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Facebook *should* have the data (ip address) from where the fake page was created. Even if someone used a proxy, it will still show that the new (fake) page was created from a different ip address than the original page's creator. The fact that the ip addresses don't match means that there is an imposter. Facebook is responsible for removing the imposter if the imposter is purposefully trying to damage someone's character or reputation - especially if the victim of the attack can show that they've been monetarily effected. The fact is Facebook is responsible for allowing this problem to perpetuate. That information alone is enough for a lawsuit. It's called defamation of character and libel. Publications have been getting sued for this ever since they went into mass production. Facebook really needs to get their act together or they will wind up losing tons of $$$ in court.
The math is simple: 2nd Amendment + 10th Amendment = NJ's anti-gun laws are unconstitutional.
"So what is the solution to getting kids to eat healthy?" The answer is simple: PARENTS who eat healthy. This leads to the overall answer for this "issue": PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT. Unfortunately, this universal solution requires less governmental involvement which is not the general mindset of Democratic policies.
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You Might be a White If...

Ray in Texas Wrote: Sep 01, 2013 7:20 AM
“And what do you need from society so that you can make better choices,” said Wilmington Councilwoman [Democrat] Sherry Dorsey-Walker. ---------- Parents. They need PARENTS. Parents who will spank them when they misbehave... This idiotic idea that "it takes a village to raise a child" is Liberal double-speak for, "We are going to raise your child for you so that you can have more children for us to raise, thus creating an indefinite supply of uneducated, barely capable of self control voters." http://www.uhuh.com/nwo/communism/comgoals.htm Read this list and count off how many of these goals have already been achieved.
My daughter just graduated from Texas A&M University. She attained her Bachelors degree (BS) in Animal Sciences in 4 years - not 5 or 6 like most these days. When she started off to College Station (where TAMU is located) she had a reasonable love for her country and average disdain for discrimination. She now has a very powerful love of our great nation and will chastise the idiot who doesn't stand or talks or leaves his hat on during the National Anthem. She can not stand discrimination and will readily explain that giving preference based on race/gender is discrimination. Basically what I'm saying is that fortunately, not all universities are on the same track as UNCW. There are still some around where conservative values are prized and praised. Just like the old saying goes, "caveat emptor". My thanks to Professor Adams for pointing out the fact that we DO have to do our homework before we allow our children to go somewhere to learn, only to find out too late that they've been essentially brainwashed.
This illustrates the primary difference between the liberal mindset and the conservative mindset. Liberals believe that everyone MUST agree with them. They will use whatever power they're given - and even create new authorities - to ensure that their beliefs (or agendas) are known and accepted. Conservatives believe everyone is allowed their own beliefs. Conservatives are far more "tolerant" than the left because we will not prosecute someone for their beliefs, only their illegal actions. The Left needs to be forced to realize that holding yourself to a system of morals and having beliefs is not discrimination. Granting one group more (or less) favorable status based on those beliefs is discrimination.
The school district I drive a school bus for also has a very clear "hands off" policy. I've even had a 5th grader tell me, "You can't lay hands on me." As a driver our hands are tied by the district. Interestingly enough, Texas law states, rather clearly, that anything that happens on the bus is the driver's responsibility. How are we supposed to mediate these kinds of problems when we are either breaking the law or risking our jobs by violating policy? It's a lose-lose situation for us drivers. Then we get prosecuted in the court of public opinion too? Anyone wonder why there's just not an overwhelming number of competent school bus drivers?
Your observation that the event became a national interest when the people of Sanford began protesting begs to be corrected. There's a couple of minor omissions in the statement: the (black) citizens of Sanford began protesting when the President's lackeys went to Florida to instigate discourse specifically for the purpose of this becoming a national issue.
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Caught Red-Handed on Climate Change

Ray in Texas Wrote: Jan 21, 2013 12:08 PM
Patently untrue. Global Climate Change is an ongoing event that has and always will occur on our little planet. Evidence shows that Earth has gone from being totally frozen (Snowball Earth existed) to having no polar ice caps and all climatological areas in between. The insanity is in people trying to fool others into believing that we humans have any control over this process. However, once you realize that those same people believe that they are more powerful than God and Mother Nature combined, then you begin to understand their mentality.
Great idea! Unfortunately, when was the last time Congress passed any law that potentially affected them negatively?
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