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No such hope in North Korea. If you watch the nat geo documentary on the eye-doctor mission... You will see just how brianwashed the people over in North korea are.
Obama don't hate America. He just think it sucks-butt. That's why he is trying to change it into Obama Land. A land where competence and responsibility is a thing of the past. Yeeee haw!
We are not bothered by these demands... UNLESS, you claim to be poor at the same time... Like how Clinton claim to be dead-broke all the time. We are not bothered by these demands... UNLESS, you badmouth capitalism when it fits your political needs... Like How Clinton badmouth successful business men and try to turn a man's wealth into political baggage (see: Mitt). We are not bothered by these demands... UNLESS, you are a proven hypocrite... That's the bottom line.
Truth001, You are quite braindead are you? Let me spell it our for you. 1. $75.000 vs... $300.000 per event 2. Airfare vs... PRIVATE JET (whee!! global warming lol) 3. Deluxe room vs... 1 presidential suite + 4 adjoining rooms 4. Transport car+lectern+water vs... "No one else on stage" Oversized-Ego-accommodations. Are you that tone-deaf? Or are you being sarcastic in your tone-deafness? If you are being sarcastic, I apologize for the smackdown reply.
EssEffArr, You hated Bush. And you love this Obama guy for doing exactly like him. (if not worse) Your stupidity shows.
SFR, Sure... We don't care.... And your boss who spent 3 minutes talking about it before going back golfing 7 minutes later... Cares so much! In fact, Obama cares so much that he would have given his imaginary son named Trayvon for world peace or something. For you, looting and rioting in Ferguson is "political hype". Not us. So please, choke on your words.
Wow.. you cannot defend the fact that Obama went back to golfing 7 minutes after "talking for 3 minutes" about severe situations in USA and in Iraq.... So you try to attack the guy who show an irrefutable fact of Obama's timing... as a Weasel Zipper? You just called the guy names and call it a victory!!! Is that the depth of your intellect? basically calling someone "poo poo" or "has cooties". You are a mental midget.
Yep, gotta put God first. But doing things for the standing applause is not putting God First. That's Coulter's argument. She is basically questioning the motive of the guy.
Ummmm, serpent dove... "Let He Who Is Without Ebola Cast The First Stone." Ann coulter is without Ebola. So she cast the first stone. So there is no irony in the title. In fact, it is consistent with the title. (The title is probably meant to be funny, but it makes little sense to me.)
Oh well... He was depressed, He hung himself. It is sad. But still... he did bring it upon himself. That's what is really sad for me. He was one of my favorite comedians. It greatly saddens me that he killed himself. A natural death like heart attack or stroke would have been something that I can mentally accept. As we all will go-out in our time. But killing yourself, with all that talent that he had.... seems a damn shame to me.
Trayvon martin was punching on a guy with his back on the floor... Then Trayvon got shot... It was justified. If they try to make this another trayvon case, lets just assume...It's also another justified shooting.
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