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Expel Brice Horton

ranma2 Wrote: Aug 07, 2012 4:44 AM
For your information, Satire has always been meant to ridicule something, someone, or a situation. That's the whole point! If it is not based on real circumstances.. it is called fantasy not satire. The reason he gave for expelling the student is obviously meant to be a joke. Unless the reader is excruciatingly dumb. This is what satire is about. You make jokes about a real situation to highlight just how ridiculous it is. And yes... satire is considered a form of free speech (just in case you disagree). And he writes this as a private citizen in a non-scholastic venue... not as a lecturer. So, no-go on misconduct charges. As comparison: Duke faculty got away with rape accusation signed as faculty, published at school setting.

Note: This column contains language that may be unsuitable for some readers, especially thin-skinned homosexual activists and hypocritical bigots.

The faux outrage over Chick-fil-a's stance on gay marriage has moved to my little campus of UNCW, which stands for the University of North Carolina – We Teach Students to be B*tchy Little Bigots. And no student has elevated bitchiness to a Zen art quite like Brice Horton. He recently decided to take action to get Chick-fil-a removed from the university food court because he has to have all of his meals prepared by people who approve of homosexual sodomy....

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