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Bad Faith and Benghazi

Raymond121 Wrote: May 11, 2013 12:42 AM
Obama and Clinton are like the cowardly sheriff in Colorado who PREVENTED his deputies from going into Columbine High School to attack the killers and rescue the innocent. He was so worried about causing the death of a deputy that he intentionally allowed the killers a free hand in killing students and teachers, even when they were phoning for help and gave the police intelligence on where the killers were located. That sheriff was such a bad example that police departments around the country have rejected his example and now have adopted a policy of immediate engagement with mass killers. When a Muslim shooter started attacking people at a shopping mall in Salt Lake City a few years ago, an off duty policeman immediately engaged him and stopped him from killing civilians. Within four minutes of the first 911 call, uniformed officers were.on the scene and soon killed the shooter. Obama and Clinton were so lacking in foresight they did not plan a response with a year's warning , on 9/11, despite Al Qaeda wanting revenge for the much touted killing of bin Laden. When their idiocy became apparent with the start of the attack, they purposely allowed the attack to succeed, in hopes that their lack of foresight would not be pointed out by a surviving ambassador. In other words, they WANTED the ambassador dead so HE could not be a whistleblower!