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They still have ONE ace in the hole. Crime is at a 22 y LOW with a 40% overall drop yet 5*% of the low information voters STILL believe crime is rising. Don't count on the Mayors and Mommies Cult to be forthcoming with the data. They block ALL posts to their sites as it is. Ray
WHY must he slander honorable raccoons like that? Ray
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Killing Us by Mosquito Bite

Ray from Bloombergia Wrote: Aug 16, 2014 3:20 PM
For all his RINO faults he didn't actively HATE his own country. Ray
I don't equate more guns with LESS crime as the correlation does not in itself prove causality. HOWEVER, that said, nobody can show a state where the AVERAGE crime rate has risen with CCW. Pierced Foreskin tried to cook his facts on VA by singling out Richmond which is the ONLY relatively high crime area due to GANG and DRUG activity NOT legal CCW holders. Ray
More like 11 million. The 8 million only counts PERMITS where we have 5 states where no permit is needed like VT, AK, AZ and others. Ray
Actually, following an initial sharp drop the crime rates in states that enact CCW level off but always at a measurably lower rate. They NEVER go up. Ray
I'M still waiting for the Mayors and Mommies Cult to demand his dismissal. Ray
NOT even from JAG Corps!!! Ray
In VA soliciting nude photos of any private person (Facebooking does NOT make you a "public figure") for purposes of maligning or humiliating them is ILLEGAL!!!! Ray from Bloombergia
THIRD rate "super" model from Poland trying for "social relevance" the PeTA way. Her only talent is modeling her birthday suit for Maxim, and other "lad's mags". She can barely string two coherent sentences together extemporaneously. Ray
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