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saw somewhere the total package including "benefits" was around $900K
Liar of the Year for 2013 and now a repeat performance in 2014. Go Obama, yet the true minions and serfs look for a reason to believe lie after lie after lie.
From overjoyed Regular Mom to Oppressed Martyr, can Mrs. Obama's shopping fable get any more absurd? This sums up the Obamas. But yet the true minions and serfs look for a reason to believe lie after lie after lie,
Mooshell - "for the first time in my life I am proud of my country" kinda sums her up, does it not?
she told the first version on late night TV, then changed it to be racial later.
Perhaps Mischelle should explain how she got that $800K@year at that Chicago hospital for doing nothing. ??????
go away
Poor Obama, spent over $1,000,000 flying to California for fund raisers, just on the cost of air fare alone according to a just release document from the US Air Force. Will spend over $17,000,000 for his 17 day vacation next week. Yes we are definitely discriminating against these two.
PEOPLE ARE really stupid like Gruber said, if they believe these people. Mischelle tells one story on late night TV and when the conversation is about race, tells another story. You would think she could keep her story straight. I guess her having that $800K @ year handed to her at that Chicago hospital for doing nothing was too much for her handle.
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GOP’s Sound & Fury Signifies Nothing

Ray31 Wrote: Nov 23, 2014 11:36 AM
For a moment put you in the position of a hiring manager at a fast food chain. Right now Fed immigration laws require that all employee pass E-Verify. I see the signs in every fast food establishment I frequent. So now the $64,000 dollars question. Do I follow Fed immigration laws or do I follow the laws as outline by President Obama. I am under threat of prosecution if I follow Obama instead of the written immigration laws? What do I do?
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