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My grandfather and all his progeny, one being my father, were diehard Democrats, but not one of them would go along with the traitorist acts of this President that has been exposed in this article, because they were all Patriots, and the reason I voluntarily joined the USMC during the Vietnam War. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY, when the rank and file support and back a President that does such things against the safety of the American people, and abetting our enemies? The leadership of the Democratic Party at the 'Democratic National Convention' of 2012, for the nomination to choose Obama as their candidate for re-election to the Presidency, voted three straight times orally on national TV to deny including GOD in their 'National Platform', exposing their anti-GOD nature and beliefs. Nobody in the Democratic Party during my grandfather's days would have voted this way, or even allowed to have a vote against GOD in their 'National Platform'. So what has happened to the Democratic Party, and why are the Democratic rank and file accepting this type of behavior and still supporting this political party? Apparently Obama has fulfilled his promise of 'CHANGE' for the USA and it's people, and that 'CHANGE' is very ugly and revealing as to what these people are all about, and it is 'NOT GODLY' in nature. What has happened to the Democratic Party?
Obama, stop pretending that you haven't been the most destructive force against the middleclass, and has downsized that group to it's lowest level since the 1950s, ever since you became President. One wonders if there will even be a middleclass left when Obama leaves office, because Obama's 'Income Equality' policies are working, by moving most of the middleclass into the ranks of the poor, where they now require federal government entitlement handouts in order to survive, as all the poor in the USA does, and has caused the ranks of the poor who live at or below the 'Poverty Level', to increase to an all time historical high number of people of over 50 million people, all during 5 years and 6 months of Obama's declared 'Economic recovery' from June of 2009. How does the number of people on 'Welfare', 'Food Stamps (EBT Cards & SNAP Program)', and 'Disability' increase to historically all time record setting high numbers of people during 5 years and 6 months of an economic recovery?
Obama should know how to affect the middleclass, he's destroyed more of the middleclass than any other President in our history, and probably more than all the Presidents added together.
And Hillary wants to become our President? I wonder how many other things that are part of the President's job that she also refuses to talk about? Obama has proven himself to be inept, incompetent, and malfeasant in the job of President of the USA, and Hillary's refusal to talk about Presidential related responsibilities proves the same about her, but then again, so has her stint and record as the Secretary of State.
Everything that Obama touches turns to S _ _ T, as all his 'Solar Companies', his 'Wind Turbine Companies', and his 'Battery Companies' for automobiles, have all gone bankrupt, and have had to be sold, mainly to foreign interests who bought them for less than 10 cents on the dollar, which those dollars were paid for by federal government guaranteed loans, which has caused billions of US taxpayer money to be lost and flushed down the commode. This is similar to Obama's foreign policies also, for everything his foreign agenda entails and encompasses turns to S _ _ T too, like the 'Arab Spring', where Obama sent US military planes to help overthrow Khadafy in Libya, and today there is no government in control there, while terrorists run the country and do as they please. Obama did the same in Egypt, throwing our loyal ally Mubarak under the bus, in favor of the 'Muslim Brotherhood', who oppressed the Egyptian people until they rose up against them, and a military officer took charge of the country. Obama also pulled our troops from Iraq prematurely, before a democratic government could become embraced and entrenched, allowing the tyrant Maliki, put in place by Obama for a second term, to rob the country and place his opposition in prisons, where torture was worse than in Saddam Hussein's time, allowing ISIS/ISIL to become popular with the Sunnis, and take over a third of Iraq. Obama having our State Department attempt to get the Ukraine into NATO and embrace the west, caused Russia to invade and take over the Crimea and parts of eastern Ukraine. And so on and so forth, for every single thing that Obama touches, fails. Obama's reference to EBAY is just another example of this, as the car company Tesla is also now in financial straits, because of high costs of their product (electric cars), and the reduction in gas prices. All this explains why the US economy has faltered for the last 6 years, Obama has had his hands on the economic financial policies and agendas of the US economy, and no matter how much he claims the economy is in recovery, the tremendous number of people who have lost their jobs, and are unable to find other jobs for the last 6 years, proves what Obama is saying about the US economy is another of the so any boldfaced lies that Obama is known and proven to have told the American people, and the statistics of the number of people on 'Welfare', 'Food Stamps', 'Disability', and living at and below the 'Poverty Level' proves this.
751 Muslim 'NO GO ZONES' in France, wow, and why is it that the Muslims want no French authorities to enter these zones? Could it be that the Muslims have been arming themselves to the teeth, in anticipation of violent confrontations with the French, where they will go around and indiscriminately start killing the unarmed French people, as they did to the publishers of 'Charlie'? The Muslims have been doing the same in the USA for quite a long time, but thank GOD the American people have a 2nd Amendment right that allows them to protect themselves from barbarians such as these Muslims prove themselves to be. When the Muslims decide they are powerful enough to start implementing their takeover plans, it will at least decrease the number of gun control idiots, who will be unable to defend themselves because of their insanity to disarm the American people, which they must set the example for by the way the live, unarmed and defenseless, a Muslims dream.
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Obama's Budget Busts Spending Caps

Randolph H. Wrote: Jan 16, 2015 8:36 AM
I don't know where these numbers that are quoted come from, but I do know that Obama lies like a 'DOG', as proven in his Obamacare claims, his Benghazi claims, his ATF Operation Fast & Furious claims, and all his claims about all his so many scandals. As far as Obama's statistical lies go, there is the fact that Obama has dropped over 15 million unemployed people from the 'US Workforce' in order to reduce the 'Unemployment Rate' to the skewed and false rate of 5.6%, and during the 5 years and 6 months of Obama's supposed 'Economic Recovery', that he proclaimed in June 2009, he has never added a single one of those unemployed people back into the 'US Workforce'. Today the Obama administration admits that there is now an additional 9 million unemployed people once again in the 'US Workforce', and when added to those that Obama dropped, shows that over 24 million people have lost their jobs since Obama became President, but Obama brags about creating 10 million jobs, leaving a deficit of over 14 million more people who lost their jobs, that had jobs when Obama became President. So how does Obama's deficit reduction statistics stand? When Obama took his first 'Oath of Office' in January 19th, 2009, the national debt stood at $10.6 trillion, according to the 'National Debt Clock' shown on TV daily, and when Obama took his second 'Oath of Office' in January 20th, 2013, that same 'National Debt Clock' seen on TV daily put the national debt at $16.4 trillion, an increase of $5.8 trillion in just 4 years, showing Obama's deficits averaged $1.45 trillion every year of Obama's first term in office. I don't know whose statistics are true and real, but if that 'National Debt Clock', instituted by independent economists, is so wrong, why doesn't Obama and the Democrats refute it's numbers, as they do about everything else that reflects negatively on Obama? Today that same 'National Debt Clock' seen on TV daily now claims the national debt stands at $18.1 trillion, an additional $1.7 trillion in the last 2 years, but making Obama's 6 year average for his yearly deficits is actually at $1.25 trillion every year he's been President, and the reduction for the last 2 years was caused by the 'Sequestration Law', whose idea was originally Obama's, but after it was enacted in March 1, 2013, and Obama saw the mandated cuts in his budget, he has asked that it be repealed, but is the only thing that has been causing the reductions in Obama's deficits for the last 2 years.
So much BS as Obama and his minions in the federal government dances around the truth, never wanting to admit to what it really is. ISIS/ISIL can, and do, justify every one of their horrific and terrorist actions by passages in the holy book of Islam, the Qur'an, which not only justifies the atrocities, but mandates them. They believe in what they're doing because they are following the words of their prophet Muhammad, who demands these horrific and terrorist actions in the book that he authored, the holy book of Islam, the Qur'an, and anyone who says different is lying to you, and the way to find out the truth is do as I did and go to your local book store, buy an English Qur'an, and read it, especially the later Surahs where the prophet explains that the later Surahs trump the earlier Surahs whenever they are in conflict, which they are most of the time. Knowledge of the truth allows one to be forewarned, and being forewarned allows one to be forearmed, and being forearmed protects you and yours from atrocities and destruction visited upon you by those who want to do you harm and bring on your demise. The first third of the Qur'an speaks of and teaches peace, but the last two thirds is satanic in nature and explains the plan for dominance and dominion over the entire earth and it's people, the exact goal of Satan and his fallen angels, and Islam is the only religion that seeks this, while all other religions are only interested and want to teach what is required to enter heaven upon your departure from this earth, quite the difference from Islam's wants and teachings. Jesus said, "You can tell the tree by the fruit that it bears", so one needs only to see what fruit Islam bears all over the world, everywhere it exists, to know who Allah really is, Satan in disguise as a god, demanding worship and all the horrific actions perpetrated by Muslims all over the world. Does anyone know of any people anywhere on earth that Muslims treat kindly, respectful, and helpful when others are in need, other than their own followers of Islam? The 'Fruit of Islam' is very 'BITTER'.
This will only inform the American people of what is obviously more important to Obama and where his priorities lie, with the security of the American people from Islamic terrorists that the Department of Homeland Security is supposed to be protecting us from and protecting our borders, or his ability to unilaterally pass new laws through issuing 'Executive Orders', which goes against the mandates of the US Constitution and well beyond the power of 'Prosecutorial Discretion' by going beyond abatement of prosecution and giving illegal immigrants benefits of our entitlement systems, for which they have never paid into or deserve, and other rights that our reserved for citizens only, which can only be done by Congress according to the US Constitution, so go ahead and veto the funding for the Department of Homeland Security, which will shut them down, just so illegal immigrants can obtain amnesty and a path to citizenship, for it shows the security of Americans he could care less for, because Congress will have funded that Department, just not Obama's illegal actions of passing laws he is not authorized to do.
"White House Still Questions Judgement Of Charlie Hedbo Cartoons?" Why not, Obama and the Democrats have been questioning the American people's 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendment rights ever since Obama became President! Obama's questioning of the Charlie Hedbo cartoons is minor compared to what he's been doing to the American people's rights, which he believes nobody should have except those people in the federal government, all others are to be governed and allowed rights only according to the pleasure of those in power, as long as they are liberals, progressives, and socialistic and communistic Democratic Party members.
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