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I agree. Same thing for Corker. Both have done a 180 with respect to illegal immigration.
Rubio either sold out for mucho dollores to the Democrats and John McCain, or got blackmailed by the DNC / RINO Progressive cabal. Regardless of what happened, he is out of the conservative queue, and will not be reaccepted. So many people put their hope and trust in him, only to hear him say on Univision (in Spanish, no less) that legalization "must come before securing the border." This speak was EXACTLY opposite to what he said on the campaign trail. Fool me once, good on you. Fool me twice...bad on me.
So, if this bill becomes law, what will the employers ($ backers for the bill's passage) do when they realize the increase in their labor costs? The newly legalized workers will be entitled to medical insurance (and all the rest from Obamacare), minimum wage, workers' comp, and will see union membership go through the roof. So....when this happens, will they look for cheaper labor elsewhere...i.e. more illegal immigrants? Probably so, and then we get to re-engage in this debate in the next decade. And so the downward cycle continues, and accelerates.
Excellent article, Mr. Hawkins. The most difficult thing to understand in this bill/debacle is how other TH-authors, like Jacoby, are completely for it? Are they being bought off in the same manner as the republican gang of 8?
...like the rest of us will.
Note the author states (as do many pro-amnesty types) that "apprehensions" are at 1/5 of where they were 10 years ago. Apprehensions only occur when the authorities are allowed to apprehend the criminal. Ipso-facto, when the DOJ sues Arizona, and doesn't allow ICE to do their job, "apprehensions" will, of course, decrease. Fool me once, good on you. Fool me twice, bad on me. Many of us don't believe for a single second that illegal immigration will decrease, and likely will greatly increase, with the passage of this bill. The worst part is, the ones doing this (Congress, and Jacoby types) won't have to send their kids to overcrowded schools and hospitals.
CCW, you have the mental capacity of my bowel movement. That being said, I think Bill Ayers is very proud of this as well. Now, go back to your mother's basement, beat your chest, and throw your pooh. Cheers!
Hey, come on, people. He and his brother were just trying to "pad the resume" for a professorial job at Columbia, or Harvard, or Princeton. I'm sure Saul Alinsky is very proud....probably already has a letter of recommendation in the hopper.
Just to clarify...."this guy" was meant to refer to Dr. Kermit, and the "enablers" are anyone who worked in that horrific clinic.
Just like the enablers in the concentration camps, they all just be charged with 1st degree murder. This guy makes the Nazi camps look compassionate. There were plenty of German citizens who despised what was happening to their country in the 20's and 30's, and tried to stop the demise. Are we (TH Patriots) those people today?
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