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Trying to disprove his summation only makes you look more ignorant. But you did just prove his point he made how it will rile you all up and get your panties in a wad. Oh, and for your info, I have (2) of those defective rejects in my family, so what he proclaims as irritants is spot on. I especially love it when they call me a racist and then silence befalls them as my wife is of color. simpleton moron's like your breed are so fun to set off, I have not missed a family reunion just because of them, I can tell you they have miss a few though as they do not want to be torched by me.
Oh no the Government is looking at raising the gas tax, they are trying to kill every American as fast as they can, next they will be coming for your first and second born children. Now that seems to match the liberal protestors train of thought. And up until 2010 when this debacle called ObamaCare passed, since when was it a businesses responsibility to provide anything to the worker except a wage for work done. When are they going to require said businesses to purchase and pay for a home? Or a car and insurance for the car? Or how about not only paid time off but airline tickets to where ever you want to go (you know pysh. Drs. believe it is essential that you get time off from work for ones health). Simply amazing how the liberal clucks think. The author of this article does quote Marcus with a very valid point and one that I have thought of many years ago. The lefty's always claim the Constitution is a "Living Document" thus making it up for interpretation of whoever is reading it to meet their agenda. That is why I am a firm believer in the fact that it is not a living document and in no way should it be altered to meet any ones agenda. Follow it and all will be better for all involved.
Exactly, I was thinking the same thing. I might apply now to the FBI as a translator in every foreign language and if I do not get hired SUE them... I might be able to get rich doing this.
And that is what the company did, they would repeatedly give them tasks that they could not do because they could not comprehend the english language. And now they have one of the Jack Boot government agencies attacking them for doing what they would have done to any other person who could not follow directions as stated for a given job.
The National Identity was established many, many years ago, it just wasn't what the liberal trash wanted as it kept them out of power. So now they are trying to redefine it to met their agenda.
Pres. Reagan was and is the greatest president of this century. He implemented policy's that to this day worked and that irritated the liberals as it removed their base voters of the welfare roles and into jobs. That is why the liberal progressives fought hard to push them back on these programs with failed policy after failed policy. Just look around you today, there is no push to get people off the system, (10 million unemployed, 9 million new disability recipients & 14 million more food stamp recipients), but rather push more on it with and expand it to include illegal immigrants.
The old saying goes "If you tell a lie enough people will believe it", Well, that maybe so, but one thing is foresure and that is you can tell that lie all you want and if it affects you personally there is no amount of times you can tell it and expect people to believe it. Thus the reason the love fest of the progressive Obama is crumbling. If you cannot find a job, you cannot tell people it is great, if they cannot start their lives and careers, you cannot tell them enough that things are good, if you see inflation at every turn in your life, you will not be able ot convince them it is good, if the economy is still tanked or tanking, you cannot tell them enough how it is the other guys fault when you have had total control for 6 years. The end is coming and it is coming fast, thus the reason why this administration will do whatever is necessary to implement its agenda, even knowing in November they will be over turned and if not there through the courts. He (Obama) is a scared little boy who is going to do what Saddam did in Iraq when he realized that US forces were moving into Baghdad and that is the scorched earth scenario. Cause as much damage as you can before it is stopped.
And he never personally attacked his opponents, he just said "There you go again" and cleared up the distortion or lie.
You hit the nail on it head "All I can figure is that the people who were polled knew almost nothing about him". Most history classes only teach the glory stuff, sort of like in a movie, you only remember the good parts everything else is lost. I was no where near being born when Pres. Eisenhower was president but I have read a lot about him and yes he was a great leader, maybe not in the top 5 but none the less a good president. Unfortunately, unless we parents expose our school aged children to the real history of our country (which we better hurry up on) we will lose large parts of it to the liberal lying progressives who want to rewrite our history into something it was not nor ever was.
Let's just hope for the country's sake all progressive liberal democrat's lemmings who voted party line not caring about the people they were destroying lose their seats this November.
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