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short term, single issue, political gain by abusing rather than resolving this lack of specificity in constitutional separation of powers and the rule of law that has and will come back to bite them. Either side has an opportunity here to rise above the fray and deport themselves as statesmen rather than politicians by focusing on the larger issue. If not for honor and integrity they might consider that doing so just may benefit them politically.
Whatever the Republicans do they will not be able to undo this executive order while Obama is still in office. They need to think ahead more strategically. All of the controversy and debate over President Obama's executive action on immigration has been short slighted and partisan. But this is not, or at least should not be, a partisan issue. It is the injection of partisanship into the matter that makes it a problem rather than a difficult but much needed opportunity to jointly develop a clearer agreement on the entire issue of the extent of Presidential powers and executive actions. Both sides site the other as having done something they criticize the other side for doing in order to justify their side having done it. As if both sides doing something wrong makes it right or unchallengeable. It is ridiculous and unproductive. The question that must now be answered, independent of political party affiliation, is; 'given this executive action by President Obama and all of the past executive actions taken by Presidents, just how is it to be determined what a President can and cannot do with future executive actions'? What are the guidelines? What are the limits? Are there any? What is the criteria? Where are any of them codified? How is any form of consistency and predictability to be achieved? Unless and until that is done the default will be, as it has been this time around, whether or not one approves of what the President is doing and/or whether or not one approves of the President who is doing it. The Constitution is then moot because the President can do whatever a sufficiently large and loud segment of the population want him to do. Worse, there is no acceptable way to determine if that unquantified criteria has been met nor is there any recourse even if it is not. Not even the Supremes Court, which is already far too politicized, would suffice as it would have no Constitutional foundation on which to base its ruling. It would be left to do so on the same arbitrary criteria of personal approval or disapproval of what is being done and who is doing it. It is all tantamount to dispensing with the Constitution and replacing it with a single rule which decrees that there are no rules except those that are made up as we go along by those with enough influence to make it stick. That is not a living Constitution. It is a dead Constitution. I cannot believe that intelligent people on both sides do not realize the folly of seeking short
Liberal Chick is just executing the Democrats adolescent, tried and true 'Republicans have cooties' political tactic. Let us hope this past election means the people have matured beyond it.
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Raymond, (Ret) Wrote: 25 mins ago (9:15 AM)
Process is useless against those who have no respect for it and are in a position to stonewall or circumvent it. The left not only has no respect for process, they pride and congratulate themselves on violating it to impose on others what they believe others should understand is in their best interests. What was 'Rules for Radicals' other than a handbook on how to violate process to get what you want?
It is not that the left does not understand that freedom of speech is not needed for speech that does not offend anyone. It is that they refuse to abide by that knowledge because it prevents them from denying freedom of speech that they can claim does offend them. Freedom of speech is all well and good as long as it does not allow anyone to say anything that I don't want them to be free to say. Capiche?
Why do I suspect that none of these released emails will indicate any wrongdoing on the part of Lois Lerner? Why do I suspect that what took so long was not recovering the emails but sorting through them to insure none that did reflect poorly her or the Administration were included? Perhaps because I do not trust liars who lie about lying?
Probably not but she was considered one of their own until she strayed beyond the Democrats 'Republicans have cooties' political tactics.
Let us hope that the GOP's victory was due to the people, if not the Democrats themselves, having matured beyond the Democrats adolescent 'Republicans have cooties' political tactics.
So just how badly will the MSM allow their own oxen to be gored?
It would appear that even their resounding defeat has not deterred the Democrats from their 'Republicans have cooties' political tactic. Let us hope the American people have matured beyond such superficial adolescent nonsense..
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