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Opposing Nanny Bloomberg Is Not Anti-Semitism, It's Common Sense

randygaiser Wrote: Mar 28, 2013 9:54 AM
Bloomberg may very well be Jewish but that doesn't make HIM God, that role was taken over 2000 years ago by another born into the Jewish faith. Bloomberg is just another A-Hole that thinks he has the right to tell everybody how to live their lives because of his wealth. What really needs to happen to him is to lose his fortune and then see what happens to him.

On the network of hysterical opinion known as MSNBC, Morning Joe guest and contributor Mike Barnicle claimed that there was a "level of anti-Semitism" aimed at New York Nanny Michael Bloomberg and his $12 million campaign to push gun control. It's not anti-Semitism. And those who think it is, as my grandmother would say, are mind-numbingly ignorant schumucks.

Barnicle was part of a panel discussing Bloomberg's anti-gun rights ad campaign that included former Romney advisor Dan Senor, and MSNBC Race Baiter-In-Chief Al Sharpton. Senor stated that the mayor of a blue city should not be telling people in red states how...