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Citizens United decision does not change our laws prohibiting foreign campaign contributions. Social Security, Medicaid, Obamacare also received no mention in the constitution. You must be a real moron. I bet your parents sure are proud.
They didn't make up stuff. The freedom of association is enumerated in the first amendment. A corporation is just that, a group of people associating themselves together for the purpose of doing business, or if need be, petitioning the government for redress, as proscribed in the first amendment. It's not rocket science, Just simple reading comprehension.
If you believe your tripe, you are a fool. Fox News is the ONLY news organization that has the GUTS to give both sides of any story. The fact that you denigrate them shows you have no ability for critical thinking, so you need to be spoon-fed the lib talking points by the mainstream media propagandists. I wonder why liberals are so afraid of some viewpoint other than their own having a voice.
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The Choice

Randall87 Wrote: Jun 15, 2012 2:15 PM
It sickens me to see the way immature, so-called Conservatives denigrate Romney, and many other Conservatives for being "not conservative enough". We have passed the time for hand-wringing about who is most conservative. Like it or not, we have Romney. He is not an ideal conservative, but at least he recognizes the value of our capitalistic, free market society, as opposed to Obama's Socialist/Marxist ambitions. It is now time to quit crying over our cookies and milk, pull up our big-boy pants, and get behind the only option we have to beat Obama. Ron Paul will not be the nominee, get over it!
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