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Stalemate: Obama Warns of Prolonged Talks as Republicans Rebuff Plan

rawtruth Wrote: Dec 02, 2012 9:11 AM
What 10 to 1 reductions for tax increases? How many times have Democrats pulled that bait and switch. I am in my 70's, I am not for succession, but I understand why some are. This country is headed for a revolution whether 5 years from now or 50 years. This welfare entitlement mentality cannot last. Everyone wants to live on someone else's dime. Hard work and saving are increasingly punished. Now they want to go after my IRA. I earned it, forgave current consumption and saved it. I have never drawn welfare, unemployment, food stamps and other forms of welfare. I took whatever work was available and increased my skills and worked hard for pay increases which coworkers criticized. Merit is no long appreciated by most people.

The word of the day is "stalemate".

Last year the Republicans had a chance to accept spending cuts to tax hikes at a 10-1 ratio. They declined. Now president Obama does not want to bargain. Who can blame Obama (except Republicans)? We may disagree, but that is part of the platform that got him elected.

The Republicans do not want to bargain either. And who can blame them (except Democrats)?

Regardless, Republicans blew a golden opportunity last year and...

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