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Don't know what to tell you. I'm in California and the school lunches at our local schools in no way resemble "pig slop." How could they when more fresh ingredients are used? Are you sure your cooks aren't trying to sabotage the menu?
Please stay in your basement but increase your meds. You're making less sense than usual.
You're right, I'm the idiot. I forgot that tater tots and Mac 'n fake cheez was enshrined in the Constitution.
People should not be passing judgment based on their suburban insulated existence. At least the mayor is trying to stop the destruction of two lives, the young mother and the child in some of the poorest and most difficult circumstances imaginable. Wingnuts that are pro abstinence and pro life are never willing to step up and help these kids but they sure are willing to criticize.
So, to be clear, most of the people on this thread are angry because their offspring are not being served garbage. How crazy is it that people are claiming to be hungry and complaining about the fact that they're being served fresh fruit and vegetables instead of greasy tater tots and mac 'n fake cheez? No wonder this is a nation of blimps. What is wrong with this picture that children are confused by vegetables and fresh fruit on a plate and would rather eat grease? What do you eat in your house that these kids don't know how to eat a healthy diet? You should be embarrassed.
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