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Shannon Twatts is seething. Her ploy of getting a "corporate statement" which means NOTHING is failing. Ray from Bloombergia NRA Life
Like that 8 yr old white girl who was murdered 10 years ago in PA? Was killed by a 13 yr old black kid who repeatedly said he killed her "because she was white" and when the DA tried to apply the hate crime laws the Justice Brothers flew in foaming at the mouth and it dropped to 2nd degree manslaughter and he got 5 yrs juvie. Ray
NO MORE Northeastern Liberal RINO nimrods. NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!! Ask how well it went for Pres. Romney or other RINO turds like McCain and Dole. Rove and Priebus insist on serving up RINO losers all in a row JUST to keep another Reagan out of the WH. They'd RATHER lose 10 elections than see ONE real American Conservative in office again. The Beltway GOP was BOUGHT and PAID FOR by the K-Street vermin and the Chamber of Crony Capitalism. They do NOT want a POTUS who wants to chainsaw the bureaucracy and burn down K Street. Ray from Bloombergia
This was NOT the standard UZI carbine with the folding butt stock. This was the very rare and pointless UZI auto pistol. That gun was developed for Israeli PROTECTIVE SERVICES and NOT for carriage by the general public. It is a master class gun to shoot well and few can. There is not so much recoil as ROCKET THRUST from a lightweight full auto. There ARE full auto .22 rimfire arms with a little more weight and way less thrust that can be handled by smaller people AFTER a long and thorough indoctrination in general safety and proper handling. Ray from Bloombergia
What about the 19 yr old autistic kid held down by TWO cops while his father was pulling the screwdriver out of his hand in NC? A BLACK cop showed up, said "I don't have time for this." and shot the kid to death. HE is still on the force "pending investigation". There WERE witnesses beyond the two uniforms and his father. The kid was white so no "days of outrage" happened. Ray from Bloombergia
They still have ONE ace in the hole. Crime is at a 22 y LOW with a 40% overall drop yet 5*% of the low information voters STILL believe crime is rising. Don't count on the Mayors and Mommies Cult to be forthcoming with the data. They block ALL posts to their sites as it is. Ray
WHY must he slander honorable raccoons like that? Ray
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Killing Us by Mosquito Bite

Ray from Bloombergia Wrote: Aug 16, 2014 3:20 PM
For all his RINO faults he didn't actively HATE his own country. Ray
I don't equate more guns with LESS crime as the correlation does not in itself prove causality. HOWEVER, that said, nobody can show a state where the AVERAGE crime rate has risen with CCW. Pierced Foreskin tried to cook his facts on VA by singling out Richmond which is the ONLY relatively high crime area due to GANG and DRUG activity NOT legal CCW holders. Ray
More like 11 million. The 8 million only counts PERMITS where we have 5 states where no permit is needed like VT, AK, AZ and others. Ray
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