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Obama and NASA: Spacing Out on Global Warming

Randy 433 Wrote: May 21, 2012 11:12 AM
Google "Vostok Survey" images and draw your own conclusions. Looks like the stage for a simultaneous spike in CO2 and temp is a rise in atmospheric dust levels for several thousand years prior to the spikes. I think we should be careful about pouring significant part of our economy into this rat hole.

When I was growing up, scores of kids dreamed of being like Astronaut Walt Cunningham, who flew on Apollo 7 and was a recent guest on my radio show.

Ironically, on the very same day that I interviewed Mr. Cunningham on my radio show I went to a local eatery in Orlando, FL. And lo and behold – there was a signed Apollo era picture of Walt in his space suit with a fresh crew cut, taking on the space race full throttle.

It takes one back to a time when this man and his fellow...

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