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NRA Reacts to Signing of UN Arms Trade Treaty: Blatant Attack on Constitutional Rights

Raymond86 Wrote: Sep 26, 2013 2:20 AM
Ray Harbin I do not think that the Democrats and the turncoat Republicans have considered the Death of the Democrat Party as a direct result of the pain, suffering and misery pushed onto America's Middle Class, sustainers of this nation, as they continue cutting their throats and rejoicing in the Middle Class extermination. One or two result will come to this country if the Demos continue with the finalization of Obamascar's birth --1-- America' economic structure will die, not calmly and quietly, but with explosive rapidity and uncontrolable chaos. Obama, will demand martial law but completely aware American Military establishment WILL NOT GRANT HIM THE HONOR. The 1.5 Billion rifle shells that Obama has stockpiled in nationwide postal warehouses and other federal facilities and expects to use to subdue angry American citizens will be taken over by the U.S. Military. It is no secret that the bulk of our Military Establishment have no confidence in Barack Obama, and even less sympathy for the arrogant, anti-American Chief Executive. Obama apparently doesn't understand that this country is not 1930s Germany, inviting Hitler to set up his Nazi vulture nest in Berlin -- It is not 1909 Russian civilians, disarmed and falling before Stalin and his armies of murderous killers using unlimited bullets and bayonets. Or--2-- The pain and horror of Obamascar will draw previously unseen numbers of suffering American to the polls in 2014, who will vote the Senate staunchly Republican and add 20-25 Republicans to the House, and Barack Obama will experience 16 months of Lame Duck vacation time-- assuming he's not immediately Impeached and sent back to Chicago. The new Congress will inherit both the time and power to begin carrying the accumulated Obama garbage out of D. C. If either scenario comes to pass, pure voter hate will smother the Democrat Party into decades of utter oblivion. Single party government is far from good, even if only 8-10 years."Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." But ANYTHING beats more pain and suffering from Barack Hussein Obama.