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Let’s Destroy Liberal Academia

Raymond, (Ret) Wrote: Mar 02, 2015 10:35 AM
We could also resurrect the trade school path with sensible adjustments as to what constitutes a trade these days. Computer Science would be good place top start.
What? Obama has not placed him on the no fly list?
Boy, it's a real mystery isn't it? We know Obama loves America like no other President in history. (Notice how the Dems are not the only ones who can manipulate the English language to appear to say one thing by actually saying something else?) We know Iran has always negotiated in good faith never having given anyone the slightest cause to question whether or not they will uphold their end of the bargain. We know that Obama's early exposure to Islam was spiritually pure leaving him with no residual animosity to Jews. We know that he converted to Christianity, (don't we?), and we know he did so because,...,well we may not know why he did so but we do know it could not have had anything to do with the nature of either religion as he faithfully defends Islam from bible clingers, even though that the nature of the religions in question is the only legitimate reason to convert from one to another. And we know that whatever his reason was, it was legitimate and had nothing to do with his future political career. We know how aggressive Israel has been defending its borders and we know Iran is perfectly content to allow Israel to live beside them in peace and harmony. And we know that despite all appearances, evidence and logic to the contrary, Obama is doing everything he can minimize those groups who commit terror under the falsie premise that Islam requires them to do so. Boy, it beats me!
I would be encouraged if they would just show me they were of some consequence.
So let's see. Iran has never, not once, ever kept up its end of a agreement and from what we know so far this agreement doesn't even contain an end for Iran to keep? And here we go again with this nonsense of 'we have let the situation deteriorate to the point where even our opposition cannot come up with a plan' so get off our back.
How much lower can if get than 'if it happens to a black by a non-black?"
Oh dear. Any more confirmation of a cover-up and the Democrats will have to pull out their old canard of 'so what that is just old news?' as in 'what difference does that now make?'. Curious how if the Democrats tell a lie often enough it becomes the truth but if Republicans tell the truth often enough it becomes passé.
Another glaring hole in their version of things was that there was not sufficient evidence of a terrorist attack so they were hesitant to call it that and start a panic. What makes that so laughable is that the story they did put out, that it was a reaction to a video, was supported by virtually no evidence whatsoever.
These people are too cute by half. Their insistence that they, the WH, did not make any changes to the original CIA report rests on the transparent technicality that what they really did was send it back to the CIA with instructions for the CIA to physically make the changes.
Okay, but I still think it will go nowhere. There are no John Deans in the Democrat party and this executive branch will not convict itself..
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