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As they told Barrabas after he was released: "Get thee GONE thou reprobate!" Ray
The TEA Party types are feared by both sides because they WANT to chainsaw the bureaucracy and burn down K Street. BOTH parties would lose most of their influence in that scenario. Ray from Bloombergia
That was her ONLY sane stance. Bye bye Abortion Barbie
That was her ONLY sane stance. Bye bye Abortion Barbie
Yet THEY will get NONE of the blame and it will be aimed at trhe NRA.
Dress the deer in the garage. Then after it's all cut up and Freddie has stuffed himself show him a mounted head and ask "SO how did that taste?" Ray from Bloombergia
And Shannnon T. Watts weeps bitterly. I tried to post this on one of her state level FB pages and it was yanked in seconds. Goebbels would cheer. Ray
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Landrieu is French Toast

Ray from Bloombergia Wrote: Dec 06, 2014 10:47 AM
This bloated blob of policital artery clog is an overbaked beignet on legs. Ray
That goes by State law. TX allows you to defend property with deadly force. The idea is that the intruder has already decided that to him your stuff is worth more than your life. Ray
No, it's St. Skittles. Ray from Bloombergia
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