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Obama’s Labor Board Pushes Manufacturing Jobs Overseas

rauljg69 Wrote: Nov 20, 2012 5:49 PM
Oh man..this is just PRICELESS. Guy leading the secession movement in Alabama is sick and tired of government regulation. He had a successful business for 10 years until the government interfered and closed him down. TOO MUCH REGULATION!!! SECEDE. Oh that business...Topless car wash! bwahahahahahahahah Secede so we can have unfettered topless car washes on every corner. Where do I sign. Can't make this stuff up. Wow..gotta love conservatives.
If you are wondering why American manufacturing jobs are going overseas and not coming back, look no further than President Obama’s National Labor Relations Board. The NLRB recently told a U.S. Court of Appeals that employers’ concerns that a multiplicity of small bargaining units will cripple their operations are “irrelevant” under U.S. labor law.

The Board’s position was put forward by Acting General Counsel Lafe Solomon in a disturbing brief to the Fourth Circuit. It was filed to defend the Obama Board’s highly controversial decision, Specialty Healthcare, which jettisoned 76 years of Board law. The decision authorized unions in...