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Scott Walker, An American Hero

Ray from Bloombergia Wrote: Jun 11, 2012 12:14 PM
Count me IN!!! We need infantry (boots on the ground in polling places and setting lawn signs and dragooning disconnected friends and family) to win this because we can't win by 2% or the "stolen election" meme will arise. We must win both popular and electoral votes or it will be FL 2000 all over. We also need 3 extra points to overcome the "margin of Democrat FRAUD". Ray from Bloombergia

The battle is over for now, but the war has just begun. Scott Walker has responsibly and successfully led duly-elected officials in an historic effort to permanently change this nation’s course. You don’t need a PhD. in math to understand that our government is headed toward fiscal Armageddon, principally because elected officials have made reckless decisions and promises whose effects on future generations were never considered. At last, we now have a genuine hope to regain America’s future.

In 1958, New York Mayor Robert F. Wagner Jr. signed an executive order allowing the formation of public-employee unions. This was duplicated at...