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Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth requested to vote early by proxy because she was unable to be in Congress at the time the votes were to be taken, and Nancy Pelosi denied her that early vote, even though on this video Nancy Pelosi is seen and heard telling all her constituents that early voting was their friend, but apparently not the friend of those in Congress, as Nancy Pelosi's hypocritical denial shows and proves. The only thing that is good in Nancy Pelosi's mind are those things that benefit and favor Nancy Pelosi and her causes, everything else needs to be constrained, especially if it goes against what Nancy Pelosi wants and desires, like a vote that may go against her wishes. If Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth would have been in favor of voting for Nancy Pelosi's friend, I guarantee she would have been allowed to make that early vote by proxy. If Nancy Pelosi doesn't know what a 'HYPOCRITE' is, someone please tell her to educate herself by looking in the nearest mirror, that is if she has the stomach to view her own image.
Does this man, and I say that figuratively, really have an audience, enough people that watch and listen to him, to justify his appearance to spew his hate-filled and illogical lies and propaganda? Are people really that stupid?
"MSNBC Struggles to Figure Out Rational Reason for Hillary to Run in 2016?" That's easy! For the same reason Obama got elected, people thought it was time for a black President, to prove to the world that the American people were not racists, and look how that turned out. The American people have been suffering for 7 seven years, in an extended recession, because the President in charge of extricating the country from that malaise is inept, incompetent, and malfeasant, but he 'IS' black. Obama never ran anything but a lawnmower and car, and Democrats claimed he was capable. Now he is about to violate the US Constitution by 'Executive Orders' legislating 'Immigration Laws', claiming to be a Constitutional Lawyer and Professor. Now they want to elect a woman as President, to prove that we're not sexists, and learning nothing from the Obama mistake, we're about to do it again. Failing to learn from history, you're doomed to repeat it, which will add 4 years to Obama's extended 9 year recession. Obama claimed he ended Bush's Recession in June 2009, and started an 'Economic Recovery', but did he, or did he rig the numbers to falsely show what wanted us to believe. During 5 years and 5 months of a supposed 'Economic Recovery', the number of people on 'Welfare', 'Food Stamps (EBT Cards & SNAP Program)', and 'Disability' increased every single month, until today they're at record setting historical high numbers during Obama's economic recovery. Obama dropped 13 million unemployed people from the 'US Workforce' to get the 'Unemployment Rate' down to the liberal media's acceptable rate of 5.9%, but if you add those13 million unemployed people back into the 'US Workforce', the actual 'Unemployment rate' is 11.8%. Obama claimed he created 10 million jobs, 3 million short of the 13 million unemployed people he dropped from the 'US Workforce', and still hasn't added them back, so where are they. They're now on 'Welfare', 'Food Stamps (EBT Cards & SNAP Program)', and 'Disability', at record setting historical high numbers, while the people living at or below the 'Poverty Level' has increased every month to a record setting historical high number 50 million people. Lastly, Obama's averaged deficit of $1.4 trillion a year, when subtracted from the GDP every year, the economy has never got into the plus percentage, for the economy didn't create that money, Obama did through the Federal Reserve Board's printing presses and is worthless and inflationary.
The loudest voice that politicians listen to, especially Democratic ones, is that of money. Harry Reid provided more money for the re-election of Democratic Senators than any organization. Even though the loss of so many Democratic Senators can be traced directly back to Harry Reid's policies and the way he controlled the Senate, these surviving Democratic Senators, and those up for re-election in just two years, need and want that money that Harry Reid has proven he can raise for them. Probably the only Democratic Senators that voted against Harry Reid as their minority leader are those who come up for re-election four years down the road. The problem that Harry Reid and the Democrats now have is that the Republicans now control the Senate and will be heard nationally. The Republican policies will come up for a vote now, and the Democrats, to satisfy Obama and Harry Reid, will be asked to vote against them, even though they will be very popular with the American people and something the American people want passed and signed into law. Two years from now the American people will again vote on the Senators they want to keep or put new ones in the Senate, and they will use the votes of those already in the Senate to determine who they will vote for. Obama and Harry Reid know this and are very fearful that their Democratic cohorts in the Senate will understand this and might vote for the benefit of their constituents, instead of what Obama and Harry Reid want, which harry Reid in the past had protected them from having to make that voting decision, on policies the American people want and needed, by not allowing 381 of the 'bills' passed by the House to even come up for a vote. This will not happen any longer now that the Republicans control the Senate, for the Republican 'bills' from the House will be voted on, and the American people will learn who is voting in favor of their needs and wants, and who are voting against them.
So the last four years of Reid working in 'Bad Faith' because the Republicans controlled the House doesn't count, and now that Reid and the Democrats have lost control of the Senate, he wants an about face and everyone to now work in 'Good Faith'? This implies that 'Good Faith' only benefits those who are not in power and control, and a detriment to those in control, according to Reid's actions and now his words. The people voted for the Republicans to be in control for a reason, and it wasn't to placate Reid with what he thinks is 'Good Faith', capitulating to Reid and Obama, but to pass everything that Reid did not, and wouldn't even let come up for a vote. I suggest McConnell have a vote on the 381 'bills' from the House that Reid would not let come up for a vote, by now calling them their own by having each Republican sponsor 6 to 7 of them, and pass and send them back to the House for passing again, and to be sent to Obama for signing, all 381 of those 'bills', telling Obama that they've waited long enough and these bills need to be signed into law all at the same time, similar to what Obama is saying about him waiting for so long for an 'Immigration Reform' 'bill'.
Are all Liberals, Progressives, and Democrats either ignorant or 'LIARS'? The US Constitution was written 13 years after the USA declared it's independence, and after the 'Founding Fathers' won the American Revolutionary War, by defeating the British that this idiot claims were coming, but in actuality had already signed a cessation of war treaty acknowledging the USA's independence. All of the 'Bill of Rights' were written well after the 'Founding Fathers' defeated the British in war, and done so to assure and guarantee all the American people the rights they fought the British to achieve and possess forever, and would not accept and sign the US Constitution until the 'Bill of Rights' was added to it through amendments.
Obama may not be putting American 'BOOTS' on the ground in the war with ISIS in Iraq, but he is certainly putting Jihadists 'BOOTS' on the ground in Iraq on the side of ISIS, no matter which country he releases them to, they all find their way to the battlefield in Iraq and Syria on the side of ISIS.
"Kerry Calls Netanyahu, Promises White House Doesn't Really Think He's Chickenshit or a Coward!" If what Kerry says is true, then why did the White House leak it? And if you believe the lies that all of Obama's administration agencies claim that they did not leak it, then why aren't they investigating who the leak came from and how it was done, as they have with every single leak that has occurred during Obama's tenure as President, and prosecuted them all, except for the ones that were purposely leaked by the Obama administration itself?
That is the Family's responsibility to society, which Christianity is a leading example of how to teach your children these great and GODly characteristics and traits.
Parents who don't raise their children, and designate others to do so, are creating a very immoral, disloyal, undisciplined, and unloving society, and as Obama likes to end with, 'PERIOD'! Only parents can teach their children morality, loyalty, discipline, and to be a loving person, 'PERIOD'!
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