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"At least one officer fired gunshots. " So how do you fire gunshots?
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Uninstall Firefox

Rattlerjake Wrote: Apr 08, 2014 10:21 PM
These browsers make money on the number of users and the advertizing. When those numbers plummet the cash does also!
Why would you want to poison the ground with their carcases? Much better to incinerate them, all that's left is CO2 for the plants.
These stupid libturds just prove that libturds do NOT have a brain. All scientific data for the last 20 years indicates we are getting colder not warmer. I guess one thing you can say about libturds, they stick with their lies to the end!
And ALL of his/their riches came from our bank accounts!
There are numerous medical reports and studies that have been hidden from the public about the benefits if cannabis. Cannabis seed alone is loaded with antioxidants and beneficial nutrients. The whole reason that the government has established a war against cannabis is because of the timber industry (hemp paper is better quality and doesn't yellow), and the cotton industry (hemp clothing is more durable) - hemp is easier to harvest and can be harvested multiple times each year.
Lousy picture, can't even see the modification.
It would be very easy to get illegals out of this country. If they were treated like the criminals they are and not allowed to work, drive, go to school, or rent/own a home, or receive medical attention they would have to leave, starve, or die! But instead we Americans are allowing our worthless government to ignore these trespassers and provide them with everything they want and need. When this country goes to war with this tyrannical government, libturds and illegals will be targets and will make a mass exodus from our borders.
He will, when the crime rate increases to epidemic proportions because the criminals will no longer fear being shot committing their crimes.
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