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No Way: Dem Congressional Candidate Commits…Voter Fraud?

Randall87 Wrote: Sep 12, 2012 9:35 AM
I keep seeing posts like this. First off, either is correct as far as I am concerned, Democratic Party is the proper name for it, democrat party is just describing the party democrats belong to. It is a difference without a distinction. So what exactly do you accomplish by posting these ridiculous comments correcting other posters. Who appointed you editor of other peoples comments?

If you’re inclined to tune into MSNBC from time to time (as I am) you might remember when Touré -- one of the controversial co-hosts of the daytime program “The Cycle” -- asserted on national television last month that “voter fraud does not exist” in the United States of America. Republicans, he argued, have worked tirelessly this year to disenfranchise minority voters by forcing them to procure (and show) photo identification cards when they vote. Now, of course, one can certainly argue the varying degree to which voter fraud exists in the United States. This is an important...