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I've never heard of PSTD effecting the morals of anyone, which this is about stealing another's work, which would be like a veteran complaining that PSTD made him rob a bank. I'm sorry, I just don't buy it! He was caught lying, cheating, and stealing, and he wants to use the excuse that he did it because he was suffering from PSTD, which if true would shame all other veterans that are truly suffering from this malady.
Apparently these people are going to be found guilty of something without the right to defend themselves and their actions. This is not the American way, but it is the Fascist, Communist, Socialist, and Democratic way, especially done by Kings, Dictators, Despots, and Tyrants, but usually not in a Republic that has a Constitution that specifically prevents something like this from being allowed, which makes one wonder what the good old USA has been 'CHANGED' into, through Obama's and the Democrats' campaign promises.
This Obamacare conflict proves without a doubt that Jonathan Gruber, Obama, and all the Democrats are 'LIARS'. For Christians, which are not Democrats, I will inform you what the Bible says on matters like this, as in Jeremiah: Ch.7 Vs. 3,8,11-15, "Thus says the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel: Reform your ways and your deeds, so that I may remain with you in this place. But here you are, putting your trust in deceitful words to your own loss! Has this house that bears my name (In GOD We Trust) become in your eyes a den of thieves? I too see what is being done, says the Lord. You may go to Shiloh, which I made the dwelling place of my name in the beginning. See what I did to it because of the wickedness of my people Israel. And now, because you have committed all these misdeeds, says the Lord, because you did not listen, though I spoke to you untiringly; because you did not answer, though I called you, I will do to this house named after me, in which you trust, and to this place I gave to you and your fathers, just as I did to Shiloh. I will cast you away from me, as I cast away all your brethren, all the offspring of Ephraim (the USA)." Accept the lies, including our justices accepting the same, and this will happen to us.
Does Hillary Clinton really believe that, or is she lying just to make her term as 'Secretary of State' seem successful to the American people who would believe her? Does it really matter, for when taking in the current foreign policy circumstances, would you vote for a President, one who helped shape that foreign policy that ended up a complete failure, then claimed it was successful, as Hillary Clinton has now done?
Unbelievable, Obama does believe he is a King, Dictator, Despot, or Tyrant to attempt to stop the American people or companies from buying or merging with foreign companies. Obama won't be satisfied until he can control every aspect of the American people's lives, which is called communism. Where does Obama get the idea that the federal government has the right to make choices for the American people of how they live or produce a living for themselves and their families, does he think the USA is now the old USSR? It is really unbelievable that even the Democrats would go along with this, because they are suppose to be freedom loving Americans who demand their rights be honored as the US Constitution dictates, mandates, warrants and guarantees. Who are these people, and how did they ever obtain federal government power in a constitutional republic? Do the American people no longer care about their rights and freedoms, and allow things like this to happen, for what will Obama usurp next if this is allowed to happen here in the USA, and without even a fight to prevent it? I just find it hard to believe that this is still the United States of America, or at least not the one I grew up in, and was educated to not allow the destruction of our US Constitution and the USA. Just 'UNBELIEVABLE'!
Exempt from only major Obamacare requirements? Does this mean they have to obey all the minor Obamacare requirements? Who decides which are the major requirements, and which are the minor requirements, in the Obamacare law, and who designated that power to whomever it is that makes those decisions? Where in the Obamacare law is this designated to be allowed, or is the requirement of equality for all under the law no longer a mandate of our US Constitution? This is definitely a power that designates a King, Dictator, Despot, or Tyrant, but not a President, so which is Obama now? When I was educated in our public school system I was told that all Americans are equal under the law, and that all Americans were bound by our laws, even the President, which with Obama as our President, this no longer seems to be true. When has a President been given the power to choose which laws he will decide to enforce and which he decides he won't enforce? When has a President been given the power to exempt people from obeying our laws by giving them waivers to do so? When has a President been given the power to unilaterally postpone the implementation of a law, or postpone just various parts of a law? This nation used to brag to the rest of the world that what made it great was that it was a "Nation of Laws, Not of One Man's Will", so who gave Obama the power to refute and disobey this scenario? Really, which is Obama now, a King, Dictator, Despot, or Tyrant, because he certainly isn't a President, because Presidents are restricted by our laws and the separation of powers, since Obama also legislates laws through 'Executive Orders', that the US Constitution reserves and mandates only for the people's elected representatives in our US Congress? One wonders where the US Supreme Court Justices are while all this is taking place, for they took an oath to support and obey the US Constitution, yet they do nothing while Obama violates and usurps our US Constitution? Are the US Supreme Court Justices asleep at the wheel, don't care about their oaths and what happens to the US Constitution, or part of an Obama conspiracy to 'CHANGE' and destroy what made this country and it's people once a great nation? I guess everyone must look into their own hearts and decide for themselves what is really going on here, and what actions they need to take to correct an evil and destructive change to the USA.
The laziest and most nonproductive workforce in the USA is that of the federal government employees, especially the ones that belong to a union. This may make all those federal government employees mad, but when you compare them to their private sector counterparts, the truth becomes obvious. What makes matters even worse is the fact that federal government employees are paid at least twice as much as their private sector counterparts, and most of the time even more when taking into consideration their federal employee perks, such as healthcare, bonuses, and retirement benefits. These are primary reasons why the out-of-control big federal government needs to be reined in, especially when they abuse their power, as the IRS has been proven to have done, but gets away with a huge cover-up by refusing to obey the law and 'Congressional Oversight Committees' subpoenas, by hiding the truth through lies of computer hard drive crashes of only the computers of all those who have been known to be involved in the abuse of power. And they also get bonuses for doing these illegal things, from the administration they do the illegal things for, and cover up for that administration of their involvement in all the wrong doings, and breaking of our laws. Federal government employees have become an embarrassment and shame for the American people and the principles and philosophies this Republic was founded upon, and most should be terminated by shrinking an abusive and a too big federal government.
Let me get this straight, Pelosi means that because people warned Obama that his amnesty for illegal immigrant children of a year ago, would cause a crisis like the one now going on, which statistics since Obama implemented his amnesty policy by an 'Executive Order', has been plainly shown to be factually true today. So this means that the projection of a year ago about the results of Obama's policy coming true, is supposed to be politicizing the resulting crisis of that projection? In reality the projection of a year ago was a warning to Obama and the Democrats, that this would happen, so in actuality, by Obama ignoring the warning, and taking the action of assigning amnesty to illegal immigrant children anyway, Obama has then politicized this crisis by implementing a political policy that he was warned against, because of the consequence that are now taking place, but did so anyway, for political reasons.
Talk about spending hundreds of billions of US taxpayer's dollars every year, for something that continually proves to be useless, on security at our airports, that should be returned to private companies, who do it much more cost effectively and efficiently, than do these federal government boobs. Let the airports hire their own security companies, which would be much more customer friendly, much more safely and efficiently, and wouldn't cost the taxpayers a dime, just the flying public who uses this type of transportation. But then how could Obama and the Democrats keep adding trillions of dollars to our national debt if we used common sense on how we spend the taxpayers' money, or actually borrow against the taxpayers' credit line, which because of the amount of the national debt, that credit line is being shut down and denied by the rest of the world, and only the Federal Reserve Board is now lending the US Treasury any money, by printing worthless dollars out of thin air, called 'Fiat Dollars', which has been devaluing the US Dollar, until it finally collapses through hyper-inflation on the world markets..
What do you expect them to think when over 100% of the registered voters participation in the election were tallied in the vote count in many areas in all the 'Battleground' states, where most areas only reported a 60% to 70% voter participation, and in just the areas that the election officials were members of the Democratic Party, and that is a 'FACT'. In the county in Florida where Alan West ran for re-election for the House of Representatives, the vote tally was 147% of the total number of registered voters, and because the election numerical results were not close enough to require a recount, they refused to release these statistics till after the time limit had expired for official complaints demanding review of the results. This also happened in the majority of the counties in Ohio that were in the northern parts of the state, and some of those over 100% participation, were they also were 100% for Obama, while Mitt Romney received no votes at all, which happened in many precincts around Cleveland. Even in the recall election of Wisconsin Governor Walker, the county that the state capital of Madison is in had a 163% registered voter participation tally, which was run by Democratic Party election officials, while all the other counties in Wisconsin only averaged just less than 70% registered voter participation. You would have to be awfully naïve to believe are computer tallied elections are not rigged, but not for incumbents, but for one political party over the other.
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