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The people voted for Obama and the Democrats, so they deserve what they get. Just wait until 2016, when the illegally delayed 'Employer Mandate' officially kicks in, then most of the people who had employer provided healthcare insurance will lose it, and then have to go through all this trouble that is now being reported in this article, and pay for it all by themselves, or pay a penalty tax, as most people have now chosen to do, after they've found out how expensive Obamacare mandated healthcare insurance really is, and that the copays and deductibles are so high, that they can't use them until after they've lost any and all money they once had on hand. It's going to be horrible for all Democrats running for federal political offices in 2016 because of Obamacare, the law that just keeps on hurting the American people and the Democrats chances of getting elected to a federal national political office.
It's not the mistrust of the Police that is corroding America, but the mistrust of the lying politicians who run our federal government that is really corroding America, and guess who the number one culprit is? OBAMA !!! I ask you, which denigrates the office of the President the most, one who calls a person who continually tells the American people many lies a 'LIAR' who happens to be the President, or the one who uses the office of the Presidency to continuously tell the American people many lies, which makes the President by definition a 'LIAR' ???
Right, Udall couldn't leave Washington DC because of up-coming votes in a Senate that is controlled by Democrats, where Harry Reid will not allow anything to come up for a vote that the Democrats don't favor, or anything that he thinks will not have a chance of passing in favor of the Democrats. So Udall's vote is highly unnecessary with the situation in the US Senate as it is, but Udall doesn't want to get anywhere near Obama, not even being in his home state when Obama is there, and rightfully so. But the Republicans have Udall's voting record to use to tie him to Obama, for all the many votes he cast, that Obama wanted and needed, but also hurt the people of Colorado.
The 2nd Amendment is part of the same US Constitution that Gabby Giffords took an oath to uphold, support, and protect, from all enemies, both foreign and domestic, but since she is no longer a Congreswoman, I guess she thinks her oath is now null and void, which our military personnel who took the same oath honors until the day they die. Any of these people running for positions in our federal government will be required to take the same oath, if they haven't already. So Gabby Giffords is now denigrating them for supporting the same thing she took an oath to do when she was part of the federal government. This makes Gabby Giffords a huge 'HYPOCRITE', as well as a 'LIAR', for not honoring her oath she took to the US Constitution, which again the 2nd Amendment is a key part of. Those who refuse to honor their oaths are dishonest and lack integrity and responsibility. But unfortunately in these days, this is very common in our federal government, especially with those who belong to the Democratic Party.
Since the FBI is now involved investigating this incident, Obama will make sure it is called 'Workplace Violence', just as he did in the Major Hassan terrorist attack at Fort Hood. It's been reported that in this incident the perpetrator also screamed Muslim quotes as he killed, just as Major Hassan had done while killing our soldiers at Fort Hood. Businesses in Boston are complaining that their insurance companies refuse to pay on the 'Terrorist Attack' policies they were sold because Obama will not list the Boston Marathon Bombings as a terrorist attack. Obama will not allow the combat actions going on in Iraq and Syria to be called wars for the same reason he won't allow terrorist attacks in the USA to be called what they really are. Obama does both of these for the same reasons, he doesn't want anyone to know that terrorist attacks took place in the USA during his Presidency, so he won't let anyone call them what they really are, and Obama won't allow our troops be involved in combat in Iraq and Syria, where they are direly needed, and our generals say we can't win without them, even though our generals admit the air combat missions are really wars in both countries. Obama does both of these just so he can brag that he ended wars instead of starting them, which is a lie, and that no terrorist attacks occurred during his Presidency, because he won't allow them to be called what they really are, which is also another lie. Which denigrates the office of the President more, a person calling another that continuously lies to the American people, that also happens to be the President, a 'LIAR', or a person who uses the office of the President to continuously lie to the American people, which makes him a 'LIAR', no matter what office he holds?
You know what? Arguing whether or not Obamacare is successful is stupid. The people who have to purchase healthcare under the Obamacare mandates will know for themselves whether or not Obamacare is successful, by how much they have to pay for it, which doctors they are allowed to use, which medical facilities they are allowed to use, and what their new copays and deductibles are. By those standards Obamacare is a complete failure, and the people who have to pay the bill for it will know without having people argue about it. It has already been well publicized that everything Obama and the Democrats said and promised about Obamcare has been proven lies, and since a document was passed around the White House in August 2010 warning all those Democrats and Obama that most people were going to lose the healthcare they had and liked, lose the doctors they had and trusted, and the costs wouldn't decline, but actually increase tremendously, yet Obama and the Democrats kept lying about Obamacare through 2013, until it was partially implemented in January 2014, then people found out the truth the hard way, they lost their healthcare insurance policies they liked, they lost their doctors they liked and trusted, and the costs, copays, and deductibles went through the roof. But the worst is yet to come, because Obama illegally delayed the biggest part of Obamacare until after the 2014 elections, the 'Employer Mandates' of Obamacare, where most people who have employer provided healthcare will lose it and have to pay for it themselves, because employers can't afford to pay the increase in costs caused by Obamacare and stay in business, then all people will find out how bad Obamacare really is. It's just unfortunate that most people won't find out how bad Obamacare really is until after the 2014 elections because Obama illegally delayed it until to 2016, his last year in office. If Obamacare isn't repealed, the number of people without healthcare insurance will be doubled what it was when Obamacare was passed, the costs of healthcare for those who can afford it will be more than double what it was before Obamacare was passed, the people who can't afford healthcare will now have to pay the federal government a penalty tax for being unable to afford Obamacare, and Obamacare will cause all medical services to be rationed for those who aren't rich enough to pay extra for the good doctors and best facilities, which they were once provided before Obamacare became law.
And who decides what disloyalty is, the RINOs? The GOP will destroy itself if it goes through with this. The GOP is going through a cleansing by it's grassroots members that call themselves the 'TEA PARTY', who are trying to return the party to it's original principles and philosophies it was founded on. If the GOP leadership keeps attacking them, they will leave the GOP and start their own party, and many will follow them, including me. The real problem here is that the disloyal members are the RINOs, but since they hold positions of power and leadership in the party, they are attempting to attack the reformers in the party, which this disloyalty ploy is a method to attack those who are the real conservatives in the party, that won't compromise their principles and philosophies just to stay in power and keep getting elected. They're playing with fire, and if they complete this punishment for disloyalty ploy, they will get burnt, and badly.
The Missouri state legislature passed a statute requiring women seeking abortions to wait 72 hours before obtaining one. Governor Jay Nixon denounced the measure as "extreme and disrespectful" toward women. Does Governor Jay Nixon not consider abortion as extreme and disrespectful toward the life of a human being, living in the safety of it's mother's womb, as being invaded, desecrated, and ended? This unborn child also has a 'SOUL', for which Governor Jay Nixon cares nothing about either. Atheists claims they don't have a 'SOUL', but if they don't, do you, and if you do have a 'SOUL' also, then when did GOD place and insert that 'SOUL' in your body? Would someone please ask Governor Jay Nixon if he believes if he has a 'SOUL' or not, because his veto of this law implies that he doesn't, but I would really like to know what he believes, and if he does believe he has a 'Soul', then why should his be allowed to accept GOD's gift of life and live on, while these unborn children he wants to be aborted are not allowed to do the same?
"This strategy of taking out terrorists who threaten us, while supporting partners on the front lines, is one that we have successfully pursued in Yemen and Somalia for years.” Yemen is about to fall to the terrorists located in that country, and Somalia is being dominated by the terrorist actions in that country, which has all analysts stating that Obama's strategy being used in those two countries has been almost complete failures. So now Obama is going to implement those same failed strategies in Iraq and Syria. Typical of Obama and the Democrats. Obama lied to the American people when he declared there was no strategy to deal with ISIS, for our military and our intelligence agencies all had several strategies to deal with ISIS, but they were strategies for success, and none were like those Obama is using in Yemen and Somalia, so he refused to accept them and has instead chosen to use 'HIS' failed strategies of Yemen and Somalia in dealing with ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Obama is right about one thing, it's going to take many years using this strategy, and the next President of the USA will inherit the problem that Obama created by ignoring the advice of our generals and intelligence agencies, and did things that were stupid and put the USA and the rest of the world in a more dangerous and precarious position.
To get the 'Unemployment Percentage Rate' down to an acceptable level for the American people, Obama has dropped over 12 million unemployed people from the 'US Workforce' in order to change the ratio of employed people to unemployed people in the 'Us Workforce' and thereby lowering the 'Unemployment Percentage Rate', but also lowering the 'US Workforce' to it's lowest level in the last 36 years, all the way back to 1978 when the US population was less than 2/3rds of what the 2010 census tallied to be 4 years ago. This has been continuing to happen during 5 years and 3 months of 'Obama's Economic Recovery', and those unemployed people have yet to be added back into the 'US Workforce', because the illegal immigrants Obama and the Democrats have invited to come into the country and receive Obama's promised amnesty and path to citizenship, have taken the jobs that those over 12 million unemployed people that Obama had dropped from the 'US Workforce' used to have. When Obama and the Democrats finally fulfill their promised amnesty and path to citizenship for the 12 million to 20 million estimated illegal immigrants already here in the USA, the American citizen's children and grandchildren will also not be able to find jobs, because all these illegal immigrants and their children will have taken those jobs through 'Affirmative Action'. That's because Obama and the Democrats care so much for the common American citizen and their children and grandchildren, that they're giving the 'American Dream' away to all the illegal immigrants that they invited to the USA by refusing to secure our borders. Think Obama and the Democrats are not inviting all these illegal immigrants to come into the USA, then why is the federal government spending millions of dollars each year to advertise how to sign up for welfare and food stamps to the Mexican people in Mexico City, Mexico? These millions of dollars spent in Mexico City, advertising how to sign up for welfare and food stamps, have been going on for many years now.
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