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Che Guevara in Chicago

rascal9 Wrote: Sep 16, 2012 12:01 AM
Union teachers have been dumbing down the curriculum for years. Listen carefully to your college "educated" co-workers, their grammar, word usage, general lack of awareness of basic concepts of government and economics. You will understand that the point of progressives seeking to dominate education is to ensure that the electorate is ignorant. How often do our political "leaders", especially on the left, and our supposedly erudite and curious journalists confuse correlation with causation claiming that anything they see as good, that comes after the enactment of their favored policies is the result of those policies.
You just knew Che Guevara would show up as an icon of the union demonstrators in Chicago. Why? Well, let’s consider the factors in this demonstration by union-educators who were mostly educated by other union-educators.

*Che Guevara outlawed trade unions. Then-- at Soviet gun-point-- he herded all recalcitrant Cuban union-members into forced-labor camps and sent their rebellious union-leaders to the firing squad.

* The union members clamoring for more union privileges in Chicago while wearing t-shirts hailing this murderous Stalinist union-buster and hailing him as a “role model” are mostly products of America’s public schools-- and keen...