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I would be encouraged if they would just show me they were of some consequence.
So let's see. Iran has never, not once, ever kept up its end of a agreement and from what we know so far this agreement doesn't even contain an end for Iran to keep? And here we go again with this nonsense of 'we have let the situation deteriorate to the point where even our opposition cannot come up with a plan' so get off our back.
How much lower can if get than 'if it happens to a black by a non-black?"
Oh dear. Any more confirmation of a cover-up and the Democrats will have to pull out their old canard of 'so what that is just old news?' as in 'what difference does that now make?'. Curious how if the Democrats tell a lie often enough it becomes the truth but if Republicans tell the truth often enough it becomes passé.
Another glaring hole in their version of things was that there was not sufficient evidence of a terrorist attack so they were hesitant to call it that and start a panic. What makes that so laughable is that the story they did put out, that it was a reaction to a video, was supported by virtually no evidence whatsoever.
These people are too cute by half. Their insistence that they, the WH, did not make any changes to the original CIA report rests on the transparent technicality that what they really did was send it back to the CIA with instructions for the CIA to physically make the changes.
Okay, but I still think it will go nowhere. There are no John Deans in the Democrat party and this executive branch will not convict itself..
And we should feel save in just accepting them at their word that all such recovered emails are being forwarded and not just those they read and determined didn't indicate any wrongdoing on the part of anyone in the IRS. When Nixon tried this sort of thing we thought the American people would not let him get away with it. Now we know that it was the MSM that would not let him get away with it but that same MSM will let Obama get away with it.
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The Cancer of Multiculturalism

Raymond, (Ret) Wrote: Feb 25, 2015 11:20 AM
To have multiple cultures is to have no culture. A culture is that set of practices accepted by its members that guides them in their interactions with each other to promote mutual understanding and minimize confusion as to intent and expectations. To whatever extent those practices are not common that understanding decreases and that confusion increases. Cultures evolve in much the same way that Darwin observed biology evolves. The engine that drives both is whatever works best in the existing circumstances. The results of practices are observed and those that succeed are mimicked because they are seen to succeed. New ones may well be adopted from new members of other cultures if and when they work but which ones cannot be dictated or hand picked. It depends on their compatibility with all of the other practices in a culture. That does not mean that one practice was better then another. Each worked in the different circumstances under which they arose. But neither does that mean that all cultures are equal. It is the consequences from the sum total of all cultural practices that matters and that sum total may well be better for some cultures than for others.
It is long past time when this obstinacy is brushed aside every time it is uttered by pointing out that no one is blaming all of Islam for anything and conducting the debate as though they were is just a transparent obfuscation of the real issue which the WH chooses not to confront. It is about some Muslims currently committing acts of vile terror in the name of Islam. It is not about some Muslims not doing so not is it about accusations that other groups have done so in the past. Whether or not those Muslims who are doing this are right or wrong about their religion requiring them to do so is immaterial. You want to experience how weak of an argument that is? Go to the funeral of some terrorist victim and try reassuring the sobbing widow/widower/mother/father./child by telling them they need to understand that those who killed their loved one was wrong about Islam being the reason. How can the left regurgitate this nonsense standing there with their bare faces hanging out, firmly astride their moral high horse, claiming to be the party of compassion and caring?
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