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True DAT!! They are no-statists, Corporatists and crony capitalists as Levin has pointed out ad nauseum. Ray from Bloombergia
Now that it's here the neo-statists and corporatists want to control it. Think McLAME, Grahamnesty, Boehner and McConnell. Those PIGS have to be primaried out and replace with Cruz clones. Ray from Bloombergia
Hey Pierced Foreskin! Up YOURS!!!!! Ray from Bloombergia NRA Life
ONLY 'great" compared to the Obama Crime Family. He shoved the Pariot Act, TSA, DHS and now the NDAA down our throats. Ray from Bloombergia NRA Life
Conservatives ENGAGE the Left but the Left is all about speech codes and thought control. Remember until the 2012 campaign the Usurper-in Chief also was against gay marriage until he saw that he was becoming vulnerable after the first debate. Ray from Bloombergia NRA Life
WHEN and HOW did good old solid standard tradtitional values like small AFFORDABLE and NON-INTRUSIVE government become a "dangerous radical view"? Oh, NOW I get it. When the maggot-infested privileged campus radicals graduated and began to infest the media and academia. Ray from Bloombergia NRA Life
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Why December 25th?

Ray from Bloombergia Wrote: Dec 25, 2013 1:31 PM
Didn't you READ the article? The date of conception was late March and nine months later is late December. We do NOT "need" a Biblical command to celebrate the birth of the Lamb of God. Saturnalia is NOT the basis for Christmas any more than Baccanalia is the basis for Easter. Easter is tied somewhat to Passover because the Last Supper was the Pesach or Seder meal on the first night of Passover which is why they had to bury Him in haste. Ray from Bloombergia Soli Deo Gloria!!
Here, here!!! Ray
STILL waiting for these trolls to honestly interview Nikki Goeser, Mark Mattioli, Evan Todd or Suzanna Hupp or Sarah McKinley. Crickets. Ray from Bloombergia
Even an ANTI-gun columnist pleaded with them to stop using kids and they can't help themselves. It's so easy to engage in emotional blackmail. Ray from Bloombergia NRA Life
The 60+ crowd consists largely of two groups: warmed over campus radicals from the Nixon years and ossified RINO loser morons like McLAME, Boehner and McConnel. Ray from Bloombergia NRA Life
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