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"Obama: We Have No Strategy to Fight ISIS; Ukraine Wasn’t Invaded!" These are 'LIES', but what do you expect, Obama said them. If the Ukraine wasn't invaded, then who is ruling the Crimea right now? As far as no strategy to fight ISIS, the 'TRUTH' is the Pentagon has several plans to take out ISIS, just none that Obama will accept. The problem here is the same one that has kept us from winning the Afghanistan war, and why Bush won the Iraq war. When our Generals told Bush what was needed to defeat the insurgency in Iraq through a 'SURGE', and thus win the war, he simply said get it done, period. When Obama was told by our Generals what it would take to defeat the insurgency in Afghanistan through another 'SURGE', Obama, who has absolutely no military service or experience, told the Generals they would have to do it with half of the assessed number of troops, and set rules of engagement that has caused more of our military people to be killed, instead of letting the Generals prosecute the war in a fashion and way they know is needed to win the war. Ergo, when Bush left office, the war in Iraq was over and won, but today Obama is getting ready to pull our military people out of Afghanistan, and the enemy has been getting stronger and taking control of more areas in Afghanistan. Obama refused to tell a conquered Iraq that we're going to leave what our Generals recommendation is of at least 20,000 troops in Iraq to make sure the insurgency doesn't return, which has resulted in and caused the dire situation in Iraq today. Obama, now knowing what a disaster he created in Iraq by not leaving a residual force to protect hard won gains by our military, is now telling the conquered Afghanistan that we're going to leave 5,000 to 7,000 troops as military advisors and trainers, way less than half of what our Generals are saying is needed, and will only put our military personnel left behind in dire danger of being over-run, killed, or taken captive. Our Generals decided what and how many was to be left behind after defeating Germany and Japan, and look how the results of winning those wars turned out. But Obama wants to micro-manage what he knows nothing about, getting more of our people killed, and also those we defeated who are now our allies, by not listening to and accepting what our experts advise, as he is also now doing concerning ISIS. Obama, the 'LIAR'-in-Chief, because as a Commander he is a complete failure, as he also is as a President.
Obama waited 8 months to approve the raid into Pakistan to get Bin Laden, that eventually killed him. Valerie Jarrett had him deny approval to get Bin Laden 5 times before Hillary Clinton and John Podesta convinced him that if it came out during his re-election that the USA knew where Bin Laden was, and Obama denied our military the chance to capture or kill him, he would surely lose his re-election bid for the Presidency. Only with the threat that he may lose his re-election bid, did he finally over-rule Valerie Jarrett and approve the raid into Pakistan to get Bin Laden, 8 months after our military originally requested permission to do so from Obama. Obama is a coward and can't make decisions, so Valerie Jarrett makes all the important decisions in the Obama administration, which explains why it takes so very long for any decision to come out of the White House. It also explains why all those decisions coming from the White House are always so bad and usually complete failures, and never made on a timely manner when they are so desperately needed, as proven by our military missing by a day or two, finding and being able to rescue our American hostages. The result of this missed opportunity was the beheading of our American journalist, and probably even more beheadings of American hostages in the future, that this missed raid would have brought them back to safety in the USA.
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"I’d Drive His Bus if He Asked Me"

Randolph H. Wrote: Aug 25, 2014 11:22 AM
The American people are now seeing what the Jimmy Carter second term would have been like had Ronald Reagan not won the Presidency, and completely turned Jimmy Carter's recession around, which Mitt Romney, with much more economic experience than Ronald Reagan had, would have done the same, and probably with much greater success than had Ronald Reagan. But then again 'Hind Sight is Always 20/20', but one's character never changes, as my beloved mother used to explain by the mot, 'A Leopard Never Changes It's Spots', and after 4 years all Americans knew what to expect from Obama, and that's what we've been getting ever since Obama won re-election to the Presidency, telling the American people knowingly and continuously more and more proven lies, while failing at everything he attempts, because he has no experience of success at anything but winning elections.
Obama refuses to honor funerals of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, leader of our closest ally and a great personal friend of the USA, and Major General Harold Greene, first American General killed in combat since the Vietnam War over 50 years ago, but honors the funeral of a hoodlum, who died just after robbing a convenience store, and physically assaulting a police officer, who had to kill him in self defense. This is just more of the 'SHAME' Obama has personally visited on the USA and the American people in the last almost 6 years, and we still have more than two years to keep suffering the same infliction that Obama continuously perpetrates on all the American people. Unbelievable and such a great shame, but then again Obama has no conscious, morals, honesty, or integrity, as proven by all the lies he has knowingly told and continuously tells the American people.
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Sen. Pryor's Gutsy Pro-Obamacare Ad

Randolph H. Wrote: Aug 23, 2014 7:20 PM
Those two provisions, not allowing cancellations because high cost of treatment or not selling coverage because of preconditions, can be passed into law without having Obamacare destroying our medical system, making healthcare insurance unaffordable for most of the American people, and putting bureaucrats in charge of deciding what type of medical care you are allowed to have, according to what they believe the cost to benefit is, instead of you and your doctor making that decision.
"“[A good essay] might note, for example, that the outcome of the American Revolution saw no broad change in the composition of those who dominated the social, political, and economic structure of the former colonies. Those individuals who were wealthy, powerful, and influential before the event continued to possess wealth, power, and influence later. George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson could serve as examples.” This is an outright lie! If you take the names of all the signers of the 'Declaration of Independence', who were all very wealthy men at the time they signed that document, history really shows us that the huge majority of those signers either lost their fortunes, their lives, or both, before the 'Revolutionary War' was over, and this is factual. Two of the greatest documents ever authored and written by man were the 'Declaration of Independence' and the 'US Constitution', and these socialist and communist educators of today are attempting to denigrate and destroy the reputations of those who authored those documents and founded our great nation, to the detriment of our children's education, by destroying the real American heroes that all previous generations of Americans always looked up to and were proud to be Americans because of what these 'Founding Fathers' did and wrote. This is just more of Obama's and the Democrats' promised 'CHANGE' for the USA and it's people, destroying our historic heroes by insinuating that they did wrong. These educators that are now writing these teaching guides are part of the same 'New Democratic Party', that the controlling hierarchy are all socialists and communists looking to over throw our Constitutional Republic from within, through their false teachings to our children, the next generation that will be responsible to keep this great experiment of individual rights and freedoms to continue for the prosperity of all generations to come, instead of enslaving it to a socialistic or communistic bureaucracy (Elitist who think they know what is best for everyone else and whose goal is to revoke everyone's Right of their 'Pursuit of Happiness', that being able to choose for themselves what is best, and being allowed to pursue their decision, instead being forced to accept the decision of elitists running their country) that has failed everywhere it has been perpetrated on other peoples of the world.
When Bush left the Presidency, the USA was winning the 'WAR on TERRORISM', but when the Navy Seals killed Osama bin Laden, Obama claimed that he had won the 'WAR on TERRORISM', and took his victory lap through his re-election. Now look where we are, and the predicament Obama has put the USA in, as well as our allies, and Obama has the audacity to call ISIS the JV team. The real JV team is the Obama administration, which has failed at every single thing it has attempted to do, and our economy, the VA, the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), the condition of Iraq after Bush won that war, the losing of the Afghanistan War, what happened in Benghazi, and everything else Obama has been involved in is proof positive that Obama has made a JV team out of the US Federal Government through his administration and it's constant failures in it's policies and agendas. Never has there been a more inept, incompetent, or malfeasant President than Obama, even Jimmy Carter wasn't this bad, and never has there ever been a President that lies as much to the American people as has Obama, which his many lies are being proven daily by videos of what he told the American people previously, and what he says and does today. When will the American people ever decide that enough is enough, and get rid of the 'LIARS', such as Obama, and the Democrats who back and support all of Obama's proven lies?
Hamas is manufacturing those rockets in tunnels underneath that rubble that used to be a city. The only way Israel is going to be able to stop it is by going in and reoccupying the area and destroying all the tunnels underneath the city that are being used as bomb shelters and manufacturing plants for rockets.
Where was this Human Rights Watch (HRW) organization when Morsi was President and his Muslim Brotherhood supporters and backers were exterminating Christians in the northwestern part of Egypt, which those Christian deaths tallied even higher than what is now being accused of by President el-Sissi's government? This HRW organization is nothing more than an Islamic biased group that is trying to promote the superiority of Islam over all other religions, because President el-Sissi has outlawed the Muslim Brotherhood, because they had been indiscriminately killing all people of other than Islamic religions. Egypt, as well as all nations, do not need a supposed HRW group that protects the rights of only those who are violating everyone else's rights, which is now being attempted to be perpetrated on Egypt.
Just another leadership opportunity missed by Obama. This shouldn't surprise anyone, Obama has been missing these opportunities ever since he was elected to the Presidency. When a state's Senator, and then a Senator of the US Congress, is incapable of deciding whether he should be for or against any proposed legislation, and votes here, instead of for or against, on every vote he had cast, that should have been a prognostication of what was to come concerning Obama's decision making and lack of decisiveness. It makes me wonder who has been making the real decisions during Obama's Presidency, in other words, who is the real President behind the figure head that is Obama, Valerie Jarrett maybe? Whomever it is, the Presidential decisions have bordered on treason and have been inept, incompetent, and malfeasant, so who is the real culprit and guilty party?
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