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Sandy Hook Families Sue AR15 Manufacturer

raverill Wrote: Dec 16, 2014 11:08 AM
This is nothing but a cheap publicity stunt to attempt to energize a dispirited liberal base. The lawsuit can go nowhere because first the plaintiffs will have to prove the shooting was done entirely with the AR. That will prove impossible as the first police and media reports all stated the shootings were done with the four handguns recovered at the scene. Only much later did the FEDS swoop down and "discover" a Bushmaster in the trunk of a car (the actual video of that recovery showed a Sega Shotgun but never mind). Only then was the story "corrected" to the assault rifle narrative. That leaves nothing but conflicting reports to go on which is not much support for a lawsuit. Of course there are plenty of records and investigations that could shed more light on the whole series of events but Governor Dannel Malloy and the Democrats from the state legislature held a late night (and completely illegal) meeting to craft a bill to seal ALL the records of Sandy Hook. Of course, if this lawsuit goes forward, the judge will have to UN-seal those records and all the truth about Sandy Hook (that the Democrats have been so determined to keep sealed) will come out. I say "Go for it". There is much we need to know.
So can we take it from your comments that you are a YES vote on blue secession? Here is your chance to rid yourself of us red state moochers.
Remember these are the people who believe they can simply TAX themselves into prosperity.
I was hoping all the way through that you would mention the violent crime rates in blue America after self defense was outlawed.
We are living in historic times. The Democrat Party is rapidly disintegrating right before our eyes. Is it any wonder that the liberal propaganda media is following along in the wake of the destruction? The global warming scam has been completely discredited, ObamaCare is rapidly coming apart at the seems, Democrats are at each others throats as their coalition splinters and all the funding flee's. Their leaders have been reduced to a handful of old, white crusty senior citizens who hardly inspire young people or minorities to put down their video games to fill out a mail in ballot.
The last time a Republican ran for president, lost and was victorious in a second run was Richard Nixon in 1968. How'd THAT work out for Republicans? The LIBERAL media are bound and determined to renominate Romney. That really tells us everything we need to know.
" Holder reminded the public that despite the Grand Jury decision, a separate Department of Justice investigation is ongoing. " So they don't want to accept the decision of the grand jury but at the same time insist that congress should accept the findings of the House Select Committee on Benghazi and not look further into the murder of four Americans. If it weren't for double standards liberals would have no standards at all.
Duh Question; 2016; Old, white hag Hillary Clinton running against Marco Rubio who is campaigning in Spanish. Who wins Florida and the election? Interesting Question; Who wins California?????
Reagan thought he "solved" this immigration problem once and for all when he worked out a deal with Democrats for a one time amnesty. Lesson; Don't EVER make a deal with Democrats. Democrats believe illegals are their salvation as a permanent pool of reliable Democrat voters. As long as they believe that, the problem will just get worse and worse. The only answer is to reverse that perception. If the influx of immigrants were suddenly to be seen as potential Republican voters, the border crisis would end tomorrow and the deportations would begin the day after. These people are really natural conservatives who want to become Americans. Where is the Spanish language FOX version of Telemundo? Who gets the Hispanic vote in 2016 with Hillary running against Marco Rubio campaigning in Spanish? Republicans need to co-opt Obama's ploy and stop reacting exactly how the Democrats count on us to do.
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