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In Texas, the "Gun Free Zone" does not extend to your vehicle in the parking lot. Yes, you ARE allowed to carry - but must leave it in your car. I wonder how much quicker that waste of skin would have been dealt with had just ONE of those adults at that school been able to respond in seconds as opposed to waiting minutes for the troopers.
Perhaps ask to see his financial records from his college days as well? Demand to see how he could afford such prestigious (and expensive) colleges.
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A Vast New Federal Power

Ray in Texas Wrote: Jul 05, 2012 10:56 AM
Or, perhaps, mandate that you must provide proof of land ownership in order to vote? If you own a home you (and your spouse or significant other or whomever is on the mortgage statement with you) can vote on a federal level, if not, you're only allowed to vote on state and local issues. It seems to me that American home owners have much more invested in the necessity of our nation being financially stable than those who choose to live their lives in government provided housing. After all, aren't the ones paying the taxes providing for those who aren't paying the taxes?
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