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Have you considered Thad Cochran and his antics?
Sage, I couldn't imagine a more inappropriate moniker. You are anything but. Stop with the infantile insults, and understand that this is an adult's discussion. It's obvious you are either a Democrat, paid-establishment R, or just obtuse. Feel free to enlighten us which.
Your one-dimensional analysis speaks volumes. You obviously are a "two-party elitist" type, who is unable to see beyond an elementary "spy vs spy" political game. I have NEVER supported Democrats, unless it was for the opponent of someone claiming to be Conservative, but is a Democrat.....like Cochran. I'm for Conservatives. You seem to be only for a party....one that has shown no consistency or loyalty to ideals/principles since the great Ronoldus Magmus.
Rontard, document your sources. Secondly, I've reached conclusions based on stochastic estimation and Kalman filtering for political solution. (You'll probably need to google that). Get off your Rince Priebus band wagon and realize that you aren't relevant, then apply for McDonalds. Your mom's basement isn't fitting for you.
Yes. And Yes. The Democrat will vote in a predictable manner. Cochran (who acted just like a Democrat) will vote commensurate with the Democrat he has indicated he will be. So, yes. Give me predictability, We can counter that. Give me Cochran, and we are still with a Democrat in Republican clothing....but Republicans will still get the blame when things go south, 'so they say.' Please, stop supporting the 'R' simply because it's an 'R.' See what is happening, and WAKE UP!
Removing Cochran by voting third party, or for the Democrat, will show the R-establishment that the votes should not be taken for granted, and that tactics used in MS will not be tolerated
To the RINOs here (bought and paid for by Boehner, McCain, Soros, etc), get ready. Sit down...okay? Cochran is no different than Harry Reid. Same tactics, same elitist mind-set, same old gerital smell. What he did is unforgivable. In war, sometimes the doctor must remove the limb to save the body. Cochran is gangrenous, and must be removed. Even if it means a less than optimal tenure for the opponent. To send a message to those on this thread who are bought and paid for by the "R" (R-D) Establishment.
Thank you, Ann. For always being our steadfast light. True Christians always put the country first, such that we can share the Word in other countries. Posers attack you, because they also know you are a True Christian.
You are 0% accurate. I'm guessing math isn't your strong suit (or politics for that matter). Not voting = voting for a Dem? Unbelievable. What is 100% factually accurate is that Cochran in MS went nuclear on his own base. That degenerate level of vehemence will not be forgotten....and the rest of the R establishment said nothing. It would be more accurate to say that voting establishment Republican is voting Democrat. Now, go eat that sandwich you keep dreaming about.
BM III, is that really all you have? The "sandwich" to which you keep referring (probably due to lack of imagination or originality) is the exact same sandwich. Get it? I doubt it. Maybe get a hooked on phonics tape, or learn to read? What ever it takes to get your IQ above 2 digits....
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