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Never in one administration has so many lies been perpetrated on the American people as has been done in the Obama administration. Now they are blaming a nurse that they required to treat an Ebola patient, who had no special training in doing so, and subsequently became infected with the disease, for the spread of the disease here in the USA, yet those doctors and nurse who have intense special training in treating Ebola patients in Africa, are also being infected with the disease, proving that the disease is much to dangerous to be allowed to be brought back to the USA, as this administration is doing. and the areas this disease is prominent in should be quarantined from allowing anyone to travel from those areas, especially back into the USA. Why is the Obama administration so adamant in allowing all this traveling from the infected areas, instead of quarantining the disease in those infected areas, as has always been done in the past. This is the 4th outbreak of this disease in Africa, where it apparently goes dormant for years in the environment, and becomes active again at a later date to infect many others, and now Obama is allowing it to be brought to the USA, where it may also go dormant in our environment, only to become active at a future date, and infect many more Americans, and nobody will know from whence it came. The Obama administration is giving the Ebola virus a chance to take up permanent residence, in an inactive and dormant state, here in the USA. WHY???
It seems to me that the Democrats in Michigan are pursuing a 'WAR ON MOMS', who are women, and could be considered a 'War on Women', which the Democrats are always accusing the Republicans of doing. This proves what I have always said, that to be a Democrat, you first have to be a 'LIAR & HYPOCRITE', for which the Democrats in Michigan are proving by example in their political campaign against Terri Lynn Land.
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The Fight Over Obamacare Must Go On

Randolph H. Wrote: Oct 07, 2014 10:28 AM
"The Fight Over Obamacare Must Go On!" Don't worry about the fight over the very unpopular Obamacare, for when the 'Employer Mandate', that Obama illegally delayed from being implemented in January 2014, until now to January 2016, finally is allowed to kick in, it will be so bad for the American people that they will avoid voting for Democrats like they all had the Ebola virus. The 'Employer Mandate' will cause employers to drop at least 75% of the healthcare insurance they provide for their employees, because of the huge increases in costs caused by Obamacare, in order to be able to stay in business, and this will cause employees to have to purchase their own healthcare insurance, which they will not be able to afford to do either. Then you will find out what 'UNPOPULAR' really means with the American people, and they will demand that Obamacare be repealed, and that will be the main driver in the November 2016 national elections for President, and all Congressional positions up for re-election.
How ironic, because Michelle Obama is refusing to campaign for Democrats because a dozen are so Democratic Senators voted with the Republicans to not to institute Michelle's ban for the government to prevent the spending of federal dollars for potatoes in schools and welfare recipients who use of 'Food Stamp Programs', such as EBT Cards and the Snap Program. But just in Colorado they are spending a half million dollars on alcoholic, not even counting what is being spent on sodas and unhealthy snack foods. Despite President Obama thinking there are 57 states, the other 49 states are probably averaging more federal dollars being spent on alcohol alone than they are spending in Colorado, again not counting how many federal dollars are being spent on sodas and other unhealthy snack foods. At least potatoes are a food stuff with beneficial calorie intake for humans, but not so with alcohol, sodas, and most snack foods.
Looks to me that Obama's military strategy for the USA is no better than Hitler's military strategy for the Germans was. Anybody that thinks this is the strategy of the US military is either very naïve or unbelievably stupid. Obama has tied the hands of our military, and this strategy is Obama's only, and known to our military generals, as they've let it out to the public, that this will not defeat ISIL, ever, and will only waste dollars to delay the inevitable, unless Obama allows US troops on the ground to engage, which will defeat ISIL and bring another victory for the USA in Iraq, and if Obama this time insists that our troops stay, then Iraq will become a very successful story for all in the Mideast..
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Reporter 'Creeped Out' by Obama Aide

Randolph H. Wrote: Oct 01, 2014 7:54 AM
A conservative would never even think of doing something like this, let alone dare to. This is the tried and true method used by all liberals, progressives, socialists, communists, fascists, and now Democrats, to control the people by controlling what they are allowed to hear from the supposed guardians of liberty, our media. The problem is that our media is biased, and capitulate voluntarily to these tactics of keeping the people uninformed as to any wrongdoing by the political groups that they favor. This is the main reason that the American people are losing so many of their rights and freedoms under the Obama Presidency, because our supposed guardians of liberty are refusing to do their job for biased and prejudicial reasons. It seems that Meg Kissinger may be an exception to this phenomenon.
The people voted for Obama and the Democrats, so they deserve what they get. Just wait until 2016, when the illegally delayed 'Employer Mandate' officially kicks in, then most of the people who had employer provided healthcare insurance will lose it, and then have to go through all this trouble that is now being reported in this article, and pay for it all by themselves, or pay a penalty tax, as most people have now chosen to do, after they've found out how expensive Obamacare mandated healthcare insurance really is, and that the copays and deductibles are so high, that they can't use them until after they've lost any and all money they once had on hand. It's going to be horrible for all Democrats running for federal political offices in 2016 because of Obamacare, the law that just keeps on hurting the American people and the Democrats chances of getting elected to a federal national political office.
It's not the mistrust of the Police that is corroding America, but the mistrust of the lying politicians who run our federal government that is really corroding America, and guess who the number one culprit is? OBAMA !!! I ask you, which denigrates the office of the President the most, one who calls a person who continually tells the American people many lies a 'LIAR' who happens to be the President, or the one who uses the office of the Presidency to continuously tell the American people many lies, which makes the President by definition a 'LIAR' ???
Right, Udall couldn't leave Washington DC because of up-coming votes in a Senate that is controlled by Democrats, where Harry Reid will not allow anything to come up for a vote that the Democrats don't favor, or anything that he thinks will not have a chance of passing in favor of the Democrats. So Udall's vote is highly unnecessary with the situation in the US Senate as it is, but Udall doesn't want to get anywhere near Obama, not even being in his home state when Obama is there, and rightfully so. But the Republicans have Udall's voting record to use to tie him to Obama, for all the many votes he cast, that Obama wanted and needed, but also hurt the people of Colorado.
The 2nd Amendment is part of the same US Constitution that Gabby Giffords took an oath to uphold, support, and protect, from all enemies, both foreign and domestic, but since she is no longer a Congreswoman, I guess she thinks her oath is now null and void, which our military personnel who took the same oath honors until the day they die. Any of these people running for positions in our federal government will be required to take the same oath, if they haven't already. So Gabby Giffords is now denigrating them for supporting the same thing she took an oath to do when she was part of the federal government. This makes Gabby Giffords a huge 'HYPOCRITE', as well as a 'LIAR', for not honoring her oath she took to the US Constitution, which again the 2nd Amendment is a key part of. Those who refuse to honor their oaths are dishonest and lack integrity and responsibility. But unfortunately in these days, this is very common in our federal government, especially with those who belong to the Democratic Party.
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