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A Tent Too Big

Randy3153 Wrote: Nov 13, 2014 3:26 PM
News Flash. You are eligible to vote once in your state primary for your favorite R. After that, R's need to get on board with whoever wins. If there is a "singular" Tea Party (and there isn't) they should get behind their singular electable candidate. They won't. The right wing will splinter along libertarian and social issues among 3 or 4 candidates, while the Establishment picks up the nomination. Then too many will take their toys and go home, and then complain about Hilary, or worse, Warren for the next 8 years, or until there really isn't an America to complain about any longer.
All I hear is who people won't vote for. I will vote for the most electable Republican Candidate. If Jeb Bush wins a majority of Republican Primaries, then, I'm sorry Phyllis, but you lost again. I'm sick and tired of "grassroots" conservatives that wouldn't vote for Romney because he was Mormon, or because he was too moderate, or because his hair was too perfect, complain about Obama. Here is some Common Core Math for you: AR>AD (Any Republican is better than Any Democrat in the White House.
The One Child policy is morally and socially repugnant. I'm quite surprised that a firm majority of responders here take a non-chalant attitude toward it. We can love America without hating the world.
When the police in your town takes your guns and then fires rubber bullets into your protest crowd, then, perhaps, we will understand a little better. Police need to be professional and restrained. Perhaps the officer was. We don't know. I'm completely open minded to the truth on this. If the officer is charged, then jurors can give him the benefit of reasonable doubt. If he is not charged, then I would expect the good people of Ferguson to continue to demand a rational explanation for the benefit of the officer involved. Conservatives are right to be skeptical of the increasingly militarized police force. I have no part with conservatives that are only skeptical of white on white police violence.
Can I just disagree? Any time I hear "You are not a true conservative if", I'm immediately skeptical. I guess now I know that at least some conservatives consider AE to be bunk. My question is, would they vote for an Obama that agreed with them, or a Reagan that didn't?
I love Ann Coulter. I love this column. But, I still love soccer.
There are no proposed Common Core Standards for Social Studies. What New York does about Social Studies is up to New York. There are better arguments against Common Core than this.
Just reverse the circumstance. Imagine if Acme Corp fired its CEO for giving $1,000 in opposition to prop 8. Mozilla is still a failed also ran in the browser wars. We don't need to boycott an irrelevant product. Their removal of their CEO could have been for escalating obscurity. Instead they made it an issue of political thought. They deserve the bottom dweller position they've secured.
Does opposition to same sex marriage preclude one from creative services? Is the minister to be defrocked for refusing to perform the wedding? I think the baker and the photographer, wedding planner, etc, ought to have the creative freedom to support the sacred events they believe are consistent with their faith. Common sense can prevail.
"By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God" In this instance faith is beyond reason. Jesus said, "You have seen and believed, Blessed are those that have not seen and believed. The fool's errand is to try to convince someone to faith by reason. If you believe in God who you can't see, then everything else is possible. Christianity is only "reasonable" if God exists. It will never be accepted as reasonable by the naturalist. Our love and respect toward non-believers need not be reciprocated. It's foolish to expect otherwise.
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