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I hear people comment all the time about how they cannot believe that the government could orchestrate a false flag event like 9/11 or Sandy Hook, but what they don't consider is that EVERY AGENCY in government is rife with fraud, and it is these people who will do ANYTHING for money. Hundreds of billions of dollars are lost every year to fraud, and NOT ONE AGENCY of government has been immune.
Why are Tennessee and Kentucky not on the list? I thought they were good southern conservative states, guess not!
My only reason to open this article was to confirm that my state (NC) was one of the states in this suit! It is and I'm satisfied.
These Obamacare costs are designed to help pay for Ovomits golf games; $40 million so far!
You would have to mandate that NO libturds are allowed to reside in conservative states, otherwise they will just move to conservative states and ruin them, as they have been doing for the last hundred years!
Being in the military wouldn't have done that worthless b-tch any good. The military has enough libturds serving as it is, especially with the Obutthead purge! That's from a 22 year veteran.
The only place that HAGan would be desirable is with ISIS mutants!
Being a NC resident I hear the adds posted for both Hagan and Tillis. Hagan is all in it with a smear campaign of total lies. It pisses me off to see how these politicians lie so boldly on these adds with no one holding them accountable for it. This is how democraps get voted in. Lets remember that NC has only had Republican control for a short time, after over 100 years of demoturd control, and anything that the Republicans do the demoturds immediately report negative results on the news.
Dissolving the ATF is a good start, but far from adequate.
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A Problem Bigger than Ferguson

Rattlerjake Wrote: Aug 28, 2014 10:00 PM
Carson is saying what you want to hear. After the Zimmerman acquittal, he claimed that Zimmerman should have been convicted of something! He is no more qualified to be in the White House than the fraud that is in there now!
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