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Thes "papers" always start with fudging phrases, like "If this happens then" and "what if this happens" .. the author will then go on to what ever scary deal they want to promote as if it was God's own truth. They have perfected the BS paper technique, guaranteed to get them a permanent spot at the public trough.
Any hybrid/electric car is mostly made of oil based products. The batteries are made with oil based products. The power they consume comes mainly from coal fired electrical plants. They have no value after 8 years as the cost of battery replacement will zero any residual value the car actually has. In cold climates the battery dies prematurely. I actually saw a Prius owner putting gas in his car on the side of the road. He had run out of gas. The four cylinder technology of today outpaces anything to do with electrical by miles. My four cylinder car matches the Prius in cold weather driving in gas mileage but out powers the silly little thing exponentially. You have to be a brain dead person to think there is any value in buying one of these cars.
Always remember, when seconds count, the Police are minutes away. They may catch the perp but you won't be around to testify.
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The Heroism of Wendy Davis

Ray1063 Wrote: Jan 23, 2014 5:23 PM
So her biggest talent has something to do with taking her clothes off at opportune moments? Must be a liberal female.
I am sure the religious globull wormers will never give up. They would freeze to death in the dark and still declare with their dying breathe that the planet is warming. I do understand the political advantage for the "one world government" types, to have a cause to rally the folks around as they steal every freedom we have. If they have their way we will all be indentured servants again in no time.
Under the heading of "you are entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts. CO2 is plant food not pollution. I'm hoping the minions of climate changey thingy will bravely announce their next globull worming conference to be in the middle of February, outdoors, in beautiful downtown Churchill Manitoba. This will accomplish two things. They will realize it's cold outside and they get to find out that Polar bears are not an endangered species.
Good one tibby
Notice how the MSM has gone out of their way to forget the ship frozen in 10 feet of ice was there to prove the ice was melting and that the sky was going to fall and we were all going to die and what about the babies,, bla bla bla..Liberals have a hard time swallowing crow. Al the Goremiester will probably need a message. Oh and the polar bear populations are just fine, but if I'm going to eat one, I understand polar bears go better with coke. What a low down bunch of scammers.
Globull worming is a religious event, designed by the truly insane who think they need to rule your life. They, of course, don't need to be ruled because they are devine. Well beyond Marxism and nigh on to plain stupid. The climate changes, get over yourself. To speak for the real "mother earth", "Adapt or die". It's the way of life hear on the third rock.
Probably still does. Funny how the ivory tower types misread reality.
Here's how you fix defined benefit plans that the workers did not put enough into. If the plan is 65% funded, you get 65% of the benefit. It's al;ready being done in other jurisdictions. All they did is change the name to defined variable pension plans. The idea is that others that don't have a pension plan should be the last people to pay into the public service plans..PAY YOUR OWN WAY.. signed just a guy in business
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