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Missile Defense Is For Wimps

ranma2 Wrote: May 18, 2012 5:37 AM
Using 3000 dollars of contraceptive-funding per citizen, USA could build a strong missile defense system. But we need to be realistic, since obviously everybody in the USA switches sex-partners 3 times a day, we need to defend against STD's. It is the clear and present danger. Even though STD is treatable and Nuclear fallout is not.... we should not concern ourselves with these pesky details. Heck!! i bet if we fund contraceptive companies, they can develop nuclear-proof condoms. All we have to do is put a huge condom over our entire body and we'll be peachy.

Last week, the major media focused on issues of global consequence – like whether Mitt Romney and his “prep school posse” engaged in forcible hair-cutting almost a half century ago. Most journalists had little time or patience for the issue preoccupying the majority on the House Armed Services Committee: whether Americans should have the right and capability to defend themselves from missile attacks.

Of course, the Associated Press covers just about everything, no matter how trivial, so it did produce a brief dispatch, emphasizing – in typically objective fashion – what it saw as the real news: “Republicans injected...