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This treasonous Kenyan imposter should have been shot for treason a long time ago...in a perfect world. And the entire congress that allowed this to happen in the first place would be a good place to start. So now that they've rigged it so that they can't be voted out, this is where we start. The "enigine" needs to be completely shut down and re-started after a complete overhaul.
Oh...by the way...peaceful Patriots DO show up carrying high-powered weapons because the are NOT STUPID...the government showed up with more fire-power to begin with...boy howdy...you would get your butt kicked in a simple bar-brawl...
Seriously?? Exactly WHO were in "sniper positions" with high-powered weapons...and what parts of the Constitution are you unfamiliar with again...??? Has the Second Ammendment escaped you, as well as the words of our Founding Fathers, most particularly in the Federalist Papers...pertaining to the rights of a "free" people and the dangers of an over-reaching and tyrannical government?
Having read "Blacklisted By History", and then read it again, and then again for good measure, McCarthy stands head and shoulders above ANY of our so-called "leaders" today...our entire political spectrum is populated by scoundrels, traitors, and outright criminals, and we have a national media complicit in the crimes against this nation and against the Laws of Nature and Nature's God. Dingy Harry needs to be hauled out into the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue and shot for treason on the spot...along with the vast majority of Demonrats and most Republicrats as well. I am afraid we are already past the "point of no return" unless more people wake up, divorce themselves from the MSM, and ramp up a massive re-population of our elected officials...if not through the ballot box, then through the only other avenue open to a "free" people...and that would be direct action. Just in case anyone here is unaware of the facts, Sen. Joseph McCarthy was dead on the money, and has been vindicated many times since his tenure...Yes...there ARE communists in our halls of government and justice, and as of right now, they have ascended into the majority, most obviously in the Democrat "party". Go ahead...look at the list of Congresscritters who belong to the Communist Party USA, Democrat Socialist Party, and on and on...if you choose not to do your due-diligence,either get with the program of GO AWAY...you are part of the PROBLEM...just sayin'...
A sturdy limb and stout rope are awaiting this traitorous degenerate...
It would've been nice if you were to have pointed out that liberalism/progressivism is a mental disorder and can be qualitatively and quantitatively proven to be so. Point being, these people, most importantly those in our highest offices of the public trust, are criminally deranged and/or insane, and are not held accountable. This won't look good in the history books, if such things will exist in a future ruled by Obamalinsky and his ilk.
He has been identified by numerous world-reknown experts as a Malignant Narcissist...others term it Pathological Narcissist...The same as Soros, Hitler, Mussolini, Marx, Stalin...it's a VERY long list. The man doesn't need to be impeached...he needs to be ARRESTED and tried for a VERY long list of crimes...and we ALL know the punishment for Treason...
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"Why Obama is 'President O.O.T.'"

rantswithpants Wrote: Jun 10, 2012 10:51 PM
Great article...but you neglect to address the REAL issues...the man is an illegal, usurper, and just "out-of-touch" doesn't even begin to address the problem...this "man"...I am choking here...needs to be hauled out by his heels in handcuffs...along with Biden, the Clinton's, and about 533 members of the House...and MOST of the Senate as well. Failure to address the REAL ISSUES is exactly the problem we have, and have had for a long time.
No, John, it appears as if the trash-heap of history is still not quite full enough. History seems determined to repeat itself, and too many of our fellow are too eager to follow.
Come on, Peter! It just drives me nuts that even people who should know better, DON'T! Obama was NEVER a professor of ANYTHING! Here is the relevant information, from just ONE source: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-bloggers/2868862/posts Quit giving this lunatic Marxist/Leninist credit just because some sycophants SAY SO. This is one of the biggest problems right now...FAILURE TO IDENTIFY THE PERP.
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