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Choking Constitutional Liberty

Raymond, (Ret) Wrote: 14 hours ago (9:21 AM)
The caring, compassionate, tolerant and open minded left now confidently and self-righteously crosses the line beyond which it is deemed justifiable, even noble, to override the rule of law with ideology. It is ideological narcissism made worse by complete knee-jerk adherence to policies that need only be presented as consistent with that ideology to be received with swarming band-wagon support without any consideration or analysis of it's particulars. A recent case in point was a phony petition circulated on a college campus characterized as supportive of 'spreading the American dream' and 'giving everyone a chance at fairness' in which it was proposed that American citizens be exchanged for illegal aliens. Fully two thirds of those approached signed the petition. I am helpless to express my disbelieving indignation and disappointment. It is as though we live in a Monty Python skit the very outrageousness of which presumes to betray its mocking satire despite which it is being taken seriously.
Being a liberal means never having to come to a conclusion you do not wish to come to.
That clearly demonstrates the lefts penchant for joining causes that appear to reflect a leftist view for the sake of joining causes that appear to reflect a leftist view. As I posted a day or so ago, liberals are natural born joiners. They join because everyone else is joining. It is not the particulars of the leftist policies that attract them so much as it is the perception that they are leftist policies.
Obama is what Obama has been. That and its consequences are clear and will not be changed for either his supporters or his critics. I would like to propose some questions for Hillary Rodham Clinton; 1. Mrs. Clinton, when did you first become aware of the situation in Benghazi the night of September 11, 2012? 2. Who told you? 3. How was that information conveyed to you? 4. What, specifically, did they say was happening? 5. What did you then do? 6. Who, specifically, did you talk to? 7. What was the substance of that/those conversations? 8. What role did you then play in the evolving events? 8. When did you first hear the idea that the situation in Benghazi had been a response to a Youtube video? 9. Who proposed that idea? 10. What evidence was presented to support that notion? 11. Is there any documentation to support the truth of your testimony?
I am sure the black community is just outraged and will rally round her as a fellow victim of the same kind of racism they endure daily.
I see what you mean, Then they would be reduced to trying to actually fulfill their promises to make peoples lives better and thereby demonstrate that their polices for doing so through government do not work. Oh dear.
That is, unfortunately, true in practice even though not by design.
Actions to which no one objects or disapproves do not need to be protected as rights. Rights are identified as such specifically to preserve them despite the objections or disapproval of others.
It would seem that conservatives face a dilemma when it comes to the rights of non-citizens. If, as we contend, our rights are endowed upon us by our creator then they are in no way dependent on citizenship. On the other hand it is galling and alarming that others who enter this country illegally can and do demand the benefits this country affords its citizens and for which we and our ancestry have sacrificed so much to bring about. There is rarely, if ever, a satisfyingly clear cut distinction that can be applied universally to resolve such matters but I would offer that there is a difference between our rights as human beings and the privileges afforded us by citizenship. Drivers licenses are clearly a privilege and not a right. Rights can not be denied. Drivers licenses certainly can, for citizens and non-citizens alike.
I think he is simply so taken with leftist ideology, so enamored of himself as it's flesh and blood embodiment, so used to succeeding by doing nothing more than being himself championing leftist ideology that he believes any leftist action he takes, substantive or symbolic, consequential or trivial, timely or dated, can only result in more of the success and adoration it has afforded him in the past. He is like a toddler who continues repeating some cute behavior for which he keeps receiving the attention he craves.
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