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And who decides what disloyalty is, the RINOs? The GOP will destroy itself if it goes through with this. The GOP is going through a cleansing by it's grassroots members that call themselves the 'TEA PARTY', who are trying to return the party to it's original principles and philosophies it was founded on. If the GOP leadership keeps attacking them, they will leave the GOP and start their own party, and many will follow them, including me. The real problem here is that the disloyal members are the RINOs, but since they hold positions of power and leadership in the party, they are attempting to attack the reformers in the party, which this disloyalty ploy is a method to attack those who are the real conservatives in the party, that won't compromise their principles and philosophies just to stay in power and keep getting elected. They're playing with fire, and if they complete this punishment for disloyalty ploy, they will get burnt, and badly.
The Missouri state legislature passed a statute requiring women seeking abortions to wait 72 hours before obtaining one. Governor Jay Nixon denounced the measure as "extreme and disrespectful" toward women. Does Governor Jay Nixon not consider abortion as extreme and disrespectful toward the life of a human being, living in the safety of it's mother's womb, as being invaded, desecrated, and ended? This unborn child also has a 'SOUL', for which Governor Jay Nixon cares nothing about either. Atheists claims they don't have a 'SOUL', but if they don't, do you, and if you do have a 'SOUL' also, then when did GOD place and insert that 'SOUL' in your body? Would someone please ask Governor Jay Nixon if he believes if he has a 'SOUL' or not, because his veto of this law implies that he doesn't, but I would really like to know what he believes, and if he does believe he has a 'Soul', then why should his be allowed to accept GOD's gift of life and live on, while these unborn children he wants to be aborted are not allowed to do the same?
"This strategy of taking out terrorists who threaten us, while supporting partners on the front lines, is one that we have successfully pursued in Yemen and Somalia for years.” Yemen is about to fall to the terrorists located in that country, and Somalia is being dominated by the terrorist actions in that country, which has all analysts stating that Obama's strategy being used in those two countries has been almost complete failures. So now Obama is going to implement those same failed strategies in Iraq and Syria. Typical of Obama and the Democrats. Obama lied to the American people when he declared there was no strategy to deal with ISIS, for our military and our intelligence agencies all had several strategies to deal with ISIS, but they were strategies for success, and none were like those Obama is using in Yemen and Somalia, so he refused to accept them and has instead chosen to use 'HIS' failed strategies of Yemen and Somalia in dealing with ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Obama is right about one thing, it's going to take many years using this strategy, and the next President of the USA will inherit the problem that Obama created by ignoring the advice of our generals and intelligence agencies, and did things that were stupid and put the USA and the rest of the world in a more dangerous and precarious position.
To get the 'Unemployment Percentage Rate' down to an acceptable level for the American people, Obama has dropped over 12 million unemployed people from the 'US Workforce' in order to change the ratio of employed people to unemployed people in the 'Us Workforce' and thereby lowering the 'Unemployment Percentage Rate', but also lowering the 'US Workforce' to it's lowest level in the last 36 years, all the way back to 1978 when the US population was less than 2/3rds of what the 2010 census tallied to be 4 years ago. This has been continuing to happen during 5 years and 3 months of 'Obama's Economic Recovery', and those unemployed people have yet to be added back into the 'US Workforce', because the illegal immigrants Obama and the Democrats have invited to come into the country and receive Obama's promised amnesty and path to citizenship, have taken the jobs that those over 12 million unemployed people that Obama had dropped from the 'US Workforce' used to have. When Obama and the Democrats finally fulfill their promised amnesty and path to citizenship for the 12 million to 20 million estimated illegal immigrants already here in the USA, the American citizen's children and grandchildren will also not be able to find jobs, because all these illegal immigrants and their children will have taken those jobs through 'Affirmative Action'. That's because Obama and the Democrats care so much for the common American citizen and their children and grandchildren, that they're giving the 'American Dream' away to all the illegal immigrants that they invited to the USA by refusing to secure our borders. Think Obama and the Democrats are not inviting all these illegal immigrants to come into the USA, then why is the federal government spending millions of dollars each year to advertise how to sign up for welfare and food stamps to the Mexican people in Mexico City, Mexico? These millions of dollars spent in Mexico City, advertising how to sign up for welfare and food stamps, have been going on for many years now.
Which side do the polls support in Colorado when it comes to giving illegal immigrants amnesty? The people need to know a vote for Udall is a vote for illegal immigrant amnesty by Presidential 'Executive Order', for Udall is for amnesty and will protect the President in giving it out through 'Executive Order'. But if the Republican candidate wins and the Republicans take control of the Senate, Obama would then have to worry about 'Impeachment' when violating the US Constitution by usurping Congressional powers and making a fiat amnesty law through an 'Executive Order'. There are already enough votes in the House to 'Impeach' Obama, but since the Democrats control the Senate, Obama could never be convicted of 'Impeachment', unless the Republicans win control of it, then there is a definite possibility that he may be convicted of 'Impeachment', according to how aggrieved a few Democrats may take for Obama's usurping of their Congressional powers and making laws on his own through 'Executive Orders'.
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Obama Has Declared Himself King

Randolph H. Wrote: Sep 06, 2014 3:52 PM
Obama promised to bring those responsible for the killings of the Libyan Ambassador and three other Americans in Benghazi, to justice two years ago, but not much has been done. Now Obama promises to bring to justice those in ISIS who committed the 'Beheadings' of two Americans. I wouldn't hold my breath for either of Obama's promises, as his reputation for 'LYING' to the American people has become enormous, and probably has a lot to do with his constant low approval ratings. As far as declaring himself King, that is just a referral to Obama usurping the powers delineated only for Congress by the US Constitution, which the US Congress and the US Supreme Court allows to happen with impunity, creating a precedent for future Presidents to do the exact same thing. So even though Obama will never be the King, he has assumed the powers of one over the US Congress, the US Supreme Court, and the American people, and nobody will even attempt to stop him.
Yeah, the US and the West aggressed Russia to take over the entire Crimea, a historic and basic part of the Ukraine, and now we're aggressing Russia to take over parts of Eastern Ukraine so Russia can have a land bridge to get their supplies and people into the Crimea, all because the US and the West was thinking to accept Ukraine's request to join the NATO Pact. If you love Russia so much, why aren't you living there, and the Ukrainian people should be allowed to join any Pact that the majority of them want, without Russia dividing up and taking whatever parts of the country it wants.
"A SWAT team raided co-owner Joe Palumbo's Albion Gun Shop without a warrant." This violates the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution. So apparently, States can make laws that rescind the 4th Amendment in their State. Obama and the Democrats are destroying the US Constitution, and this is just one example of that. People apparently will do nothing about it until it becomes too late to do anything about it, when the US Constitution means nothing and has no authority over the political powers of the Democrats, who are nothing but socialists and communists, and their rank and file are ignorant to that fact. People don't understand that the US Constitution only protects the people of the USA from their own governments, local, state, or federal, and nothing else. It warrants, guarantees, and mandates their rights and freedoms through the Bill of Rights, which is the first 10 Amendments in the US Constitution, and search and seizure without a court ordered warrant is illegal and violates the 4th Amendment, a right and freedom that this 'Safe Act' law rescinds from the people of the USA that happen to be in the State of New York. Where is the righteous indignation to this usurpation, and how do the people who took an oath to the US Constitution justify their actions in this matter? People who violate their oath are dishonest and liars who have no integrity. Why aren't they being questioned about their oaths and the 4th Amendment in the document they took that oath to.
The authorities feared more that they may be perceived as racists, than they were about all the young girls being raped and forced into prostitution rings? How do you describe people such as this, less than human probably? They are as guilty as the Pakistani men perpetrating these crimes on the young girls of Rotherham, and should receive they same punishment for not doing their jobs and protecting the young girls of Rotherham. Evil prevails when good people do nothing, but I couldn't call these people good, who failed to take action against these crimes, I call them being part of those crimes, for they had the power to stop them, but they protected the crimes instead.
"Obama: We Have No Strategy to Fight ISIS; Ukraine Wasn’t Invaded!" These are 'LIES', but what do you expect, Obama said them. If the Ukraine wasn't invaded, then who is ruling the Crimea right now? As far as no strategy to fight ISIS, the 'TRUTH' is the Pentagon has several plans to take out ISIS, just none that Obama will accept. The problem here is the same one that has kept us from winning the Afghanistan war, and why Bush won the Iraq war. When our Generals told Bush what was needed to defeat the insurgency in Iraq through a 'SURGE', and thus win the war, he simply said get it done, period. When Obama was told by our Generals what it would take to defeat the insurgency in Afghanistan through another 'SURGE', Obama, who has absolutely no military service or experience, told the Generals they would have to do it with half of the assessed number of troops, and set rules of engagement that has caused more of our military people to be killed, instead of letting the Generals prosecute the war in a fashion and way they know is needed to win the war. Ergo, when Bush left office, the war in Iraq was over and won, but today Obama is getting ready to pull our military people out of Afghanistan, and the enemy has been getting stronger and taking control of more areas in Afghanistan. Obama refused to tell a conquered Iraq that we're going to leave what our Generals recommendation is of at least 20,000 troops in Iraq to make sure the insurgency doesn't return, which has resulted in and caused the dire situation in Iraq today. Obama, now knowing what a disaster he created in Iraq by not leaving a residual force to protect hard won gains by our military, is now telling the conquered Afghanistan that we're going to leave 5,000 to 7,000 troops as military advisors and trainers, way less than half of what our Generals are saying is needed, and will only put our military personnel left behind in dire danger of being over-run, killed, or taken captive. Our Generals decided what and how many was to be left behind after defeating Germany and Japan, and look how the results of winning those wars turned out. But Obama wants to micro-manage what he knows nothing about, getting more of our people killed, and also those we defeated who are now our allies, by not listening to and accepting what our experts advise, as he is also now doing concerning ISIS. Obama, the 'LIAR'-in-Chief, because as a Commander he is a complete failure, as he also is as a President.
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