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Where's That Inflation I Was Promised?

RaulYbarra Wrote: Jul 17, 2014 2:38 PM
Where's the inflation? Try going to the grocer. And don't just look at the price. Look at the weight or item count of the package. In these latter cases, the price on the container may not have gone up, but what was once a 16 ounce package is now 12 ounces. A gallon container is now .75 gallons. Inflation is being hidden everywhere it can be.
Never underestimate the stupidity of The Mob.
I'm confused. If a law passed following due process is deemed an unconstitutional violation of rights, how in the world is re-issuing it as an executive order make it suddenly legal? If nothing, it is even LESS legal as it could be seen as a violation of the separation of powers.
All in all, we're just another brick in the wall...
Yes, I know. I was being tongue-in-cheek in my agreement with you. My mistake is assuming that most would know that they HAVE already weighed in. Anyway... great analysis.
Ok, this is a load of BS. You would expect us to believe that their IT department doesn't have archives? These emails are considered legal documents, so they are required to archive them. And fine. Even if IRS lost them, what about the recipients? It is not a big deal to subpoena them from the different offices. Hey... if nobody else has them, they should check with the NSA.
Exactly. The key word is "or" not "and" as far as the meaning. And the truth is, it is not our nor the birther's interpretation that matters. This in a Constitutional interpretation matter that is a textbook question for the Supreme Court. If the States and the People do not like their interpretation, then they are free to impeach the offending judges. So what was the thoughts of SCOTUS? (that's a rhetorical question...)
Try actually reading what I said. Bubba and Cousin' Joe dressed like slobs, barging into a restaurant weapons at low-ready and making a scene is a darn good way for things to escalate and end up with someone shot. People are stupid. TheTruthAboutGuns has the Irresponsible Gun Own category that has dozens of stories of idiotic gun use. I didn't say Bloomie was behind it. In fact, I qualified that I know they aren't. I did say that Bubba's stunts looked like something they'd do. Sadly, what I said in sarcasm seems to be floating around the web I've learned. I'm just fine with someone like the kid in the picture above at a rally. Or with the couple carrying in the WSJ story. Even better is the Tulsa OK open carry event where it was Mom's Demanding Action were the one's kicked out when *they* made a scene. It seems that Open Carry Texas is of the same opinion. They're blog on May 23rd is telling the agitators to knock it off. Bubba and Cousin' Joe aren't patriots. They're idiot grand-standers that have more in common with Shannon Watts than with the POTG.
I have to step in to defend OCT on this. Their guideline fit what you see in the picture above. This is not what the NRA was speaking out against. There have been others that have been showing up at private businesses (i.e. private property) and intentionally bullying for a photo op. Even OCT has told these guys to knock it off.
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