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CNN: Al Qaeda Involved in Benghazi Attack; FNC Source Says WH, State Department Ignored Rescue Plans

raycm98 Wrote: May 04, 2013 1:46 AM
The cover up is for complete lack of leadership. The President had no executive experience for acting decisively in a crisis situation. This was not a decision that could be mulled over with political pundits, or pollsters. It had to be made NOW with imperfect information, in a rapidly changing environment. He had to be decisive, and take responsibility, and instead, he did what he does best...Obama Voted Present On Benghazi. And then flew away to continue campaigning.
For a story that the White House ("happened a long time ago") and our last two Secretaries of State ("what difference does it make?" / "more important things to worry about") insist is basically over, the Benghazi attack continues to make headlines.  CNN is reporting that at least three Al Qaeda operatives took part in the 9/11 raid.  The administration knew within the first few hours of the assault that it was the work of radical Islamist terrorism. ...