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What makes all this even worse is it is happening during Obama's 'Economic Recovery', that this June 2014 will be 5 years old. Five years into an economic recovery and this is the best Obama and the Democrats can do? Does that tell 'ANYBODY' something about their policies and agendas? Would anyone dare to compare Ronald Reagans 5 year 'Economic Recovery' to that of Obama's and the Democrats'? Obama has told the American people 'SO' many lies, and the biggest of those is that the recession he inherited was the worst since the 'Great Depression'. I know for a fact that the worst recession since the 'Great Depression' is the one inherited by Ronald Reagan, which produced the new word invented by the media to define Carter's economy as 'STAGFLATION', and also the 'Double Digit Triple Misery Index' the media also invented to describe the suffering the American people were going through at the time, which was double digit unemployment, double digit inflation, and double digit interest rates for anyone who needed a loan. I lived through both, running my own business, and Carter's recession was much worse than the recession the Democrats have blamed on Bush, even though Obama's policies and agendas have turned it into a never-ending-recession, unlike how Reagan handled the recession he inherited from Carter. Why is it the 'Never-Ending-Recession', because Obama has done the exact opposite that Reagan did to extract the economy from Carter's recession , and the American people are paying direly for the difference between Reagan's and Obama's policies and agendas. This is typical and has always been the difference between a Republican administration and a Democratic administration, which John F. Kennedy was the only exception to this rule, for even Clinton's economy was in a deep recession, causing the Democrats to lose control of Congress, and control of the House for the first time in 44 years, and then the Republican controlled Congress passed bills, which Clinton was forced to sign into law, which put the economy during Clinton's last 5 years into a boom, and Clinton took credit for it. The American people are simply getting what they voted for, and what our economic history has proven and shown through the ages.
There have been so many lies told about Obamacare to get it passed, and even more to convince people that it is good and they should support it, but when actually involved in the law the 'TRUTH' hits you right between the eyes, but then it's too late to do anything about it and you must suffer the atrocities of the law, which you deserve because there have been many warning us about what would happed, but we ignored their warnings and accepted only the lies. People really do get what they deserve, now live with it and let the 'Middleclass' be destroyed so Obama and the Democrats can bring 'Income Equality' to all, leaving only two classes in the USA, the rich 1%, and the poor, the other 99% that Obamacare has helped tremendously in making us all equally poor. But don't worry, it can't last for long, because the Clower & Piven theory that Obama has been using on our economy will financially destroy what is left of the USA and it's people.
I wonder how Obama's political allies are taking this, or is this being hidden from all the Democrats that are running for re-election? I just hope they take Obama's advice about standing up for Obamacare when they run their re-election campaigns. I find it funny how all the Democratic talking-head-supporters on television are warning the Republicans, because the talking-head-supporters care so much for the Republicans, for their own good not to hit on Obamacare so much when running for re-election or first time elections, for Obamacare is becoming so popular now that it will come back to bite the Republicans if they keep bringing up Obamacare. How considerate that is for these Democratic supporters to care so much for these Republicans, as to give them friendly advice and warnings for their own good.
Liberals and Hypocrites, one and the same, as this article indicates accidently with mention of irony.
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Obama Admin Downplays Boston Bombings?

Randolph H. Wrote: Apr 17, 2014 10:52 AM
Why would Obama ever show honor for lives lost because of his administrations incompetence, ineptitude, and malfeasance, for the Russians warned are state department 'TWICE', and at different times, about these brothers being terrorists, yet nothing ever came of it until after they committed their horrible crime. This attitude is exactly the same Obama had at the first Ft. Hood shooting, which was definately an Islamic terror attack by one of our own, whose tendencies for this was already known. But again nothing was ever done until after his horrible crime was committed, and then Obama had it listed as work place violence, robbbing the victims of what they deserve and should receive, but keeping from the public another of the Obama administration's failures in preventing terrorist attacks, when they had information indicating that something like this would happen by the individual involved. This is nothing new under Obama, just more of his modus operandi, lie through his teeth to the American people about anything going bad, or anything he wants, for the ends always justifies the means.
The Snowden leaks had absolutely nothing to do with the Boston Marathon bombing, but only showed how inept the NSA's spying on every American citizen is by not being able to stop the Boston Marathon bombing. Even when appraised of the danger by Russia, the NSA, with all it's illegal spying on the American people, was still incompetent in stopping the bombing. The NSA's spying on the American people has nothing to do with stopping terrorist attacks, or catching terrorists, but of acquiring information on every American citizen that can be used as blackmail against them at any future date, if they prove to be a thorn in the federal governments side, or will not acquiescent to it's demands. Besides all this, the NSA is violating the 4th Amendment rights of the American people, by spying on any individual without just cause and judicial review, oversight, and permission. What Jim Gilmore says is simple nonsense to justify the NSA's illegal actions, and for what reasons do Democrats want to violate the American people's rights and freedoms even more than their opponents, the Republicans? There are sinister reasons behind the Democrats approval and support of the constitutional violations they are perpetrating on the American people, so beware, the bell tolls for thee.
Why train people for jobs that are not available. We still have about a thousand people applying for each job that is open. The only way to get a job under Obama and the Democrats is if you know someone personally that can get it for you. Training isn't going to solve the problem that Obama has our economy in a stagnation mode. Obama is trying to sell something that is not going to help anyone, but will make people think he cares and is doing something to solve our problems, which he is not, and is actually creating the problems this economy and the American people are suffering through. Come June of 2014 the USA will have been in the Obama economic recovery for a full 5 years, that is if you really believed Obama ended the recession blamed on Bush, created 11 months after Congress was taken over by Democratic majorities in both Houses, with complete control of all lawmaking abilities and the yearly budgets that create our yearly deficits and adds to the national debt. To understand the difference, look at what Ronald Reagan did in the same time period when inheriting the real and actual worse recession in our history from Jimmy Carter, with the infamous invention of the word 'STAGFLATION' to describe his economy, and the 'DOUBLE DIGIT TRIPLE MISERY INDEX' to explain why the American people were suffering so much under Carter's administration. Why the tremendous difference between Ronald Reagan's economic recovery, and that supposed one of Obama's? Because Obama and the Democrats have done just the opposite as Ronald Reagan had done to extract the US Economy from a recession, and because of that Obama and the Democrats have extended the effects of the recession the Democratically controlled Congress created in order to get a Democrat elected as President, for which Obama filled their bill.
Our American soldiers will never be safe here at home as long as we have an anti-American as our President. Obama insists on bringing Muslims into our society so these types of incidents become common and Americans start fearing Islam and the Muslims. At this time the American soldiers fear nothing, and are great battlefield warriors, exactly what Obama wants to stop. Obama chirps about needing immigration reform, even though the USA allows over 1.1 million legal immigrants every year. One of the first things Obama did upon becoming President was to change our immigration policy, to no longer allow Christian countries anywhere in the world, but especially Europe, to be able to send legal immigrants into the USA, and listed only Islamic countries allowed to send immigrants legally into the USA, and this is why the Muslim population in the USA is growing by leaps and bounds. If you think I am making this up, I dare you to investigate and prove me wrong, please try just to learn the truth, because the truth will set you free, and may save your life or those of your children and grandchildren, if you take the proper actions upon discovering the truth. As for me and mine, we are arming ourselves to the hilt before Obama rescinds everyone's 2nd Amendment right, which will protect us, our friends, and all those Christians around us. There is only one true GOD, and if you think Allah and the GOD of the Bible are the same, then you need to obtain an English Qur'an and discover what Allah demands of all Muslims, for one of the many evil things is yours and all Christians deaths, and then explain how the GOD of the Bible would demand this of anyone..
It seems we have members of the Congressional Oversight Committee that are investigating the guilt of the IRS, who they themselves were involved with the IRS in that same guilt. I've heard of this before, it's called "The Fox Guarding The Hen House".
All these delays and waivers Obama is unilaterally and illegally changing the Obamacare law with, is designed for nothing more than preventing the American people from discovering, through their own personal experiences, just how harmful the law is for them, their jobs, and our economy, before the upcoming national elections of 2014 and 2016, in order to give Democrats who wrote it, voted for it, and instituted it, a chance to be re-elected, before the American people learn all the truth about Obamacare. I guess Obama thinks the American people are stupid enough to fall for his ploy, but then again, I guess they did re-elect Obama after a supposed 3 1/2 years of the worst economic recovery the USA has ever seen or experienced. So Obama may be correct, but we shall see in November of 2014, by just how many Democrats get re-elected. Delays and waivers will not stop Obamacare from eventually harming all the American people, destroy millions of jobs, and put our economy back into a recession after Obama's second term is finished and Obama is gone and won't have to suffer the consequences, while also destroying the once great medical system of the USA.
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