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What Price U.S. Citizenship?

rawtruth Wrote: Jan 01, 2013 11:01 AM
American children whose parents are paying taxes to California are denied instate tuition while illegals are automatically given instate tuition? California is a farce as an American state. It is a foreign country masquerading as an American state. I am tired of having my taxes subsidizing California and its welfare to illegals.

HONG KONG -- We read about famous people like French film star Gerard Depardieu, who moved to Belgium to avoid a 75 percent income tax on millionaires proposed by France's Socialist government (a measure rejected last week by a French council, though French leadership has vowed to resubmit a similar proposal). Then there is Eduardo Saverin, who took the extreme step of giving up his U.S. citizenship and could see a savings of $39 million on his Facebook investment, according to the research firm Wealth-X. He says business reasons, rather than high taxes, were his primary motivation.

I had read...