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It's known Congress wants more sanctions on Iran if negotiations fail to stop their attempt to produce nuclear weapons, which Obama lobbied Congress against. To make the decision to or not to add sanctions against Iran if negotiations fail, Speaker Boehner, and Congressional members, were interested in hearing reasons for voting to add sanctions against Iran if negotiations fail, and what better source for these reasons than a man whose country is a close ally, nearest to the situation, and would suffer the most if Iran did achieve the ability to produce nuclear weapons, than Prime Minister Netanyahu? As for the 'HYPOCRISY' of feigned outrage and injury for being excluded in Speaker Boehner's process of inviting Prime Minister Netanyahu to give a speech to a 'Joint Session of Congress' concerning dangers of a bad deal that allows Iran to achieve the ability to produce nuclear weapons in the future after Obama leaves office. This feigned outrage of concern and injury if Congressional members hear the other side of the story, with reasons for them to take actions that they deem necessary to protect the American people and our allies, is politicizing this situation, and nobody has done this more than Secretary Kerry, and the higher-ups in Obama's administration, which Obama wants us to believe are politicizing on their own volition, without Obama's knowledge or approval, which is 'HYPOCRITICAL' of those involved in speaking out against Prime Minister Netanyahu informing Congress of the truth about Iran and the negotiation's goals and achievements, or lack thereof. This 'HYPOCRISY' is not new for Obama, when he can't get Congress to pass laws he wants, goes around Congress making laws he wanted illegally, through the process of 'Executive Orders', usurping the 'Separation of Power' between the different branches of government, and without including Congress in his process when illegally making new 'Executive Order Laws'. These actions, and feigned outrage of an equal branch of government legally deciding to invite and listen to whatever authority they need to acquire knowledge needed to make decisions on what they're required to oversee, like the safety and security of the American people and our allies, is the reaction of a jealous Emperor, King, Despot, Dictator, or Tyrant, who can't control those he rules over and get his way and his own will above that of all others. So which is Obama, and which has the American people allowed him to be?
Three months ago an independent economic report came out that stated, "All the 'Net Jobs' created in the last seven years have all gone to immigrants, both legal and illegal immigrants." Just last week another independent economic report came out from a different source that stated, "For the last ten years the number of both legal and illegal immigrants to have known to have entered the USA, has been more than double the amount of jobs created in that same ten year period." At the beginning of last year another independent economic report came out from a different source than these other two independent economic reports that states, "There are now over 30 million unemployed and underemployed Americans in the USA today." Since the six years and two months Obama has been President, he has had over 15 million people dropped from the 'US Workforce', in order to reduce the 'Unemployment Rate' in the USA, and none of these unemployed people have ever been added back in, despite Obama's claim of his 'Economic Recovery' of five years and seven months that he declared in June 2009, while the Obama administration admits there are now an additional 9 million unemployed people in the 'US Workforce' today, bringing the number of people who have lost their jobs and are unable to find new jobs to a total of over 24 million people, and when considering those people who have lost their jobs and were able to replace them with part-time jobs, or people who were full-time workers that were demoted to part-time workers, could easily total six million people, making the claim of 30 million unemployed and underemployed people seem very realistic. So now Obama is going to legally allow another five million illegal immigrants take American jobs that are needed by the American citizens, and have been deprived of millions of those jobs by both legal and illegal immigrants over the last ten years. So where and how are these 30 million unemployed and underemployed people going to find full time jobs when Obama won't secure our southern borders and keeps allowing more illegal immigrants to enter, while periodically giving numerous large groups of these illegal immigrants amnesty, Green Cards, and Working Permits, who take the jobs that the American citizens so desperately need. Our hope Republicans refuse to capitulate to Obama and Harry Reid's Democratic Senators who are filibustering the DHS funding because it defunds of Obama's illegal amnesty. This saves jobs for Americans.
It's just inconceivable the audacity of Obama to continuously tell boldfaced lies to the American people such as this. There is well over a hundred thousand followers and fighters that believe ISIS and al Qaeda are religious leaders, and their followers are expanding so quickly around the world that we can't even keep up with their new numbers. This is the an Islamic prophecy that is coming to past, and many of the Muslims we believe to be nonviolent, believe in this, and when the time is right, they too will take up arms against all Christians, Jews, Muslims who refuse to accept the prophecy, and unbelievers of the Islamic religion. This is the prophecy of the 13th Caliphate, and the Mahdi who is their global leader, from Islamic prophecy. When they have gained enough believers and territory, then most all the Muslims around the world will join them and wage a holy jihad against us all. The shameful irony of this situation is that Obama could have stopped this when ISIS first went from Syria to Iraq, but because of his Islamic beliefs, he refused to do what was obviously needed, and it now seems as though he too wishes to be part of this Islamic prophecy, against Christians, Jews, and the western civilizations. Think this is far fetched, time will tell. What do you think Obama has planned when his terms as President is over, if he doesn't come up with an excuse to declare 'Martial Law', and use that as an excuse to cancel the next Presidential elections and stay in office? Does Obama believe himself to be that prophesied Mahdi? Will he lead the Islamic hordes in the future, to fulfill their Islamic prophecy? Again, only time will tell, but if you're surprised that Obama would do this, then you're a fool for not seeing the signs of the times, coming true right before your own eyes, just exactly what is prophesied in both the Qur'an and the Bible, for the Mahdi is known in the Bible as the Anti-Christ.
This proves but one thing, that money talks, and when money talks, people listen and obey. That's why we never hear the end of the previous Mayor Bloomberg, even when he has nothing meaningful or truthful to say, he has so much money that we can't shut him up, and have to constantly hear him talk about things he knows nothing about.
????? Everybody does the news better, doesn't she read her own channel's viewing statistics? So what is her point?
"Obama Claims ISIS is On The Defensive!" Does Obama ever say anything that is truthful? Just this last week, ISIS/ISIL increased the land area that they control in Syria by 30%. They took over another large town in Iraq and attacked a nearby Iraqi Army base where over 300 US Marines are training Iraqi soldiers. So how can anybody say that these actions by ISIS/ISIL are defensive? One thing is for sure though, Obama is still telling the American people even more boldfaced lies, and one wonders if the 'SERIAL LIAR' will ever repent and start telling the American people the truth for a change?
It seems that Obama always does the opposite of what has been successful for the USA in the past, as the Russians once invaded Afghanistan, Reagan had the USA clandestinely and covertly arm the Afghanistan people, which helped them to defeat the Russian invading army, which Obama refuses to do for the Ukraine people in their attempt to also defeat the Russian invading army. This is the most compelling reason for Obama's complete failure at whatever he attempts in foreign policies, as well as what he has done in domestic policies, which has been exactly opposite of what Reagan's successful policies were to extricate the US Economy from the Carter recession, that was the worst recession ever, causing the media to invent the word 'Stagflation' to define Carter's economy, and the 'Double Digit Triple Misery Index' to describe the problems causing Carter's recession, which was only secondary to the 'Great Depression' in US economic disasters.
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Obama's Failed Presidency

Randolph H. Wrote: Feb 09, 2015 10:44 AM
"Reagan Republicanism can be effectively challenged when Republicans become identified with economic mismanagement or with military defeat." When will this ever become true? The 'Economic Mismanagement' of Bush's last two years in office was the fault of Democrats winning majority control of both Houses of Congress, giving them complete control over all law making abilities, yearly budgets that determines yearly deficits, that adds to the national debt, which increased in those two consecutive years more than any two consecutive years in the history of the USA, and when adding those two years' deficits together, equals the averaged deficits of every year Obama's been President. Bush's 2007 deficit is approximately $327 billion, his 2008 deficit is approximately $719 billion, and when added together totals $1.46 trillion in two years, and all was done against Bush's wishes by the Democratic control of the US Congress. When Obama became President the national debt was $10.6 trillion, today it is $18.6 trillion, an increase of $8 trillion in just six years, averaging $1.34 trillion every year Obama's been President. As for Bush's military endeavors, he won the Iraqi War with the 'Surge', that Obama as a US Senator claimed would never work, and the Afghanistan War, going on at the same time as the Iraqi War, was being won by very few US troops, who were only supporting the local tribes that Bush encouraged fight the Taliban, which was all but defeated when Bush left office. Then Obama took over and pulled all our residual troops out of Iraq, allowing the infiltration of ISIS/ISIL, and a new war in Iraq that was already won once by American troops, and in Afghanistan, Obama trying to copy Bush's recipe for winning the Iraq War, instigated a 'Surge' in Afghanistan, that he claimed would not work as a US Senator, but only gave our Generals permission to use one third the number of troops the Generals said would be needed to win and end the Afghanistan War, which caused the unnecessary death of many American troops in Afghanistan by not having enough troops to fulfill the mission they were given and attempting to carry out, making it much more dangerous for our troops being undermanned as they were. And now Obama is pulling those troops out without achieving their goal of winning that war, this time leaving residual troops in Afghanistan that will also be undermanned to what our Generals say will be needed to fulfill their next mission in Afghanistan.
"Since Obama, America Has Moved Towards The Right!" This is an incorrect title to this article. It should read as follows: "Because Of Obama, America Had No Choice But To Move To The Right!" If America hadn't moved to the Right, by the time Obama's term as President was over there would be no USA left, do to Obama's failed policies and agendas, both domestic and foreign, and the USA would collapse under the tremendous debt that Obama has perpetrated and inflicted on the USA and it's people. The USA would have also 'CHANGED' as Obama had promised, from a Christian nation, to an Islamic and Sharia compliant nation, as Obama had already declared in several of his speeches and interviews.
Or at least since Obama has never described it, nobody knows what it is, including are allies and enemies.
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