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Saving the Elderly Safety Net

rawtruth Wrote: May 31, 2013 7:32 AM
You are really full of it. These illegal immigrants use the emergency room more than citizens and claim poverty when it is not true. They, better than citizens, know how to game the welfare system, both governmental and private. Many work off the books and do not pay any income taxes, those that do pay taxes pay far less than what they receive through schooling for their children, abuse of the hospitals' obligation to provide treatment without benefit of payment for services, etc. True, seniors may over time receive more in benefits than they paid into the system, however, we have failed to fully account for the increased longevity of our citizens, we have allowed personal habits to be reclassified as diseases and give such persons disability social security, full disability payments, etc. Our government needs to be severely cut back and programs not specifically allowed by the constitution terminated or the constitution amended. There is nothing wrong with immigrants provided they are legal, we selectively determine which immigrants to allow into our country based on education or skills, belief in freedom, absence of beliefs contrary to the American way, etc. It is our country and we are the ones to determine who gets to live here. My wife is a legal immigrant as it a daughter-in-law, three sisters-in-law, some brothers-in-law, etc. I welcome legal immigrants that can contribute to America, but abhor those who come for our welfare system, to destroy our American way, or with intent to overthrow our government.
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Gang of Eight Betrays Americans

rawtruth Wrote: May 21, 2013 7:36 AM
Back when many were trying to pass the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), you warned of consequences. The ERA did not pass, but everything you warned about has come to pass and even worse is not far off. Liberals have taken over the government bureaucracy, government agencies, schools and universities with subsequent dire consequences. Is there no end to our loss of freedom, even the basic action of eating and drinking is highly regulated to the point one cannot even pack a lunch for one's own child in many schools. We have failed our republic.
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Do the Right Thing

rawtruth Wrote: May 17, 2013 6:27 AM
Are we to trust this administration and its Department of Injustice? I really believe that the leak was deliberate and made by someone in the administration. Now this leak is being used to make an unwarranted search of reporter's phone records. Considering that reporters are always calling members of government agencies, what could the possibly learn from these records? I also believe that the news media should have some discretion and not publish everything, especially when it adversely affects our national security and our undercover agents. This administration and the news media have no morals. They will do anything to achieve the results they want.
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Facing Facts About Illegal Immigration

rawtruth Wrote: May 12, 2013 4:08 PM
I am not against Immigration, after all, my wife was an immigrant. Later her two sisters and their husbands became immigrants, then two of her brothers, and some cousins. However, all were legal immigrants. Most are college educated before coming. Their children and grandchildren are virtually all college educated. Three graduated from the US Navy Academy. Some waited years for an immigration visa. One niece was approved for immigration, but after more than eight years of waiting for visa, gave us as she was reaching retirement age and her father for whom she wanted to care after three strokes, died. It is very tough being a legal immigrant, but millions just walk or wade across our border and are rewarded with charitable care by various groups, some cities pass laws giving them protections for our laws regarding illegal entry, businesses hire them notwithstanding that any documents they may have are likely fake or obtained with false statements, they receive a free educations, hospitals are required to treat them when they claim, often falsely, inability to pay, they received instate tuition at colleges, there are numerous organizations that provide free food, clothing and other benefits to illegals, etc. This bill, like all those in the past are just rewarding illegal immigrants and encouraging more to come as evidenced by the recent increase in illegal border crossings. Rewarding bad behavior just encourages more bad behavior. I do feel sorry for those living in poor, mostly corrupt, countries. However, I mostly feel sorry for those following the immigration laws being punished for following the law, while the illegals are rewarded. Marco, I will never again vote for you. This law you report is a scam full of loopholes so as to do nothing to prevent future illegal immigration.
I agree with you but don't expect public support. I really cannot understand how people denigrate the companies that develop medicines that keep them not just alive but able to actively participate in life, With all the costs of developing new medicines through the regulatory process and studies, they have some countries that steal their research and give it to local companies, that restrict their prices to such a low level and their local companies repackage the medicine and sell it in other countries. It is true that we in America pay most of the cost of developing these new medicines but then, I would still rather have them than not. Our government should be working to protect our companies from unfair practices by France, Canada, India and other foreign governments rather than making it more difficult by unnecessary regulations that protect no one but increases costs.
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Heritage's Scare Tactics

rawtruth Wrote: May 10, 2013 6:23 AM
I have not read that publication but I have read your previous articles and no one produces more propaganda than you. I see in my own community that Hispanics are the largest users of local non-government charities. I see that Hispanic children come to school hungry and depend on free breakfast and lunch. A Kiwanis group even prepares backpacks to provide food for the weekends. At the same time notice how fat the mothers seem to be. While these K-5 children are interested and love to learn, a massive change of attitude seems to take place during middle school for the worse. Why should illegals receive preference over native born citizens for instate tuition while denying it to military personnel and their families because of serving overseas or in another state while on active duty, special permission to work here while legal immigrants wait years to receive their visas. I do not believe in rewarding illegal immigrants. That bill now being proposed is nothing but amnesty and just creates more problems for the future. Just like that Warren woman claiming special privileges because her great grandmother may have had native blood, we now have some claiming to be Hispanic for special privileges. What a mess. You are not helping to solve the problem. Mexico and other Central and South American countries need to solve their own problems and stop sending their problems here and advocating for them to receive special privileges over our own citizens.
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Will the GOP Embrace Amnesty?

rawtruth Wrote: Apr 19, 2013 6:40 AM
I have no problem with legal immigration. My wife is a naturalized citizen and I know others. I find that these legal immigrants are often educated, hard working and often use peer pressure to keep family and others not to do anything that would reflect badly on them. Unfortunately, the current immigration program does not give preference to the educated and skilled. I volunteer in a school more than 90% minority, mostly Hispanic. I do not know how many were brought here illegally, but most are bright, eager to learn and grateful for any attention, but something happens for the worse when they reach middle school. Never the less, illegals should be returned to their home of birth and forever barred from entering the USA. Stop illega
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University Apologizes for Stomping Jesus

rawtruth Wrote: Mar 23, 2013 7:29 AM
You are a real a-hole. Notice they are careful to attack only Christians and Jews, never Muslims. This was intended to be offensive to Christians. The instructor and whomever developed this program deserve to be fired as well as those in the University that supported the instructor including the president. No peaceful group of any religion deserves such treatment.
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Smoke Gets in Your Rights

rawtruth Wrote: Mar 17, 2013 11:34 AM
As a nonsmoker, I encourage those close to me not to smoke. However, I would never accept a law making it illegal to smoke. Making smoking totally illegal will have the same results encountered under Prohibition and our antidrug laws - an increase in crime, individual and organized, and resulting violence as gangs strive for supremency in their area. In addiktion, who smokes? It is mostly the poorer segement of our economy, who are already punished by excessive taxes. "Stupid is as stupid does".
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Joe Biden’s Self-Defense Advice

rawtruth Wrote: Mar 03, 2013 9:08 AM
No but their Spanish language program requires students to pledge allegiance to Mexico. There is no need for that and, I believe it a crime to do so. I took Spanish in high school, German and Korean in college and never had to pledge allegiance to either country. Whom ever wrote that lesson plan should be fired and teachers who actually enforced such requirement reprimanded.
While I usually agree with your comments, this inability of the average family to afford a new car is laughable. There are a lot of new cars on the road across the country. People are purchasing new cars and trucks whether they can afford them or not by that outfit's analysis.
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