In response to: -- A Study in Government Cronyism

Randolph H. Wrote: Oct 15, 2013 10:28 AM
The United States of America, a nation of 'Laws', not of one man's 'Will'. Something that our Diplomats used to brag about to nations that were run by Kings. But today, concerning a law passed as the signature legislation of one man that happens to be President, but is not being applied as passed and signed into law, to all Americans equally, but instead as the 'Will' of one man as to who will have to abide by it, when it has to be abided by, and who will be exempted from this law. But by now the American people are used to accepting this man's 'Will' of which laws he will enforce, and which he chooses not to enforce, as he has previously done to the DOMA law, and all our immigration laws, just to name a few. How sad America, for you have let one man's will return the pendulum to where it was when this nation rebelled and won it's independence from the King of England, and you have now freely accepted this man making himself the new King, through allowing his edicts to violate our laws, and enforce them unjustly on those who oppose him, and exempt those who support him. You may not like this scenario, but it is factual and cannot be denied, for our legislative and judicial branches of government have sat by idly, allowing this to happen, because this man's political party controls too much of our government, and is attempting to change what once made this nation great, our system of governance, and will result in the same as all great empires or great nations of the past have experienced once they changed what made them great, their demise, and the enslavement of their once great people, who allowed those changes to take place.