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Anyone that wants to can go to college. That is fact. but if you have stacked the cards against yourself with your own actions IE take drugs, have kids out of wedlock, do not study, Party too much, drink too much, or are just in college for the parties, then you are having a good time wasting our money.
Once the universities figure out the govt is paying, tuition goes up immediately. always has, always will.
yep, now he wants to tax those he missed, I guess that's his being fair, tax the hell out of everybody.
that's the way everything works. Private companies. unlike govt can not print money or force its customers to pay more. Govt can and does. So u set back and wait for the govt to make ed cost effective, meaning you do not pay for it, and hold your breath. The cost of ed has risen drastily since 2008 while the median middle class income has dropped six straight years. Keep wishing for that free stuff. Even the dim witted are coming to realize nothing is free.
right they are so worried that we might offend someone, or that some criminal might not get a fair shake, but less concerned that children can not walk home safely from the park.
Americans no longer have choices. Their choices have been usurped by an overbearing out of control bureauracy. Brings to the case where a 17 year old girl was forced to have chemo against the will of herself and her parents. Also the case where the Mass Dept of child care, after a preliminary examinations decided the parents were the issue and removed the Palendear girl from her parents. Time to reign in these zeolouts who seek to destroy our families by making decisions from them according to some guidelines set up by some egg-head somewhere in the govt.
If you mean drug use by elected officials is a tradition in DC, then u are right.
go away, this is not the forum for this.
Of course the District of Crime wants to legalize drugs. That's the only way their elected officials can stay out of jail, IE mayor Barry Marion.
saw somewhere the total package including "benefits" was around $900K
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