fail before one that had failed before was recovered.) In addition, any email system that valued its customers and its own integrity would also have backed up all data on separate media. Backing up data has been standard practice in IT since I entered the field in 1963. I cannot believe that of all the others who surely know this to be true, not one of them has pointed it out to someone else who has the public ear. For that matter why has not some crusading reporter dug up and revealed this story? (Yeah, we all know why.). This story should have blown upon in its own face long ago
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Is Senator Hagan Getting Nervous?

Raymond, (Ret) Wrote: Aug 15, 2014 10:13 AM
And no doubt she will use that money to accuse her opponent of being in the party of the rich.
Perhaps they tried but were unable to do so because the contractors had lost all record of their preceding activity due to a hard drive failure?
So let me see. If you have committed a crime, say a robbery, and when the police arrived at your door correctly suspecting that evidence of it was in your house, you insisted they go away until they have a valid search warrant. When they returned some considerable number of days later, would that evidence still be there or might you have contrived to secret it off to some trusted acquaintance. And would others then be justified in charging the police with unwarranted over-reaction? (Pun intended)
The continuing advance of Islamic extremism is rather like the hare and the tortoise isn't it? Like invention, the spread of an ideology is ten percent inspiration and ninety percent perspiration. So is its continuation once achieved. We seem to have forgotten both.
Thank you for that response. It is not the first time I have been struck by the subtle complexity of the actual operation of the seemingly simple concept of evolution. I used to wonder how feathers could have evolved given they enable flight only in their current configuration. Then I saw a program that pointed out feathers also provide good insulation even in their more primitive forms. Interesting stuff.
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