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10 Ways Women Can Wreck Their Marriage.

Ratas y Ratones Wrote: Jul 10, 2012 5:32 PM
DAGNABBIT ! The old system that limited post length caused by trolls destroying the site. were a little more relaxed. Yes, Chris Royal and I had a few words, but he was fair, and more reasonable than our bunch today. Could we get Chris Royal back ? Seriously, Townhall, think about it !

If some of you ladies want to know how you can suck the life out of your marriage and drive your good husband to insanity, or to the bar, or into the arms of another woman, or to a divorce attorney, or just shrivel him up into a conquered quail who inwardly loathes you as he dies a slow, emotionally tortuous death, well then . . . this is your lucky day.

Here are 10 surefire principles that’ll make your husband more miserable than Donald Trump forced to watch Rosie river dance naked.

1. Nag your Husband. One...