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Saying no to 'voter ID schemes' is saying no to confining the right to vote to those who have it. Democrats are masterful at getting people they want to a voting booth and would clearly be just as effective in insuring that those eligible for voter ID's would get them.. So their getting voter ID's cannot be their true objection. It is the eligibility part that bothers them.
Thomas Jefferson's Wall of Separation between government and religion was predicated on the notion that there were aspects of life that were not the business of government. As that has become decreasingly true there is less and less that can be done by way of religious practices that cannot be claimed to be somehow under the purview of government and so not allowed by the very amendment that the Founders intended to protect it.
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Predatory Journalism

Raymond, (Ret) Wrote: 19 hours ago (9:56 AM)
"taking advantage of other people's ignorance" That is the best description of Democrat political tactics that I have ever heard.
So what. It is no more important than the Presidents daily security briefings.
Failure of Democrat policies are always seen by Democrats as failures of execution, not ideology. They do not mind returning those whose execution failed as much as they would mind abandoning their ideology. Which is why so many will vote for Anthony Brown and why so many not only will but are eager to vote for Hillary even while the ideology failed so miserably under the Obama administration.
Even if true, so what? The terrorists are killing people. There has been little to no backlash against Islam. Get your priorities straight! Instead, these people fear and condemn Christians, because they think some Christians, if not opposed, may someday do what some Muslims are doing now. For which action, apparently, we cannot condemn Islam but for which prospect we can condemn Christianity.
To Obama supporters it is not a matter of trusting him. It is a matter of trusting their own judgement that they refuse to abandon.
Did we learn nothing from Typhoid Mary. A travel ban might have helped. The only difference between a travel ban for a country afflicted with a deadly contagious disease and quarantining a household in similar circumstances is simply a matter of scale. Any rationale to either do or not do it for one applies to the other.
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Please, Janet Yellen, Shut Up

Raymond, (Ret) Wrote: Oct 18, 2014 10:45 AM
"What’s so surprising is that we are still listening." Besides, it is supposed to be they who listen to us.
That way he can throw whoever it is under the bus if necessary.
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