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Brandeis Bows to Islamic Censorship

ranma2 Wrote: Apr 11, 2014 1:04 AM
Simple... don't let your kids go to brandeis. Tell your friends no to go to brandeis. They can keep their racism and stuff it.
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The Talk Radio Party?

ranma2 Wrote: Apr 10, 2014 2:57 AM
Michael Reagan is right. The Tea Party needs better qualified candidates. Candidates that has been thoroughly vetted. Being destroyed by being called a "witch" or having a stupid mouth that would not stop spouting embarrassments is just sad. Vetting.... it's important.
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Competition For Thee, But Not for Me

ranma2 Wrote: Apr 10, 2014 2:40 AM
This Adelson guy makes jew-hating seem compelling. He represent the stereotype of selfish money-grubbing jew who screws-over everyone else. Good thing not all jews are like him. there are good jews out there.... just hard to come-by... considering most of the are liberals.
Hope the kid gets maximum sentence including death penalty. Most people say "they wanna die" until they are actually about to die.. then they freak out and start crying "I don't wanna die".
Meh! Damn selfish Bastrd. He is smearing all conservatives who run on traditional values. not to mention, liberals will have a shot at his seat. He should go. At least this would show that at least the rest of us is consistent with our values.
The committee should put out a recommendation that states: "Rep. Cummings has been found to have illegally acquired sensitive confidential information for illegal use from the IRS under Lois Lerner. This committee urgently recommends a criminal investigation and prosecution of Rep. Cumming and all who are involved in this criminal activity." If the DOJ refuses to prosecute.. (which, under Holder, they will refuse ultimately). Then we have uncovered yet another Obama SCANDAL. And we will have a bigger landslide in the upcoming election. Republicans! Please don't let this slide!
Cmon!!! We should all be screaming for a criminal prosecution of Rep. Cummings on his "illegal acquirement of confidential governmental documents/information for the purpose of illegal use" !!!! Stop discussing about the whole "lying" thing. Lying is not illegal and it will not serve any purpose other than shaming him. That SOB is shameless in the first place. Whats the point of censuring and shaming him? Get him on the criminality of accessing confidential information!!! Don't get distracted!
Ronald, How about we arrest Cummings on the basis of --- "illegally acquiring confidential governmental documents/information for illegal purposes"---? Do you have a refutation for the above?
I think they would be stupid not to try to get an criminal prosecution. They may know that I won't go anywhere with Holder at DOJ. Putting by making a formal recommendation that Lerner and Cummings have broken the law, they put the DOJ on the spotlight. If Holder refuses, it will be just another SCANDAL for his administration. That's how you play politics. I do not see why Darrel Issa should back off on this. He should push for a criminal prosecution of illegal use of confidential governmental documents.
mud, I don't think itstops with cummings. It goes up higher. Up until obama? I doubt it. But higher I am pretty sure. Nevertheless, we are talking about evidence. And truthfully, evidence of any higher involvement is not present yet. As of right now, even Cummings can feign ignorance as Christie did. That's just facts. I wish Cumming would go to jail for this, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.
Lying is not against the law. (unless you are under oath) So that's not the point we should make. How about "DEMANDING CRIMINAL PROSECUTION" of illegal procurement of confidential information with intent of illegal use? Both Cumming and Lerner would be named as defendants. And Cummings will be forced to throw his staffer under the bus and make the staffer do time while himself claim ignorance.
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