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That's his prerogative. But MAKE him pick up that veto pen.
I certainly hope Romney runs. A three-way catfight between he, Christie and Jeb is the best bet we have of getting a solid conservative like Rand or Scott Walker.
So he's going negative out of the box? That's pretty much the end of my respect for him.
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Why Are There No Lefties on Talk Radio?

RaulYbarra Wrote: Jan 15, 2015 12:00 PM
Actually, the "why" is quite easy. Radio requires you to think. Thinking is the enemy of the Progressive. It requires a blind faith adherence based in emotion. Raw emotion without Reason can only get you so far. Contrast this with television, where ideas and thought invariably take second place to the imagery. Imagery is very easy to manipulate to get the needed emotional response. Hence the preference of Progressives in the visual media. The know this and use it. If you have any doubt? Consider this; with the push for reestablishing the Fairness Doctrine for radio have you ever noticed there is never an effort to apply that same standard to television?
I actually think that they may find Rand or Scott the compromise candidate between Ted and one of their liberal establishment types that they know cannot win. With either of those two, they will still have a larger voice than they have now.
It seems far too many have forgotten that there is a special relationship between a boy and his dog from which adults are excluded. Look at the originals. The dog clearly found it amusing and promptly returned to his nap. Heck, I can't yell at either the boy or dog for getting out of hand with the other without including both of them. It's a pretty safe bet that the "innocent" party had been doing his level best to egg on the "guilty." And yes, it goes both ways. They dog is as likely to set up the boy as the other way around. It's that litter mate mentality.
Ok, I'm in St. Louis and I'm familiar with Horrigan. I don't think even the libs take him seriously. He and the P-D are such tools for the left it is embarrassing. He's a target of regular mockery over here. You left off the funniest part. He op-ed is behind the P-D paywall, so you are probably one of a small handful that actually read the thing. They keep trying to change things to generate revenue and/or drive traffic. They refuse to do the one thing that might actually make a difference; change the editorial board.
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Boehner Bombs the Base

RaulYbarra Wrote: Dec 15, 2014 3:43 PM
Except that the funded this pig for a whole year, not for the couple months until the new Congress. And guess what? The media are going to be yelling about EVERYTHING Republicans do, even if they were praising Democrats for the same thing a month ago. If you think you get the luxury of waiting for positive press, you are deluded.
He's demilitarizing the military because he cannot control them. He's militarizing the police because he can control them.
The problem is that Congress does not have the courage or integrity to stop him. Boehner is more concerned about stifling conservative revolt rather than correcting Obama's lawlessness. I've seen a lot of complaining, but where is the Congressman or the Governor or the state DA or sheriff that is announcing that they will NOT comply? If Obama's action is illegal, then the legal response is to disregard it.
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